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Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars on the PSPĀ® (PlayStationĀ®Portable) system brings multiplayer gameplay to this fan-favorite series for the first time. It's an all-out bumper brawl as cabbies race, ram, smash and dash to steal fares and score big tips. Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars combines Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 with hilarious new features that allow players to meddle with their opponents in brand new ways. Players will ram their opponent's cab to steal their fare or use the new interference feature to make them crash or slow down their fare delivery time. This is no ordinary cab ride - this is war!
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(11 Reviews) 11
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Customer Reviews for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Review 1 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:7/15/07
This should be a cool game with new features. a game finnaly allows you to use your own sound track. im sick of lisening to boring music on games. they should do the same thing for the new grand theft auto
3 of 3 found this review helpful.
Review 2 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Give it a try.
Posted on:3/17/07
Most people loved this game in the arcades and on the Dreamcast. Those same people will probably love it on the PSP. From the screenshots it still has the same great graphics. Hopefully it will have some really good music and voiceovers. If you have not played it yet don't give it a bad rap! You can't say it is a bad game if you haven't played it. And since it isn't out yet you haven't played it.
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Review 3 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:4/18/07
I actually this game looks really cool. Ok, not top notch graphix but this is the kind of game where you can just have fun. Whenever your bord you would play this game. Though there isnt a point to the game, it still rocks.
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Review 4 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Might Be Cool
Posted on:3/5/07
This game might actually be cool. I got the PS2 version and it was fun for about a day until it got completely boring. The multiplayer in this game might make all the difference though.
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Review 5 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:3/3/07
The best games for the best deal are usualy those that have multiple games included. This is certainly no exception. With Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 on the PSP, with a few tweaks and bonuses. This will be very well worth the money and the endless hours of fun crazy gameplay. A definite must.
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Review 6 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
are you kidding me?
Posted on:4/4/07
I enjoyed Crazy Taxi when i played it for PS2 for about 5 minutes. After that, the game was dead to me. What's the point of picking up people and taking them to their destination the whole entire game. You can do this in GTA.
Review 7 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:6/14/07
i've remembered about crazy taxi. i've seen for the dreamcast first and then the second one for the dreamcast six years ago. but then, it's for crazy taxi for a new game i should like this.
Review 8 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
This Game sucks!
Posted on:3/9/07
This game totally bombs the graphics are horrible the storyline whomps and overall it sucks. you should really try Burnout instead or need for speed because this game is a waste of money
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Review 9 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:5/6/07
i can't believe that crazy taxi is coming out for PSP , this is actually my favorite arcade games ! last time i played this game i couldn't keep my eyez off the screen of the t.v. !
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Review 10 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy taxiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Posted on:4/22/07
I cant Wait for this game it is going to be so cool i loved the one on ps2 and it will be even better on psp
Review 11 for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Posted on:3/7/07
i love this game sooooooooooooo much i played it on the ps2 and now for psp awesome i am going to buy it