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One peaceful day, the castle was suddenly shrouded in roaring flames. It was the call of Satan, who rose from hell to wreak havoc on the peaceful kingdom. Satans army powered through the kings army and slaughtered everything in their path...including Cecilia, the kind-hearted queen of the kingdom. King Vern had no choice but to escape from the castle with Princess Sheelah. Behind the escaping twosome were the burning remains of this once peaceful and mighty kingdom. There was only one thing Shiela could do: release the holy power, then use the dragons power to defeat Satan...
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Customer Reviews for Devilish
Review 1 for Devilish
This is a game that was on SEGA'S Game Gear
Posted on:3/26/07
I used to own this game way back in the 90s on my Sega Game Gear. I was surprised when I saw it coming out for the DS. The Sega version consisted of a kind of scrolling background and you are a paddle like that game Arkanoid. But, like i said the background scrolls forwawd and you have to make sure you don't lose the pinball. You also use it to kill various enemies and bosses. I hope nintendo revamps this game and makes it more interesting. It didn't suck when i owned it but it would be boring if I played it today.
Review 2 for Devilish
Posted on:4/23/07
I just played this and it is not very fun. You are in a ball and you use your 2 bars to bounce the ball. You can move the blue bar up to the top screen and hit it so it doesn't reach bottom bar. The L and R buttons make the blue bar go left and right (diagonally). I quit playing this after the 1st boss ( a spider) appeared. It is extremely easy. The only way to lose a life is to let the ball drop. There are treasure chests around so you can get a little help but it doesn't do much.
Review 3 for Devilish
Devilish Returns
Posted on:5/4/07
Wow! The return of Devilish! This was a fun game that combined scrolling graphics (reminiscent of ghouls and ghosts) along with the dynamics of pinball. Think of it as a Pinball Adventure game.