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Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride takes you into Pimp City, where people live by this rule: If your car isn't fully pimped out, you're better off walking. You and Xzibit will hook up your homies, turning their buckets and beaters into the hottest whips on the street. Redline
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(5 Reviews) 5
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Customer Reviews for Pimp My Ride
Review 1 for Pimp My Ride
Posted on:1/29/08
Personally im not a really big fan of video games anymore and i was just looking for a gift for my girlfriends brother.As I was looking through the wii games i saw pimp my ride.I thought it was a type-o but on closer inspection its true. I dont reccomend this game to anyone and if you cant resist temptaion then rent it.
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Review 2 for Pimp My Ride
looks good
Posted on:9/14/07
i think this will be a good game because i personally love this show, i hope xzibit has some good jokes like in the show, and i hope the characters from the show are actuallt in the game
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Review 3 for Pimp My Ride
Posted on:10/28/07
i have this game for the ps2 it is terrible it has horrible physics and gameplay it is one of the worst racing games i have ever played and its cheesey and you just cant roam around and get cash you can only get a certain amount of cash for the missions and the missions are unexiting i recomed to not even consider buying this game
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Review 4 for Pimp My Ride
please dont
Posted on:10/16/07
this is the worst game ever! Let me save you from buying this. Youd think youd at least get to race your "pimped out" cars but not even that. you drive around from place to place and do mini challenges like ghost riding, and delivery and thats about it. then when you have enough cash to pimp the car out you have to go from shop to shop under a time limit to put on each thing. as the game goes on the time limit becomes s shorter and the distances become larger. also the prices go up which means more mini challenges and mor of the same boring stuff. ITS A WASTE OF MONEY AND I REGRET EVER BUYING IT! i hope you dont make the same mistake and just beacause its on the wii dosent make it any better
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Review 5 for Pimp My Ride
show and game sucks period
Posted on:10/30/07
okay i aint hating but this games sucks in the game and in the show, this will probably be the same as playstation 2 version with its crappy graphics and the only thing changed about this is the gameplay with the wii remote i recommand not buying this, save ur money to buy something worthy
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