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F-24: Stealth Fighter

Additional handling fees may apply. Recent events in the Middle East, along with the continuing hostilities in Iraq, have led to run away politcal and military instability in Iran. Naval and Air Force Aviators conducting operations in this area will be at a full state of combat readiness at all times. This Iranian air space is, in effect, a free-fire zone; any aircraft entering it are assumed to have hostile intent. Aviators are authorized to neutralize any such threats with extreme prejudice. As an F24 Stealth Fighter pilot, your mission is to maintain pease in this volatile region.
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Customer Reviews for F-24: Stealth Fighter
Review 1 for F-24: Stealth Fighter
Plan name
Posted on:2/9/07
It's most probably not named after an actual plane because they would have to pay a lot of money to have it! Nothing wrong with shaping like any kind of plane...but, to call it an actual plane name (besides the old Fairchild F-24 from the 30's and 40's) would result in a huge amount of work and money! If you want realistic and exact plane names and weapons and feel and a stick! Should have gotten Ace Combat 5 with FlightStick2 for ps2! It's most beautiful! 50 planes all in use today in the control of your hands on throttle and stick! Amazing! Don't worry about the won't change the gameplay a bit!
Review 2 for F-24: Stealth Fighter
I'm not so sure...........
Posted on:1/15/07
For starters, the F-24 doesn't exist so I can't say that this game will be great for jet fighter-detail loving geeks like me, it might be cool, refueling in flight sounds fun, but DS air sounds a ton funner and much more relistic, and I love relistic. Well, all I have to say is think twice about buying this game, I know I will.
Review 3 for F-24: Stealth Fighter
Its going to be a great flight sim
Posted on:2/5/07
This game is going to be fantastic. I love flight sims and I only bought 2 for my gameboy, both of which were made by majesco. they were the only flight sims worth buying and this is the sequel to them. If you like ace combat this game should be a nice mobile version.
Review 4 for F-24: Stealth Fighter
It not an F-24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on:2/6/07
It isn't an F-24! There is no such thing as a F-24! It is a F-22- Which by the way is an awesome plane- they got the name wrong or something! But I change my mind about what I said before this is going to cool. If they could only make the title right though...
Review 5 for F-24: Stealth Fighter
Posted on:2/12/07
This game looks very good but in the short little overview...they spelled peace. They spell it with an S. It is supposed to be a C! Don't you think that they would catch something like that. But I still want to get that game!
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