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FIFA Soccer 08

FIFA Soccer 08 enables hardcore and casual soccer gamers and fans to play like a real soccer player through competitive and social game modes, new gameplay controls, and enhanced authentic presentation. Get closer to the action than ever before. With new attacking and defending manual controls, competitive game modes, and greater depths of authenticity, live out your dreams with FIFA Soccer 08.
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Customer Reviews for FIFA Soccer 08
Review 1 for FIFA Soccer 08
Overall Rating: 
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Lasting Appeal: 
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Posted on:6/24/12
Location: Get Lost
This game is perfect for: kid gamers
Best Game Ever
-It has everything you will ever want
Overall Rating: 
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Lasting Appeal: 
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
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Review 2 for FIFA Soccer 08
great game
Posted on:10/6/07
payed fifa since 2001
this fifa is looking to be the best ever. especially on next gen. just like other great games it also has some flaws but its great game play covers them up. im also anxiously waiting for the game because of the 6 on 6 multiplayer online
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Review 3 for FIFA Soccer 08
demo downloaded
Posted on:10/3/07
Roberto de Asis
Just downloaded the demo and I have to say I was surprised. After playing through the first next gen attempt last year on the 360 I was left with a taste for more as the gameplay was getting closer to winning eleven's more organic feel. This year (judging with the limited amount of gameplay you can experience with 1 half's worth) it feels even better. The ability to cancel runs has made it in and it works ok most of the time. The new shotting and passing feels better and crosses work pretty well. The goalkeepers do appear to have a slight level of retardation as they sometimes don't even attack the ball when its in the small box around the goal. Overall it seems fun and I will buy it, expecting to eventually get frustrated by the bad goalies.
Review 4 for FIFA Soccer 08
Best soccer game ever
Posted on:10/2/07
i love the fifa series, although most people are better than me at it. Fifa has always been the best. Winning eleven is so gay dat everything is spelt wrong! i think the only thing they spelt right is soccer........... ya i kno "lincenses", bla bla bla! i mean bull, fifa got everything down spelling, physics, graphics, FANS, and a reputation, every one knows all the good sport titles r from ea sports, like, tiger woods, nba, madden, ext. ill im saying is this is going to b the best game, and is a must buy.
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Review 5 for FIFA Soccer 08
Posted on:10/2/07
This game is simply the best fifa game i have payed... i hve the demo for the ps3 and so far the game play is amazing.. its like having fifa 06 and 07 combined and with better features added.. this game is complete!! no erros you got to beat the defence and once you beat them.. you're hard to get.. shooting and ball control are better beacause you have a lot of options you can do.. to tell you the truth the best fifa i've played and itss only the demo.. that says it all. thats why i have it pre- ordered... a must get!! specially if you have a ps3...
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Review 6 for FIFA Soccer 08
i hate winning 11
Posted on:10/2/07
As a true fan, fifa will always reign supreme for the simple fact it is a hundred times more realistic then winning 11. If you are a silly gamer you will pick winning 11 for the easy controls and gameplay, (but no teams that you will want to use) but if you want to go through your favorite teams league and then qualify for the champions league, wait for FIFA 08....all i gotta say
Review 7 for FIFA Soccer 08
fifa still god until winning eleven comes out
Posted on:10/2/07
hi there im super video game fan all my life and i get fifa 2months ago really its kind of god but graphics are to dark specialy on backgrounds but atmosphere well sound its better really get you in but mi coussin JUAN come to my house whit ps3 and game off winning eleven o men i like to know how i haveit because he whent to mexico and comes back whit winning eleven its best but on usda game comes out maybe like june poor fifa
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Review 8 for FIFA Soccer 08
PES and Fifa
Posted on:10/2/07
Strictly on the field PES has always been better then Fifa and this year it will be better then Fifa again, there is no question there. Fifa made a decent game last year (for other consoles. This year they need a bit more spice, a little less by the numbers and the individuated AI MAY produce this. PES isn't evolving as much as we would like, there is an opportunity for Fifa here. I will be buying both footy games this year.
