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Nancy Drew

Additional handling fees may apply. Olde World is a multi-million dollar vacation spot celebrating the peak of history's greatest civilizations, promises to bring jobs, fun and tourism to the tiny town of River Heights. The brand new park is the brainchild of Thaddeus Belmont, the grandfatherly billionaire industrialist. No one is sure how Thaddeus acquired his fortune but rumors persist that Belmont may be going broke. And now, on the eve of Olde World's opening, the usually boisterous billionaire hasn't been seen or heard from in days....
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(9 Reviews) 8
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Customer Reviews for Nancy Drew
Review 1 for Nancy Drew
it will be awesome
Posted on:7/9/07
hey you need to leave nancy drew alone a lot of us girls when we were kids read every book that was ever brought out and yes you might like hard games to beat and if you do then go look at other games and not the games that are ment for ppl that acually like these kind so BACK OFF i think it will be awesome
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Review 2 for Nancy Drew
It actually IS Her Interactive
Posted on:9/17/07
According to the developper's website (herinteractive), this game was - in fact, created by Her Interactive. It is "Majesco" that was hired to "publish the game" for the DS. Take a look at all the other nancy drew games. Their publishers are not Her Interactive. So the quality of this game will still be good.
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Review 3 for Nancy Drew
What'll they think of next
Posted on:8/23/07
I was just scrolling down the coming soon game's and when I saw the word's Nancy Drew I was already sold I Love playing Nancy Drew game's it's a brain teaser type genre amd I can't wait till it comes out! WOW with so many good games coming out I'll have to save up to get them but they'll be totally worth it.
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Review 4 for Nancy Drew
Not HER Interactive
Posted on:9/3/07
Hey guys, I've seen this mistake everywhere... this game is NOT made by the company that makes the Nancy Drew computer games. That company is HER Interactive, the one making this game is something like Majestico. This game may be just as good as the computer game, but it is probably not going to be like it at all. Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys the game (when it comes out) and the Nancy Drew computer games by HER Interactive are alot of fun if anyone wants to try them. -readerrocks
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Review 5 for Nancy Drew
Pretty Sweet!
Posted on:9/2/07
I am really excited for this game! I love all of the Nancy Drew games that I have and I am eagerly awaiting this one. When I was younger I had the GBA game, couldn't get it to work, and sold it. Now I am looking for it again (cause I'm older and understand Nancy Drew. plus, I get how the game was suposed to work.) While I was looking for it I found this. It looks awsome, and easier to move around in than the GBA game.It will be like taking the PC game with you on the road. Cool!
Review 6 for Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew
Posted on:7/4/07
Your making a game called nacy drew? are you sesrouise what do you do solve mystryies lol yea its sounds like tons of fun but prpbly really easy to beat i really like hard games to bet:)
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Review 7 for Nancy Drew
Yeah! For Nancy Drew
Posted on:8/11/07
I love too play nancy drew, this is one of my favorites, i have almost all the computer games, I think all but two and now there is going to be one on ds this is wonderful I can't wait.
Review 8 for Nancy Drew
i cant wait to get it!
Posted on:8/9/07
i think this Nancy Drew game will be awesome i started to play the PC games and i liked them a lot so when i found out they were on Nentendo DS i was so excited! I cant wait to play
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