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Mytran Wars

It's the 23rd century: The earth's natural resources are virtually exhausted and the ruling multinational conglomerates are searching for new raw material deposits in space in order to avert the impending catastrophe. One planet turns out to be a real El Dorado in this respect. But as the human conquerors in their armed mecha encounter the extraterrestrial inhabitants a dreadful war breaks out. The player researches into new technologies and continues to rearm his mecha in Mytran Wars. Battles are thereby fought in wonderful 3D landscapes - against the merciless AI or other human opponents in various multiplayer modes.
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Customer Reviews for Mytran Wars
Review 1 for Mytran Wars
Savior of PSP Strategy Games
Posted on:5/16/09
The PSP hasn't had many great strategy games, Field Commander and Warhammer 40K have been the 2 most predominant ones, but Mytran Wars looks like it could be the next great PSP strategy game. The multiple campaigns for both factions will add to the length of the gameplay, and if each one has its own story I'll definitely be playing this one through on all 4 campaigns. The comic book art style is interesting to say the least, and the unlockables I'll have to wait before I judge on those. Bringing tech development into this game sounds great, and adds another layer of strategy to the game. The only downside I see are the missions. If there are 30 missions and 30-40 hours of gameplay than the average mission time would be a little less than an hour., which makes portable pick-up-and-go playing difficult. Other than the one possible flaw I see, this game is a must have for me.
Review 2 for Mytran Wars
This looks cool
Posted on:4/24/09
I like strategy games but not on psp