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Review 9 for FIFA Soccer 08
get fifa its god game but winning eleven best
Posted on:10/2/07
juan samuel campos
i all ready play both games and to be honest whit you iwill get both fifa graphics are very god on ps3 but game play so god on winning eleven you will lova winning eleven cmon men ps3 its so god on soccer but if fifa and wining eleven come out same day fifa will be on stock shelfs forever
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Review 10 for FIFA Soccer 08
winning eleven is sooooooooooooooo much better
Posted on:10/1/07
A Customer
winning eleven has better game play and graphics the names might not be right but that is a money issuse they cant afford to get the real signes. my friend's dad works there. if you look at the tackles and if you look at the tricks and the dribbling it is all much more realistic but as winning elevn isnt comming out for ps3 i guess i will buy fifa
Review 11 for FIFA Soccer 08
Posted on:10/1/07
This game is going to b sweet! The first game to come out for the ps3! I love the fifa series. they always try to make the games as realistic as possible. New leagues are a plus! I still wish they would put lower leagues in there, like the USL league. Never the less, this game will have tight graphics, good career mode (be a pro), and good AI this time.
Review 12 for FIFA Soccer 08
fia o8 for ps3 vs winning eleven
Posted on:9/30/07
cool breeze
I hear in the world that people are saying that winning eleven is better than fifa 08. first of all if you are a football fan you wil see how fake winnig eleven is the graphic the way the player looks the way the player move everything looks fake so if you are a football fan and have ps3 i advice you to buy the best fottball game out there fifa soccer 08 the graphic the logo on the jersey the way the players look play act is all real.
Review 13 for FIFA Soccer 08
Outstanding 10 out of 10
Posted on:9/28/07
Fifa08 is simply the best i cant wait for work to finish so i can jump on Ps3 . This time it has everything the graphics are unreal the gameplay is so realistic. The new PRO concept is mindblowing and just such fun. I will be having many sleepless nights over the next few months. If you have got he money i urge you to go and purchase a copy today. Move over Pro Evolution Fifa08 has taking the crown. I'm off to play the world game. fIFA 08 ROCKS.
Review 14 for FIFA Soccer 08
Best one yet
Posted on:9/26/07
This game is definetly better than what i expected, i downloaded the dmo, and have been playing for a couple of days non stop. the pro cam makes you feel you are in the game Just amazing tricks and graphics
Review 15 for FIFA Soccer 08
its not about the graphics
Posted on:9/25/07
im a fan of the winning eleven series and my friends football "soccer" its not about the graphics i wont deny it is an extra to the game but if you're a real football lover you will focus on the playability no on how "pretty" do the players look as i said before i prefer WE over fifa but i downloaded the demo for ps3 and so far is looking good or at least a lot better than the last titles the players move smoother and more real but we'll have to wait to se what WE has to offer...
Review 16 for FIFA Soccer 08
Posted on:6/24/07
no dont get wining eleven unless you want to download stuff onto your ps3 to get the right names stadiums and teams. get fifa 08 becuz the graphics will be the best there will be a whole new gameplay more camera angles and BE A PRO MODE
Review 17 for FIFA Soccer 08
playstation 3 but no soccer?
Posted on:6/18/07
santiago ronaldo
when i bought my playstation 3 i thought i would be able to purchase the best game in the world but i guess ill have to wait another four months to play it until then ill be playing the xbox 360 version of fifa 2007. fifa is awesome and hope 2008 will be the best in the fifa franchise. sincerely ronaldo
Review 18 for FIFA Soccer 08
Posted on:6/9/07
It was very disappointing to purchase the PS3 only to find out that there was no football(soccer) available whatsoever. I've been a gamer since Goal! for nintendo back in the 80's and every year for the past ten plus year my friends and I purchase fifa first as it comes out first and then winning eleven/pro evolution when it comes out later in the year. Personally, I like fifa as it has evolved into what it is today, an excellent game. However, I do appreciate pro evolution and what it has to offer but fifa is KING and if anyone is going to introduce a new console they most definitely need to include Fifa in there release titles. I dying here man, letz have it man!!!!
Review 19 for FIFA Soccer 08
Unrealistic scores
Posted on:5/25/07
real pesguru
When I get together w/my friends, most scores r 6-5 7-4 8-6 an more,fifa puts the most unrealistic football game,fifa used to be a great video game,what happen? Oh, they got greedy and lazy,last year's title,I bought,2 days later I was trading it,sad,yes I know,if uefa champions league is a parameter for fifa 08,well, I won't spend the altmost $70 it cost to buy this game,come on ea sports,don't pull a Madden on us the faithfull ones,ok,fifa lost me to WE,a long time ago.
Review 20 for FIFA Soccer 08
fifa 08
Posted on:5/11/07
common are the manager mode harder than ps2, give me an hint or something, i knew its going to be harder because fifa 07 in ps2 sucks with the easy manager mode
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