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Pool Party

Grab your stick and go head-to-head in Pool Party for the Nintedo Wii system. With 13 different types of pool, including 9-ball, 8-ball, Rotation, Black Jack and Snooker, there's a game of billiards to satisfy any pool shark where you will be hustlin' pros in dive bars, honky-tonks, mansions and even yachts. Pool Party includes competitors with intelligent AI and tables with real-world phsyics. Rack 'em up!
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(9 Reviews) 9
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Customer Reviews for Pool Party
Review 1 for Pool Party
Gamefly has a scoop on this game
Posted on:6/25/07
"This pool party is all about sinking! Rack 'em up and sink shot after shot as you swim with the pool sharks on your Nintendo Wii. Choose from 13 different types of pool, including 8-ball, 9-ball, Black Jack, Snooker, and more. Hustle pros and average joe's in ten locations including mansions, dive bars, honky-tonk bars, and even yachts. Select your perfect cue (you'll wield it with your Wii controller) and your favorite set of balls. You'll shoot stick in 3D environments with immersive, lifelike sound. You can even relive your money shots with highlights reeled off in replays or movie-style cut scenes." as quoted on Gamefly's website.
Review 2 for Pool Party
It could be good
Posted on:5/24/07
When I think of pool as in playing pool then I think it will be very lame. Only the ones that already like pool will be interested. Now if its swimming pool it could be good because the name of the game is 'pool party' and there are numerious crazy things you can do at a party. Maybe you get to design your own crazy party thats out of this world. You never know what to expect from a game coming out for the Wii so lets not throw this game out the window before we even know how it's like.
Review 3 for Pool Party
Yes, this game is about pool
Posted on:7/2/07
If you read the description it describes the different types of pool game, like 8 and 9 ball. Also, for those who think this isn't worth $40, are crazy. I have pool paridise for the gamecube and rather play that than billards on Wii Play. The other game modes change the game a lot, so if you don't really like pool stick to Wii Play.
Review 4 for Pool Party
Posted on:7/25/07
The pool game that came with wii play was no good but i still played it most of all the games and it did show how playing pool on the wii could be done. With a few touch ups here and there i dont see how this game can miss. I like pool and i think the wii is as close to the real thing as you can get playing a video game MUST HAVE
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Review 5 for Pool Party
Yay! A better pool game!
Posted on:7/20/07
This games looks freaking awesome! The only reason I bought Wii Play was for the pool game and the extra remote. I was very disappointed with the pool game. The rules in it were very wrong. This pool game looks like the rules are right. Plus, this one has 8-ball.
Review 6 for Pool Party
if its billardspool then
Posted on:6/6/07
IF its billards pool then that would be really cool. I like the will play billards but its only 9 ball. IF this game is billards then i hope it has more then just one pool game on in it. IF its a pool party game then that going to be bad whats the point i mean.
Review 7 for Pool Party
It reeks
Posted on:4/23/07
This game stinks like no other. I am not sure whether this is a swimming game, or a game where you shoot balls into a hole with a giant stick. Either way it stinks like a dead skunk. In short: I know it will stink.
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Review 8 for Pool Party
here we go
Posted on:6/29/07
if its billiards it wouldnt make sense because they already made billiards for wii play, therefore it is most likely a game as life in a mnsion living the sweet life.
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Review 9 for Pool Party
pool, or pool?
Posted on:4/26/07
if this is some game where you just swim, $40 isnt worth the money, billards pool MIGHT be cool but bare in mind that it is in wii play