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NEOGEO X Handheld

Play your favorite NEOGEO games wherever you go on a 4.3" LCD Screen, and expandable game card slot. The NEOGEO X Handheld comes with 20 Classic NEOGEO Games pre-loaded!
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Customer Reviews for NEOGEO X Handheld
Review 1 for NEOGEO X Handheld
Worth the Money
Posted on:12/2/12
Location: Atlanta, GA
I could easily say it's not worth the money if you want use an emulator but if you're trying to go the legal route then this is definately worth it. The games alone, that's 20 games, go for 9 dollars off the PSN, so if you're trying to get this exact amount on a psp (which is the only other way to legally buy these games for handheld), it'll be $180 dollars right off the back, not even looking into buying the hardware or the memory card for it. This is definately affordable and uite honestly it's not just for the sake of playing SNK games on the go, it's all about the tradition of NEO GEO, that unsung console. This is a love note to the fans of the NEO GEO and if you're a fan of SNK you should pick this up, not just for the NEO GEO, but in the hopes of supporting a really cool piece of retro-gaming.
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Review 2 for NEOGEO X Handheld
Not worth the money
Posted on:10/11/12
Location: Wisconsin
Seems cool and all, but you're better off getting something like a Dingoo, or any Gamepark handheld open-sourced gaming device, load it up with an emulator (or with the Dingoo, slap the game roms on a memory card) and just play, for about half the cost and 100 times the functionality.
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Totally worth it
Posted 12/19/12
Systems like the Dingoo and Wiz are extremely buggy and have horrible buttons and are not worth the effort. I got the Neo Geo X Gold and this system is extremely well made the joystick is comparable to sanwa sticks ang with handheld emulator systems going for 130+ this is totally worth the buy.
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Review 3 for NEOGEO X Handheld
great buy
Posted on:6/16/13
Location: metamora il
The NEO GEO X is worth the money I just got one and I love it.I am a big NEO GEO fan and this is a way to aford it.I know what true NEO GEO games cost and i have a few so you can belive me when I say it is worth the money.Also an updat is comeing in the new game card's so it will fix the music,the screen tearing wich is not that bad a lot of it is very small like in art of fighting you will see a small break in the shadow of the carector .None of the thing's are bad but as i said update's will be out soon.I have told everyone I know and everyone on my facebook that the NEO GEO X is well worth haveing