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Street Fighter IV

Everything that made the legendary Street Fighter II a hit acround the world returns in Street Fighter IV. Favorite classic characters, such as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li return along with new characters, including Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus. Characters and environments appear in stylized 3D, while the classic 2D gameplay remains with the addition of new moves such as the revenge-fueled "Ultra Combo" system and Focus Attacks. An all-new Street Fighter is here and the real challenge starts now.
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Customer Reviews for Street Fighter IV
Review 1 for Street Fighter IV
PC GFWL > XBox Live / PSN?
Posted on:6/14/09
With the release of the Home Systems version of SFIV, comes with the anticipation of fighting head to head with friends family and most important of all, other people around the world. SADLY, the truth of the matter is, far from the crowded Arcades the competition Online regardless of Home System is just not the same. Those who have first hand experience with the faulty matchmaking system will surely understand the frustration of the endless waiting, the low connections, the ragequitters, and the mid-game disconnects. The main reason being is the unstable connections worldwide on said networks, as they are utter FAIL in regards to proper online gaming. With the introduction of the PC version of SFIV, the hope is the alleviation of this problem with the usage of a debatable matchmaking system, Games For Windows Live. Surely not the best choice for a fighting, game, especially one which requires utmost timing and precision at high level plays, but alas it is the choice of Capcom to partner with GFWL. As far as the community is concerned, the chances of a fiar matchup as well as availability coupled with the majority of the PC players to actually own a decent rig will more then make up for the 6 month delay from console versions, with a plus side to hopefully being a better online experience. If you already own the Xbox/PS3 version, i would recommend sticking with your consoles. But for the rest of us PC gamers who don't have the luxury of owning multiple game platforms, this may be a fresh start for PC Gaming. SONIC BOOM!
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Review 2 for Street Fighter IV
Posted on:6/10/09
This was the worst game I have ever played in the Street Fighter series. I think it will be even worse (if that is possible) on the PC. I encourage anyone who is considering buying this for any system to SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I have played fighting games for a long time and this one is the worst. Save your money and buy the new King of Fighters when it comes out.
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