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Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle

Reserve your Day One Edition today.*Be first to experience Xbox One with the Day One Edition. Available in limited quantities, it features acommemorative controller and an exclusive achievement. Make the most of Xbox One by adding a Day OneXbox Live Gold membership and play the digital game, Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jagocharacter. Plus, reserve Day One Editions of Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and DeadRising 3 to unlock unique items and experiences.
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Customer Reviews for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Review 1 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Xbox One is a YES!
Posted on:6/15/13
Location: Milwaukee,WI
Microsoft has been amazing. I fell in love with Xbox and had each Xbox. Xbox, Xbox 360 Elite and a Xbox 360 Slim 320gb and I can't be anymore impressed with the Xbox One. Some may be mad at the restrictions Microsoft has created and its understandable. People don't like change , but change is a good thing. I love that they will have 300k servers running Xbox Live so they can make it faster and even better than before, I love the new features like , voice activated actions, hand motions , snap two screens , Skype call, and be able to watch TV. Xbox One has some amazing new titles coming out and some of the old ones that are still going strong. The restrictions with trading games and being connected to internet every 24hrs and having Kinect always up might stray others away from Xbox Nation but not me. Xbox for life! Definitely selling my Xbox 360 for some cash for the Xbox One. You must be up for change in the gaming world or you won't have any fun at all. I'm up for it and I'm ready for the Next Gen Xbox.
21 of 52 found this review helpful.
Review 2 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Stupid people...
Posted on:6/22/13
Location: California
For all of you stupid people saying the xbox one will require a connection every 24 hours, Microsoft had recently said that their will be no more connection every 24 hours and not only you can sell games but you can trade them or give them away if you choose so choose your words wisely before you post a review about the Xbox One.
66 of 96 found this review helpful.
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Posted 6/27/13
YOu are 100% correct , these ppl are dumb!
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Review 3 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Microsoft hurts my beloved XBOX
Posted on:6/19/13
Location: Canton, Oh
Got both Xbox and XBOX 360 day one, after 5 RRoD 360, and paying way more for Live games that I could get for a lot less on PC I still couldn't wait till the next XBOX to come out. Microsoft has turned its new XBOX (aka XBOX One) into a DRM anti-consumer nightmare you cant buy/sell used games. Your 360 Live games wont transfer to XBOX One but not to worry they are offering to resell you some of the 360 Live games you brought on XBOX One showing it is possible to transfer but than you wont give them more money. Microsoft require you to login every 24hrs what happens when a natural disasters and you cant for days does it brick. Microsoft has team up with EA which as won worst company in america award trice in a row. I was going pay off the new XBOX pre-order as soon as it was up for pre-order but now I'am getting PS4 (Sony wins by doing nothing). Get a PS4 or a PC you'll wont hate yourself later.
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Review 4 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Pretty Pricey
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Atlanta, Ga
This is an amazing device but I don't think I am ready to pay out $559 for a new game console. I will wait for a price drop.
29 of 53 found this review helpful.
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Update Post
Posted 6/20/13
You might want to update your post because most of your cons have changed ...
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Review 5 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
preorder bonus
Posted on:7/3/13
Location: charlotte,NC
since BattleField 4 comes before the release of the xbox one. Do we get the preorder bonus with this bundle?
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Posted 10/9/13
If you plan to buy Premium it doesn't really matter. The only bonus being offered is China Rising which you'll get with Premium anyways. If not then answer his question GS!
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Posted 7/12/13
I have the same question
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Review 6 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/11/13
Location: miami
Great job microsoft.When i watched the e3 reveal i freakin almost died.The new xbox will blow the xbox 360 out of the water.One thing i still wonder is why you called it the xbox one.Why not the xbox 720 or the xbox plasma.Im going to trade in all of my consoles which are the xbox, xbox 360, playstation 2, ps3, ps vita, 3ds, and wii for the xbox one including all of their games.I decided to write all this to let microsoft know that they do an amazing job and if any of the people read this or if gamestop or microsoft has any questions they or u guys can look me up on xbox live.My gamertag is BoogerFingerMan. Also will someone freakin make a new TNA WRESTLING video game (FOR CONSOLES).
