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King of Fighters XI

Mukai has stolen the Orochi seal and the theft of the Yata Mirror by Ash Crimson. Just as the dust settles, a new King of Fighters tournament is announced - a tournament which brings together some familiar faces, as well as new comers to the world of King of Fighters. Not all is what it seems in this new tournament...
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Customer Reviews for King of Fighters XI
Review 1 for King of Fighters XI
King of Fighters
Posted on:11/14/07
First off, this game is one of the more amazing KOF games, it's only rival sin th eSNK series being 98 and 2k2. This game involves a lot of practice and quick shift combo, it nerfs a lot of characters, but makes it up by adding an endless potential to combos with character combinations. Downside of this game is that top tier is Kula, Gato, Oswald, and often abused in arcades, the practice mode itself is good, but not great failing in comparison to agame like GGXX:AC. The event mode though interesting has one particuliar event[51 or 50] which is more or less about luck than anything else. The game itself fails when it comes to depth in comparison to games like 2k2, and 2k, but on the otherhand strongly dominates 2k3. Eitherway great fighting game, separates the scrubs from the pros. Buy it
Review 2 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:11/14/07
I have always been a huge supporter of the KOF franchise & I have had to import most of the SNK fighters to america as many never reach these shores. KOF XI is by far the best 2-D fighter ever made so far. The game is fast paced with 3-on-3 battles & while games like these have a tendency to be button mashers stratagy plays a big part in its execution depending witch players used to form your team & how well they work together will determine your success. This I believe adds more depth to the game over any other 2-D & most 3-D fighters. Multiple teams endings, unlockable characters, & a challenge most add to its already immensce replay & its price point is a dream & a steal.
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Review 3 for King of Fighters XI
Got it today?
Posted on:11/13/07
The Collector
It's been over a month now, and hopefully they have it in today. I'm a KOF and SF Fan so what's problem with the game. The fighting generation is evolving and with Street Fighter VI and KOF XII coming out next year. ( CAPCOM VS. SNK 3 or even MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 3 *Just wishful guessing, but it would be tight to see something like that on announcement for next year)
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Review 4 for King of Fighters XI
KOFStreet fighter
Posted on:11/13/07
Lets start with KOF is faster paced then SF, it also has a roll which SF never had, except in KOF and Street Fighter crossovers. Also KOF is 3 on 3 which opens many interesting and unique strategies that you can not have in SF. Last although SF started first in 1987 KOF has been around since 1991, technically fatal fury, which means its a long established title and although the fact it is a 2d fighter no aspect of kof is like sf.
Review 5 for King of Fighters XI
STill waiting... Still waiting....
Posted on:11/12/07
Alright... a couple things need to be put on the table here. First... For those comparing this to Street Fighter... why is it so hard for you to realize this is a totally different game. Different style and gameplay. Graphically the game hasn't changed since it came out. It really shouldn't have to. As long as the characters don't start being palette swaps I'm ok with them. The game itself has always played very well. I can't wait for this. Also, as much as I wish Gamestop wouldn't post up dates for games that they aren't sure about, when it comes to SNK games. It is only 50% their fault I would say. SNK is constantly having issues getting these games across and ported. The release dates that are posted (if not confirmed) are usually put up there to generate interest in the game. Thats all. Both sneaky tactics as well as smart tactics. This game as a whole will be great when it finally does come out (hopefully tomorrow). We'll see.
Review 6 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:11/12/07
Don't come in here starting things.Play it first before you make your comments.The gameplay in XI is up there with CVS2 & 3S.Graphics are touched up from the older sprites and besides that XII will be completely redrawn when it comes out.People have a right to choose for themselves.
Review 7 for King of Fighters XI
The dude below me is stupid
Posted on:11/12/07
This is better than street fighter, this is the king of fighters and itz been thte best since 1994 (in my opinion). I cant wait 4 this to drop im going to cop it right away. Why play with ryu and ken when you can play with Kyo and Iori. This is the best looking 2d fighting game out so i dont know where u get the idea that this game looks awful.
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Review 8 for King of Fighters XI
Err... What?
Posted on:11/12/07
A Customer
Wait. Street Fighter bootleg? So, the 13 years of KOF and the fact that some of the characters have been around since oh, 1986 means nothing. No, it's not the prettiest game. But if that's your take I think you are missing the point.
