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Marble Saga Kororinpa

Set out upon an adventure with Anthony the Ant on his quest for the Golden Sunflower. Help guideAnthony's marble around the Ant World to gather essential items along the way in the ultimate goal toreach the Golden Sunflower and save his colony. Face treacherous mazes, use awesome gadgets andbalance the world (literally) with fun and intuitive controls only available on Wii.
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Customer Reviews for Marble Saga Kororinpa
Review 1 for Marble Saga Kororinpa
I wanna get this game!
Posted on:2/1/09
I loved the prequel to this, Kororinpa: Marble Mania. The game is amazingly fun, and it is a good break from FPS or Action/Adventure Games. It's the kind of game that anyone can pick up in an hour at max. I borrowed the game and beat it in a few days, but it has a lot of replay value! I like how in this game you will be able to race 4 players, not just two. I like that they added a purpose in this game, regardless of how cliche it is. In the first one, you were just rolling around for no reason, and're an ant? Whatever. It's cool. I can't wait to try the balance board on the stages. Amazing game, go pick it up, this and/or it's prequel.
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Review 2 for Marble Saga Kororinpa
Kororinpa 2!
Posted on:1/7/09
Kororinpa was a sadly underappreciated game that took and fully used the Wii-motes unique motion sensors. It is an amazingly addictive game with varying levels of gameplay and degrees of difficulty. One of the fun features of Kororinpa is the unique "marbles" you can unlock such as Saturn, and the Cow. Each marble has different abilities and speeds that make gameplay entertaining for each person playing. I imagine Kororinpa 2 has a similar concept and am very excited to try it out once it arrives. It's sure to be more addictive fun for everyone!
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