My Product Recommendations
25 of 97 found this review helpful.
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Posted 6/12/13
What makes you think that the Xbox One is going to be better than the PS4 ...especially since all the rumored specs that MS has not refuted point to the PS4 being more powerful?!
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Review 7 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Why Microsoft?
Posted on:6/18/13
Location: wallingford,PA
Microsoft was doing so good with the 360 and now they have screwed it all up with the Xbox One. They set the base for no used games and tried to use the publishers as scapegoats. It looks like they took a wii U and glued it to another wii U. I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to make it so the console has to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours. You don't even own the games you bought with your money. It has worse specs than the Ps4 but i cost an extra $100. No one I know even want's the kinect witch is always watching you. What happens when Microsoft turns off the servers? You cant play your single player games because you need the servers to do anything with Xbox One. This is not even including the fact that you cant play more then an hour on another console before you need to go home and turn yours on again. I do not feel like bringing my whole console to a friends house so i can play on my account ,with the games I bought, there for more than one hour. Also, Microsoft is region locking its games and not selling their console in a lot of countries all because they want more and more money. I will admit Microsoft is doing some things right with this console but the cons far out way the pros. For anyone looking at Xbox for their next gen console , please go with the Ps4 or a PC. It is cheaper and has far less restrictions and if Sony crushes Microsoft in sales, then it will force Microsoft to change its ways.
16 of 51 found this review helpful.
Review 8 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
No Used Games!
Posted on:6/12/13
Location: Sikeston,MO
At e3 there was news that the xbox one would have restrictions about used games. The only way you can get a new games is together it from a friend on your friends that has been there for at least 30 days and they can only give it once. Microsoft you really screwed this on up.and you have to be connected to Internet even to play single player and the kinect is required to be hooked up at all times. Not going to buy the xbox one.
33 of 107 found this review helpful.
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Dear Xbox FanBOY
Posted 6/17/13
Stop trying to so hard, majority of gamers will not buy your xbox simple as that. It has turned into a cash cow cable box, when gamers just want to play uhmmm... GAMES. Reasearch policies? Even the causal gamer can see that the Xbone is a garbage..
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Pittsburgh. PA
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Top 250 Contributor
Posted 6/13/13
Pull your head outta the clouds man. You can add 10 people to your friends/family list who can borrow your entire game library. No matter where they live on the planet. Physical copy borrowing is a thing of the past. ALSO they will not restrict games used sales its up to publishers so all 1st party games will be available for used sales just like Sony said. 3rd party publishers wont anyways since they'd be boy cotted. Research policies before making a decision.
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Review 9 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/14/13
Location: Daytona Beach, Fl
1. YOU CAN"T play a game on more than one console
2. YOU CAN"T play SOLO campaign games without the internet
3. You DON'T own your games... the developer does
4. YOU CAN"T sell your games without being CHARGED FOR a new authentication.
5. You CAN recover your gamertag on another console... BUT You can only play a game on ANOTHER console for ONE hour.
6.You can ONLY share a game with ONE friend
7. Youll have to pay EVEN MORE in DLC's
8. Once you AUTHENTICATE a game... The CD has no value bcs it DL's it to the console and you never put the disc in ever again.
20 of 76 found this review helpful.
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Posted 6/17/13
Used games usage will be developer driven...I see it going the same way as PC and see the PS4 having the same issues, even though they are not announcing it. The developers see the money in used games and want a piece of the pie. Charge you "say" $4.99 for an activation code to play a game. But, on the bright side use it to your advantage...find a buddy pay 1/2 price for the game and you both download it and play it! So you may pay a small fee for used game activation but save on new games...I don't mind the trade off.
Customer Avatar
orlando, fl
Where are people finding their info?
