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Open Emotion Studios Triple Pack

"Mad Blocker Alpha: In Mad Blocker Alpha, you play as the Fluzzles, peaceful creatures who live in the land of Machu Popyu. By matching together the fluzzles can generate enough natural energy to summon the great Buhmba and destroy the evil Mokes once and for all! Ninjamurai: In Ninjamurai, you take on the role of Takezou Nishimura - The Ninjamurai. Part Ninja and Part Samurai. Raised in the azure monastery by the great Oro Sensei, you are sent out into the world to defend a nearby town from an invading force of Black Armor soldiers. Upon learning of your parents true fate you set out on a journey to find the person responsible and make them pay. Revoltin' Youth: As Badger, Kamiko and Cole you must think your way through 50 stages of fiendish puzzles to overthrow the evil big-wig who has enslaved your town with his marketing gibberish. As cole lay the smack down on enemies, speed through levels and climb walls as Kamiko and use your unique graffiti skills as Badger to save the day! "
Customer Reviews for Open Emotion Studios Triple Pack
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