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Tetris Evolution

Are you ready for the Evolution? Get ready to take your TetrisĀ® game to the next level and beyond! Tetris Evolution features all-new gameplay modes, multiple customizations, and Xbox Live features that will have you hooked for hours!
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Customer Reviews for Tetris Evolution
Review 1 for Tetris Evolution
This sould be an XBLA game
Posted on:3/19/07
This is a timeless game but I believe it should have been released via the XBLA service. I mean I'm still going to buy it though. It's Tetris!
7 of 7 found this review helpful.
Review 2 for Tetris Evolution
Posted on:3/3/07
Wow cuttie_kittie - I can't wait for the 360 to come out with this game. The graphics of the falling blocks should be amazing. Maybe they will have textures and what not... What do you think?? Come on, it's blocks, how much more can you ask for?? It doesn't matter what the graphics are like - It's the game play and the fact that it's addictive. Don't ask me why. I personally love Tetris and can play for hours on end. Alright, maybe not that long. I do agree that they should just release it on the Marketplace, but Microsoft wants to make money from the game because they know it's a big hit already. I have yet to see a game on Marketplace for more than 1,200 points. Which very roughly equals $12 in actual dollar value. A 1,600 point card is about $20. Do the math yourself. Point is - nobody would get it on Marketplace if they see how my points it would cost them.
Review 3 for Tetris Evolution
Who cares?
Posted on:3/16/07
Yo, so why couldn’t they make this on Xbox arcade? It’s not a big game, and it would sell for more is people didn't need to get off there couch to buy this game, but go Tetris, there still going strong!
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Review 4 for Tetris Evolution
Posted on:3/18/07
This will rock, i've been waiting for a tetris game for my 360 since I bought it a year ago. I can't wait.
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Review 5 for Tetris Evolution
I'm getting it
Posted on:3/14/07
I am planing on puchasing this and for a few reasons 1) I don't have a gameboy, or any other system for that matter 2) I like Tetris, as does my fiancee. This is a great couples game 3) It will add more to my achievement score I would like to see what variants of tetris they have now. I know this is not GoW, or Halo 3 for that matter, but it is a great leasure game to just sit back and relax. I will enjoy it.
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Review 6 for Tetris Evolution
Why another one?
Posted on:2/23/07
How many different ways can they come out with a game that drops pieces into a line? I am sure there are new game types and all that, but come on people, the premise is the exact same as it always has been and at some point they need to just let it go. Don't waste $30 on a game that is the same as on the ORIGINAL Gameboy.
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Review 7 for Tetris Evolution
Could be the best Tetris yet! Maybe.
Posted on:3/10/07
All 360 games are in HD. That is the point. This will be the bets-looking Tetris game so far. And it's fine if you like Lumines, but Tetris got here first and is way more popular. Since none of you have played this version and no info is available as of this writing, your criticisms are useless.
Review 8 for Tetris Evolution
Just play it on Tetris on your DS.
Posted on:3/5/07
How many times are we going to see this game repacked? As for the HD. Whats the point? It isn't like this game is going to be a million times better, because they give the blocks HD quality. Agree this should be a Live Arcade release instead of a full game.
0 of 2 found this review helpful.
Review 9 for Tetris Evolution
playing online
Posted on:3/9/07
Honestly i mean yes, it is quite ridiculous that there is ANOTHER tetris game coming out. But hasn't there been a million other WWII games? Or GTA rip offs? Come on! This game your going to be able to play online, against others, thats going to be sweet i say.
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Review 10 for Tetris Evolution
I've been waiting
Posted on:2/27/07
I am personally excited about the release of a Tetris on the Xbox 360 because the game for the original Xbox is hard to come by. I just hope that it lives up to its name of evolution considering the HD graphics that they have to play with.
Review 11 for Tetris Evolution
Budle this bad boy
Posted on:3/2/07
They should totally bundle this bad boy with Perfect dark, that way they can put the two of them togeather on one disk and packaged them with 360's... (Anyone following this joke?)
Review 12 for Tetris Evolution
Have you ever ??
Posted on:3/3/07
I have one word for you Luminous it is the best game i've ever seen like tetris oh and you can download it of Xbox live arcade a fantastic game.
Review 13 for Tetris Evolution
Posted on:3/6/07
Correction alan, its Lumines live, and yes it is ten times better than this game and cheaper. If I want to play tetris I got a gameboy.
Review 14 for Tetris Evolution
What about manopoly
Posted on:3/1/07
Why want they make a Manopoly game for the 360 or give us one in the arcade........We could have hours of fun