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Customer Reviews for NVIDIA SHIELD Controller
Review 1 for NVIDIA SHIELD Controller
Bugs at first pairing, then smooth sailing.
Posted on:8/31/14
Location: TN
I did a Web-In-Store order on this, and it only took 3 days to get to arrive with regular shipping speed. Upon first opening the controller had a good weight to it, but exploring around it the bottom touchpad felt floaty and disconnected like it was just barely on there. The First time I paired it, the battery still had 92% charge remaining. I'm Thankful for the internal rechargeable battery similar to the MOGAPro, as I don't like to deal with batteries for something that's supposed to be portable, and hauling a recharger and extra batteries never helps the case for something to be portable. The controller paired with a minor issue of the right analog stick being stuck to right and caused directions to no respond, so I unpaired, restarted the shield tablet, and paired it again, and no issue at all. The Gamepad mapper works wonderfully, with most of my games be a breeze to setup(Beat Hazard mainly). The feel of the controller feels like the bottom half of an xbox 360 controller with the chatpad attached, but the analog and spacing of a Dualshock 4, shoulder and triggers of an xbox one controller, d-pad of anything that can be awesome, makes me wish for more android fighting games. I was surprised by how there was little(Nvidia GRID, Trine2, Half-Life2) to no input lag(Gamestream,Android non Tegra games). The Nvidia pair button, dual features for Twitch and GameStream with the android capacitive controls at the top center aren't obtrusive in the least for some one with large hands, though if you are a frantic button masher, you're likely to slide toward them more often. The face buttons do have a little softer springs or interface under them, so they feel mushy comparatively. Overall, it's a solid purchase, and it feels of quality you would expect from an established company, such as Nvidia, and I welcome its arrival into the Android gaming space.
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