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NHL 08

Use every skill in your arsenal to experience the explosive power of hockey with NHL 08. Combine the elements of power, speed, and finesse like never before as you develop from an up and coming player into an electrifying NHL superstar. Use the enhanced Skill Stick to shoot anywhere on net, deke past opponents, or check rivals into the boards as you become the league's most dominate player. With the integration of all 29 AHL teams, an improved deking system and analog checking, and innovative gameplay features, no game is ever the same with NHL 08.
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Customer Reviews for NHL 08
Review 1 for NHL 08
Nhl 08
Posted on:8/19/07
I think NHL 07 was a great game but i did not like when they came out with it for 360 they completely changed the controls for the 360 and camera angles it was not the same game played for playstation 2 i look forward to seeing if Ea Sports will go back to the old style with the right anelog stick being used for passing or if it will be for shooting like 360
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Review 2 for NHL 08
nhl injuries and coaching staff
Posted on:5/5/07
nhl rocks
when players get badly injured they could get sent on a stretcher like in the real nhl. when a team is struggling they could fire their coach and hire one with real nhl coach names.On mainmenu nhl 08 should have create a coach mode,and create a fan mode.In franchise mode you should be able to upgrade arenas and move teams to different cities like in madden.Also durning franchise mode you could create a arena. Nhl 08 should have real listed names on create a player,create a arena, or create coach mode like on espn nhl. The alarms should sound real,and fans can jump out of their seats during play.nhl 08 should have fan injuries when pucks,players,or sticks fly out of play. During intermissions zambonies should be able to clean the ice and sports reporters can talk to players or staff members.
Review 3 for NHL 08
Need Career mode
Posted on:7/11/07
I really want them to make career mode. MLB has it, NFL has it why can't NHL have it. You get drafted then you can play your career in ahl and then nhl. it would really help the game
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Review 4 for NHL 08
07 with a gimmick
Posted on:4/16/07
Since its the final game on ps2 from ea's nhl series it will be the same as 07 with a new gimmick such as some new type of game feature. like the ps1 when the final nhl game on there ws the same as the one that preceeded it. 07 was awesome though so its fine with me. I have heard it will be sidney crosby on the cover. Id rather see sean avery, lundqvist, miller, jagr, briere, drury, or even modano. it was originally supposed to be a goaltender to coinside with some new goaltending feature the ps3 and xbox 360 will have but EA confirmed on their financial report in March that it will be a "popular NHL superstar this season." thats what they said word for word last year and it was ovechkin. im betting on crosby.
Review 5 for NHL 08
I Don't Know What 2 Choose
Posted on:7/28/07
NHL 08 hopefully will be a good game. The graphics hopefully will be better than last year, and that you wouldn't go by the defense so easily, because i did difficulty on NHL 08, and i was still scoring 20 goals. these are the 3 things i would like 2 see in NHL 08: 1. Crowd wouldn't be in another world. 2. Defense would be harder. 3. There would be the real Sabres Uniforms and that all the rosters would be updated. Now 2 2k8, even though the graphics aren't that great, and the checking, the defense is tough 2 get around and the game is challenging. Also you might be getting the better game for the better price. So hopefully i will make the right descision on the game that i want to buy.
Review 6 for NHL 08
Make '08 the best ever
Posted on:5/27/07
I think you need to look back at '06 for ideas of graphics and playing style, you totally revamped it from '06 to '07 and i wasnt pleased with '07. The playing style for the goalies in '06 is ubelieveable, making diving saves, turing on their heads, and the graphics itself like the faces of the players are almost real! as each year goes on they should get better, it happens with madden and i dont understand why it cant happen with NHL as well. Make it harder, i agree that they need to have superstar mode for nhl as well. One thing i loved about '06 is that you had those skill moves with the analog, i dont understand why they took that out.
Review 7 for NHL 08
Create a Player
Posted on:6/11/07
create a player mode needs to be awesome. I think you should be able to choose his gear from knee pads to elbow pads. If its you then YOU should be able to give him the gear YOU want him to have. For goalies you need to be able to make the designs and colors on there pads. Also they need to have a more veriety of gear. Like they should have a bunch of different brands of gear and sticks. You should also be able to choose how long there hair is not just what color it is as well as choosing the hair style. Like you should be able to have a mohawk and afro and every style. Oh yeah and the hair needs to actually stick up. NHL ROCKS!
Review 8 for NHL 08
I want 2 get this game
Posted on:9/8/07
i've got money
nhl 08 will be the best hockey video game ever and I know because I've seen all the previews,gameplays & so on in this new game you can practicaly do anything you want, you can go crazy with this game.yay!
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Review 9 for NHL 08
Posted on:7/12/07
nhl07 wasnt that good it was to easy for me i want a game thats more chalenging to play like 08 but we wwill just have to see if it is good and better graphics and more chalenging!