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Review 9 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:11/9/07
I cant believe what i am seeing. It just looks like a bootleg street fighter game. I mean the graphics are discracefull and the characters just look terible. Do yourself a favor and do not get this game.
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Review 10 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:11/7/07
waiting for ever
How many times are you guys going to continue to change the release dates and give us false information on the site and at your stores? Are you so incompetent that you are unable to give us the right information about a title? Or maybe its because its a "budget" title so it doesn't get your full attentiion? I'm getting very pissed off at your way of conducting business, gamestop.
Review 11 for King of Fighters XI
Wait is too long....
Posted on:11/1/07
Kula Diamond
I want to start off and say this is possibly (by far) one of the best KoFs out in Japan, not to mention its' online compatibility but why does the US release keep getting pushed back? All the excitement of waiting for this game to come out to find out the release date is pushed back? :( just purchase the Japanese version or play the arcade one.... other than that this game gets a 4 star ;)
Review 12 for King of Fighters XI
Waiting Forever
Posted on:11/1/07
Tony Lama
I LOVE 2-D fighting games and I am glad this title is finally making its way stateside. But how long must I suffer? The wait has been so long and the shipping date keeps changing. The guys at my local Gamestop are looking out for me, which is a good thing. But it's getting pretty sad whenever I show up on a "supposed" launch date and they end up shaking their heads at me. I finally just put in an order online so I'm sure to get a copy either way. While I'm waiting I guess I could play KOF 2003 again or CAPCOM VS SNK 2. This shipping date madness better not happen to NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM or FIRE PRO WRESTLING RETURNS!
Review 13 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:10/31/07
WHEN THE HELL IS THIS GAME COMING OUT i have been waiting,and the date of the game keeps on changing,and it changed already six times. I have already played this game in arcade and i have been dying to get it and i am really getting pissed off so please hurry up. at least put the real date it will come out
Review 14 for King of Fighters XI
Nov 13 for sure?
Posted on:10/31/07
After playing kof2003, and seeing a the improvements on xi, and all the playable characters on xi, I know I am going to get this game when it comes out in US. Basically, i have checked on the EB store near me on every pre-release/ship-date the eb/gs website claims. But so far, I came back empty-handed every time. But this time I think eb/gs has finally got the true released day, I think... Anyway, I'll be there on Nov 13, so eb better have them ready for me, cause I know I'll be!
Review 15 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:10/31/07
Playing online is the most important for me. I mean you could play with thousands of gamers online. That the best of the best. It will be the first online fighting fighting game, I suppose. I mean talk about garnering people to play with you, now they are online. This should've been done a long time ago. D I hope its here by November 13 or 5 on or two of those release dates I saw.
Review 16 for King of Fighters XI
Can't wait
Posted on:10/26/07
A Customer
I just can not wait for this to come to the good old US of A. I've seen gameplay videos of this game on YouTube and GameSpot, and I think I may be looking at the best installment of the King of Fighters series. I'm so excited for the release, just two more days.
Review 17 for King of Fighters XI
Posted on:10/24/07
A Customer
ight when is this game coming out?? i went on oct,23,07 and they said they dont know when it comes out try tommorrow so i went today and they said they dont know and they dont show the cover on so im guessing it ant coming out for a while but i hear they say november 2nd who knows
Review 18 for King of Fighters XI
More crossover games
Posted on:10/23/07
The game collector
Fans see a lot of crossover by snk but never see. A crossover between snk and aksys. SNK samurai shodown and aksys GUILTY GEAR XX ACENT CORE. And the final crossover between SNK and CAPCOM. SVC Final chaos. Or better a battle between the 3 companies. SNK, CAPCOM and AKSYS. FANS want to see more from these three companies.
Review 19 for King of Fighters XI
Why can't I reserve?
Posted on:10/22/07
Ok, I've visited my local Gamestop store to reserve for this game so many times and every time, they say they can't find it in there system. I literally visited it every week since 2 months ago to reserve with no luck. I just hope it comes out on the actual release date and isn't sold out by the time I get to the store. I've played every KOF including the versus series. I've seen the trailers and many clips of this one and I already know it's going to be the best KOF game by far. A must have for 2D Fighting Game fans.
Review 20 for King of Fighters XI
The wait is almost over
Posted on:10/18/07
A Customer
At last, what is by many considered to be the best of the KOF series is finally hitting the US of A. If you've ever enjoyed a fighting game, you owe it to yourself and the industry to pick up a copy of this, and show Sony that 2D fighting is far from dead!
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