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The World's Best-Selling Program for Beginners and Advanced Players
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Customer Reviews for Chessmaster
Review 1 for Chessmaster
On PSP - Computer version or watered down?
Posted on:11/22/07
I too have been waiting for Chessmaster on a hand held device. So when it was released last month for my other hand held device with two screens, I gobbled it up like today’s turkey. Only to find out it left the taste of watery gravy in my mouth. I was expecting the computer version and got a watered down version. This watered down version is a real nice game and has some good features. If you’re buying it for a novas or someone who just wants to play chess. However, I was very disappointed. I wanted to be able to use it as a learning tool for openings, tactic and end game study. None of that was there. If the PSP version works the same as the computer version, then count me in.
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Review 2 for Chessmaster
salivating in anticipation
Posted on:4/16/07
i've also been waiting for a chess game on the PSP with adhoc MP capability. with sony's approaching PSP online marketplace, the possibilities could make for infinite replay value - using a 'battlechess' type mod which would change game piece themes. i hope they include something similar to that idea in this upcoming PSP chess game.
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Review 3 for Chessmaster
Chessmaster for the psp - YES!
Posted on:4/13/07
This is the best news I have heard since the relsease of the psp. I bought my psp especially for this moment. I cannot wait and will buy this one the very day it is released. Chess fans have been seeking the "perfect" hand-held chess computer for years. With the psp's superior graphics and processing power, this should kick some serious butt in the chess gaming world. Trust me; there are many chess fans out there that will get excited about this! Play on!
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Review 4 for Chessmaster
Posted on:4/13/07
chess for psp!? i have never heard of chess on any electronics exept for the computer. come on now, i mean i think it's kind of a waste to buy chess for a psp. sure it's portable and all, but think about how you will move the peices. i think this game is wack!!!!!!
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Review 5 for Chessmaster
Chessmaster PSP....Finally!!!
Posted on:10/27/07
been wishing for Chessmaster on the PSP since I bought my system at launch. For you doubters, the Chessmaster series has always been one of, if not the best, chess systems on any console (my opinion, of course). if they keep the depth and features intact it'll be worth the wait and the price.