Posted 6/17/13
Almost none of this is true. 1. False, you can play on other console. You just have to sign in with your gamertag, or have a gamertag that is one of the ten family members. From there you have access to everything you own regardless of what system the content was original installed on. 2. True, this is both a bad and a good. Bad that if you can't authenticate the game, you lose the ability to play until it does authenticate again. It stinks, but remember this a shift to digital products, and microsoft is dipping their toes into unknown water with being able to rent, lend and sale used games for digital products. On the good side if it's assumed that you always have an internet connection, so developer can make single and multiplayer games that take advantage of that. Think of how Demon's Souls use online to add to the single player game, this is just taking it to a whole new level. 3. This one is tricky, according Microsoft and in the same way Steam, you do own you games. The tricky part comes from the lack of foresight from the First sale doctrine when it comes to digital products, but thats a bigger issue...4. False, Microsoft has said several times that they will not charge a fee for transferring used game authentication. The fear of the fee came from a early interview, and has long since been corrected. 5. False, I....I don't even know where to begin with this one. You CAN log into your friends xbox one and play your games for however long you want to. Add onto that you will (as stated above) have access and the ability to play any of your content on that new console. The extra cool thing is that one of your family member can play the same game you are playing, on your home console. Definately read more on that, it's pretty cool. 6. True, as of right now. Keep in mind that you can share your entire game library with 10 "Family members". Even microsoft has stated that the phrase "Family member" will have a very loose meaning. Hey my friends are family too, I say. 7. Don't know if this is true or not, but it is happening on both consoles. This is really a developer thing, and not a console thing. 8. True, and I think this is awesome, but that is a personal opinion though. I have always love the mobility and the convience of digital, and not having to carry around all my physical games is a god sent. The fact is, yea, the PR team behind the Xbox one needs to be fired. Every detail about the good qualities and features have been mangled by them. They have stirred up the internet hate machine to the point that the audience isn't even looking for the facts anymore and are just making stuff up. Console are expensive, so do the actual research on both (instead of listening to whatever person is on the soapbox today) and pick one. Sorry for the long comments, I'm just amazed by what is passed around as facts right now.
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Review 10 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/14/13
please if you have $600 to blow on XB1 please build a pc to take full advantage of this game. building a pc is easy.
14 of 44 found this review helpful.
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Chico, CA
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This will do just fine for this game..
Posted 6/18/13
Why build a PC that needs constant updates of all its hardware, examples- sound cards, video card (s) and other peripheral devices, when you can own something with mostly DEDICATED computing power for gaming? Granted, this will be top notch for 2 + years once the hardware potential is maximized, it's the online community and on demand game library, that is where Xbox will continue to be the leader when compared to PC's. It does not make sense to own a 5k dollar computer that is out of date in a year, when you can buy a "500 $" Xbox and experience the same thing lol. Battlefield 4 will look as good on my 40" 3D LED TV as it would on any computer. This is coming from a guy who has built a lot of gaming rigs but sees the benefits consoles have to offer, which will be more evident with the Xbox One release.
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Review 11 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
C'mon Xbox!
Posted on:6/16/13
Location: Oscar, LA
If you want a console, then get a PS4. The GPU is better, which is the whole point of upgrading consoles in the first place. To think that I was such a huge xbox fan not too long ago.
13 of 42 found this review helpful.
Review 12 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/18/13
Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
For the all of my time in gaming I have been a strait up yell it in the streets Xbox fan, but after the past E3 I am not to sure which side to choose.
1. Xbox is still going to have the amazing franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza to back it up as well as all of the other great main stream games like battlefield, Assassins creed, and so on.(cough...cough...Call of Duty... cough... excuse me)
2.It's still Xbox. it's the platform me and my friends are used to playing together on and it doesn't look like it is going to change in such a way that will keep us from playing together as we always have.
3. For those who care it has a better motion recognition system in the form of the Kinect and it has wider multimedia capabilities.
From then on there really is nothing else that seems better on the Xbox One than on the PS4, however I'm not the most informed so do not think that simply because I said there are only three pros that there are only three pros. The same goes for cons, I don't have hours to research the subject so if you want more than the advice of someone who only watched E3 then do some research yourself.
