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Additional handling fees may apply. A unique puzzle adventure game, Safecracker is set in an extravagant mansion. You are hired by the wealthy family of a recently deceased billionaire to search for the last will and testament of their late relative, Duncan Walter Adams, who was "eccentric" to say the least. He has hidden the deed to his riches in one of the safes scattered in his magnificent mansion. The deceased billionaire also happened to be an avid safe collector and you have been hired to crack all 35 of them! The stakes are high and the clues are scarce. You will need your experience, wits, deductive reasoning and puzzle solving skills to earn your pay check.
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Review 1 for Safecracker
Great Game for Puzzle Lovers
Posted on:8/18/09
I had this when it originally surfaced on the PC so many years ago. It has seen one or two other platformsa over the years. You are in the running for a job as the head of security for this company and are to meet the head of this organization. In order to do this you must safe crack-hack dozens of safes with dials handles and ever imaginable method of locking system. Upon completion you are awarded the security job. The puzzle challenges ramp up as the game progresses. If you enjoy puzzle games you'll like this one. YOu creep through this home/business doing the safes, opening doors, finding secret papers and just generally proving your worth to this suposed security company. I thought it was great puzzle fund personally and would welcome another play through now that the years have erased the lock-puzzle details from my mind.
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