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Review 10 for NHL 08
hockey is great
Posted on:5/18/07
i think when in the playoffs you should have beards grow on players like real hockey and have create an arena and have the crowd better and get better people telling the game like the ducks annocers and have intermissions and have the sticks break and after a big hit have a helmet or glove fly off and then the just leave it there and then they pick it up after the whistle and have the goalies wayyyyy better because they easy and have the players on the ice talk and the create a player mode be able to choose your real name like 06 please EA rocks still
Review 11 for NHL 08
Posted on:4/5/07
NHL Online
Hopefully this will be an improvement on the franchise. I don't care much about the off line aspect of the game, but it would be nice to see a big improvement online, fix the wrist shot glitch, maby even teams out a bit (because its not that fun playing Buffalo, and Nashville every time you play a game). I'm also hopping they take out the 1st period rule, you abort, you lose no acceptions. Other than that I'm looking forward to better game play, even better graphics, and it'd be nice to see some more frequent updates.... as in not 5 months too late.
Review 12 for NHL 08
This game is going to be sick
Posted on:3/25/07
A Customer
NHL 07 is awsome and EA did a great job with the graphics but i hope that they get the rosters right in this game cuz u need guys like Malkin to help u go all the way to the cup baby!!! i really think that the fighting in the game and injuries should be more realistic in this game than NHL 07 ie when u beat up a guy in a fight there should be blood coming out of his face or if u hit him hard enough he should be able to get KNOCKED OUT COLD for a few seconds then the game would fit the NEW NHL today baby!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Review 13 for NHL 08
this would be cool
Posted on:6/6/07
i think it would be really cool if on game modes they had a mode where you had to beat records. what i mean by that is mike modano beat the american goal scoring record at the trashville predators arena so on the game modes they put you as mike modano and you were 1 goal away from beating the record and you had to try and score it im not saying they would just have it for mike modano they could do it for a couple people who beat records this year!i think it would be kinda fun!!!
Review 14 for NHL 08
nhl 08
Posted on:6/1/07
i think all the ideas like getting sent out on a stretcher and fans getting injured and interviews and locker room stuff and blood and all that jazz are awesome ideas . i think if ea sports uses these good ideas nhl 08 could be REALLY good. i think basicly it should be like nhl 07 for xbox 360. i also like the ideas where sticks could break all good ideas! so if ea sports reads these reviews put them all together in one idea this game will rock hope its good hockey rox period
Review 15 for NHL 08
this will be awsome
Posted on:4/12/07
nhl man
Just to clarify things Miller will not be on the was only a will be a referee on the cover.Also it will probably come out on wii because it has become very popular. But if it does it will be released after the initial release date because they have to make a new game to go with the wii. and to answer the comment about ncaa hockey......really no one would buy tht its useless. they would have no marketing watsoever
Review 16 for NHL 08
Posted on:4/7/07
It would be good if the AHL teams were in the game too .players could be sent up or down based on there performance in there respective teams in each league. I think minor league teams would add more to the franchise mode.International teams are boring and every hockey title has them BIG WOOP! PUT THE MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS in the game and you got something, Gretzky NHL hockey did it but the gameplay was terrible,You guys can do it right!
Review 17 for NHL 08
New NHL!
Posted on:3/26/07
Well, if your from Canada like me, a lot of us are wanting the option to create a team in the northern territories. They add teams in Ontario that are like 10 thousand people for NO REASON when they exclude some 400 thousand + cities. I hear they got rid of the 'Stubby' looking players on the game and made them much more sleek. They also added blood spatter.. No biggie, itll look need though. is where I heard about this.
Review 18 for NHL 08
idea for 08
Posted on:4/14/07
A Customer
I remember nhl 93. EA should bring back the fun that was that game. We would stay up all hours of the night having games between friends. They should make the fighting with the analog stick. Have it so you can increas the chances of fight to a couple in each period. They should also bring back the blood in fights, make the game teen. I know there was a big to do about blood in nhl 93 from parents, I say bring it back.
Review 19 for NHL 08
NHL 08
Overall Rating: 
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
8 out of 10
8 out of 10
6 out of 10
6 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
Lasting Appeal: 
9 out of 10
9 out of 10
Posted on:12/21/10
This game is perfect for: casual gamers
nhl's graphics are good but could be better. The players look good but when you create your own their is only so much you can do. also sometimes it's impossible to get a breakaway goal.anyone can get knocked over. if you create your own team the game only has about 20 logo's. when you create a goalie you can't get many nice pads or helmets. one other thing you do to score is shoot on net constantly and one timers.
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Overall Rating: 
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
8 out of 10
8 out of 10
6 out of 10
6 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
Lasting Appeal: 
9 out of 10
9 out of 10
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Review 20 for NHL 08
the fans
Posted on:6/6/07
A Cool Customer
they seriously need to make the fans better. they look so unreal in all the games. in nhl 2003 the fans only looked good when there was a goal scored because you could see them jumping around and cheering. the fans should be able to hold signs and also when they clap there hands need to touch! on all the other ones there hands are not touching. so my point is the fans should be much better!!
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