1. The PS4 will have a slightly better RAM unit. However, this won't really make a difference for a while because games cannot currently, to the best of my knowledge, use that extra miniscule bit of RAM to make a noticeable difference during gameplay.
2. The Xbox One is clearly $100 more than the PS4, even though the Xbox One's hardware is not as good as the PS4. The reason behind this difference in price is the Kinect motion sensor that comes packaged with every Xbox One. For a few gamers this may come as a plus, but not me and the mainstream that equals the people that buy their Game console expecting to play games. If someone doesn't want a Kinect sensor they shouldn't be forced to by one at a $100 price tag if all they want is the console itself.
3.The Xbox One cannot function without an internet connection that verifies you are not pirating games, even for single player functionality. This con isn't as bad as it looks because most of us are already connected to the internet and so we won't be affected, but for those who aren't, well, you might as well kiss your Xbox One goodbye.
4.You cannot play used games bought from unlicensed retailers. In my opinion, this con takes the cake because, to be honest, I am barely 14 as I am sure you can see in my lack of proper punctuation and sentence structure. The only reason I can afford ANY relatively new(new as in just released) games is because I can buy them used online or from friends.
So there are my thoughts, and no I didn't mention the whole PSN vs. Xbox Live rivalry because when the new consoles launch the services will be essentially identical with both requiring you to pay to play online and free games will be periodically released. In the end I probably will be saving for the Xbox one just because I favor games like Halo but, that doesn't mean that the PS4 won't have good games either.
So, as a final word, if you still aren't decided, choose the console that has the games you enjoy, forget about everything else because, after all both can play good games and play them well, so if you like what Microsoft has to offer pick the Xbox One, if you like what Sony has to offer, pick the PS4, whatever you choose stick with that choice. Forget about the Skype capability and the multitasking just focus on the games because that's what you are buying the system for right?
17 of 44 found this review helpful.
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Posted 6/20/13
Agreed to last comment.Internet connection is only required when setting up your account to XBL, and to play P2P. They got tired of everyone complaining ang Sony was destroying them in sales at a 3:1 ratio.
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Number 3 and 4 NOPE!
Posted 6/19/13
They reversed it bro (as of June 19, 2013) NO DRM AND USED GAME POLICY!
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Review 13 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Xbox One is next Gen
Posted on:6/11/13
Location: Santa Maria
With the new tech and line up of new, stunning visuals, and great gaming titles. This is the one to buy!
16 of 56 found this review helpful.
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This is gonna be awesome except one thing
Posted 6/16/13
This game is be awesome but people don't under stand with the used games policy. in my opinion you can just use the 360 as a secondary right?
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Review 14 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/18/13
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
God, I really had faith with this console. Now it's an honest no brainer (unless you're a 10-15 CoD kid who fanboys for microsoft hardcore) sony got it right this year. For me, it's a reunion. I had a Playstation and PS2 and honestly, they're great consoles. Skipping PS3 for unknown reasons, Xbox 360 was my preference in last gen gaming. But now, after comparing and contrasting the systems, I've decided to get the PS4 first. Don't be mental, just get a PS4, save 100 bucks, and enjoy the PS4 while the Xbox One pulls a Virtual Boy (if you didn't get that reference, you shouldn't call yourself a gamer).
2 of 8 found this review helpful.
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Hope Reinstated
Posted 6/19/13
When this thing was first announced I wasn't to thrilled to see it restrictions and all. But today i go and look and they allowed us to share games, not connect to internet for us to play our games. All they need now is to dump the kinect and have backwards compatibility and I'm sold.
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Review 15 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Trust betrayed
Posted on:6/26/13
Location: New Hampsire
I don't even care anymore that Microsoft has changed there story on what the Xbox will let you do. Their original intentions were enough to make me angry and pushed me to make the decision not to support them this generation. We all know the only reason they changed their story is because Sony wasn't going to follow suit. This system seems more focused on social networking and TV and not enough on games. Sorry Microsoft I just can't trust you anymore.
