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Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick

With over 33 million units sold worldwide, the #1 fighting game franchise of all time soars onto the next generation platforms with unbridled vengeance!
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Customer Reviews for Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick
Review 1 for Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick
After Playing in the Arcades...
Posted on:6/29/09
I've been playing Tekken 6 in Arcades for a since 2007 in the Philippines. I can't wait to test my skills up online since I got back stateside. The thing is, the arcades had the original Tekken 6 and the then the expansion (which includes two more characters) Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. It's one of the best fighting games I've ever played. Each character has a unique play style, even if between characters like King and Armor King, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro, there are those elements that make em unique from each other. Graphics: No problem at all. You can tell it's even on par (or better) than DOA 4 and Fight Night Round 4. Character Customization is a major plus in this. There are multiple costumes that each character can wear and limitless hairstyles and hair colors to make a character your own. Sound: Crisp and great, especially the music during character selection. Another bonus I haven't seen in other fighting games is that most of the characters speaks their own native language (minus Chreddy, the Kings, Miguel, Leo, Zafina,.) or English. The game play has improved so much from Tekken 5 and T5: Dark Ressurection. The whole 'bounce" system adds a sense of strategy to it, as you'll need to learn it to get far ahead of the competition. The new features like Tekken Force weren't in the arcade version, so I'll look forward to this one even more. If you're a fan of fighting games, Tekken 6 is a must-own. It's easily a contender for Best Game of the Year.
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Review 2 for Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick
cant wait
Posted on:8/14/09
i was the 4th total person to per-order with the fight stick im stoked iv been a crazy tekken fan since the first one on the ps1 i was even gonna buy a ps3 just to play this game but luckily its for the 360 so i cant wait till
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Review 3 for Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick
Tekken FTW
Posted on:8/2/09
FINALLY FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for T6 for as long as I can remember. 6 new players and bigger stages just makes me drool. The graphics look great as always, and they are adjustible this time. Also new moves for every character and weapons? Cant wait. I am buying an Xbox just to play this game
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Review 4 for Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick
Better Hurry Up
Posted on:6/28/09
You better strike while the iron is hot....This fight stick will probably be hard to come by by the time this game comes out. Especially that this bad boy is wireless......I'll pay the 160 for a game and fight stick instead of paying 500 on ebay for one.
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where can u get this
Posted 4/8/12
ok where can u buy this set and why does no gamer store carry this anymore i want answers
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