3 of 10 found this review helpful.
Review 16 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/11/13
Location: glendale,california
The best thing about is its games.And one of them is BATTLEFIELD 4 and the game play it EPIC!!!!!!!!
3 of 8 found this review helpful.
Review 17 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
What happened Microsoft?
Posted on:6/22/13
Location: Atlanta, GA
I was terribly disappointed in the reveal of the Xbox One. They were bragging saying "Oh, you can watch football and be on skype at the same time!" but who cares? The fact that I used to be a die hard Xbox fan and then this cable box appears as a next gen console? What were they thinking? You would think that this console would at least be smaller than current ones, right? Well you would be wrong, so whoever lives in apartments better clear some space. Then there's the Kinect. Judging by the pics of that, It looks bigger than the current one and needs even more space as well. Those are just the facts about this console.
Review 18 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Just pre-ordered mine
Posted on:6/11/13
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Just pre-ordered mine at my local Gamestop. I think the $100 is a bit ridiculous since all the other systems were only $50 but since they are only getting 10 its worth it. Only thing I am curious about is that the only preorder they have in store is for the console itself and now they have all these bundles online. Do we get to pick a game to get instore on day one?
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Review 19 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Xbox Won
Posted on:8/21/13
Location: Raleigh, NC
I am super excited for the Xbox One because of all of the awesome games and exclusive content it has.
My Product Recommendations
Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Forza Motorsport 5
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Review 20 for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: FL
The best pre-order for the all new XBOX ONE is the XBOX ONE that comes with BATTLEFIELD 4!!!! And the XBOX ONE is going to be better then the PS4 cause PS3 sucks And XBOX 360 Is better then the PS3.
My Product Recommendations
Madden NFL 25
11 of 88 found this review helpful.
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Posted 6/16/13
I love how Sony did the big switch on everyone... Even after they stated in their press release that though they didn't require DRM that the game makers could make DRM into their games. Everyone still thinks that they will have cheap used games. Its funny cause it was Sony that pushed so hard for DRM on the PS3. I'm wondering if Sony will fix the joke that is their online game play. Lets just hope they don't keep the lame blue tooth only headset connection.
Customer Avatar
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My opinion
Posted 6/16/13
How can you be so sure the PS4 is not going to be better then the Xbox one? If you listen to everyone's reaction to the reveal of the Xbox one, its very obvious to see that the PS4 is the most preferred console for this generation. An Xbox one is not a good investment since your going to be paying fees even after you purchase the system. I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and I personally liked the Xbox 360 a lot (A LOT) better the PS3 ( ended up playing PS3 more because I really didn't like paying for online) , but history does not always repeat itself. The PS4 was the "winner" of the E3 this year to most people because it does not impose as much fees or restrictions as the Xbox one, and to most people the design for the PS4 is more space saving and is all out better looking then the Xbox one (In my opinion the Xbox one looks like two black bricks stacked on top of each other). Microsoft is also not allowing: offline gaming, sharing of games ( unless your willing to pay the fee), and you can't play without the Kinect connected. You are also required to have Xbox live, and mandatory console checking every 24 hours. Now this is my opinion on the Xbox one ( and the opinion of millions of other people, including previous Xbox 360 owners). I prefer the PS4 personally. But you are entitled to have your own opinion, I'm just trying to help you make a better decision.
Customer Avatar
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check it...
Posted 6/13/13
I love xbox and Microsoft, but honestly I think the xbox one is a fail compared to the ps4. The suicide check, the not being able to play used games, the fact that they are forcing the Kinect on everyone and therefore making it more expensive. Also, with the ps4, you have to have playstation plus to play online which is like having a gold membership, but there are so many more perks to having plus. free games, no extra charge for Netflix, free themes, etc. Do your research.
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not really..........
Posted 6/12/13
Just because the PS3 is not on par with the Xbox 360 doesn't mean the PS4 will suck as well. Not saying you're wrong. Just provide a valid argument before making a prediction :3
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