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Aliens: Colonial Marines

LETHAL. BLOODTHIRSTY. RELENTLESS. In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines will bring new levels of bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action as an authentic addition to the renowned ALIENS franchise canon. The game pits players against the universe's ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, with stunning visuals and adrenaline pumping action, delivering breathtakingly immersive single, cooperative and competitive multi-player modes.
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(7 Reviews) 7
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Customer Reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Review 1 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Price $99.99?
Posted on:10/24/12
Location: Junction City, Kansas
This game is going to be terrific and it looks great. Every Alien fan will be getting a copy of this game. I just do not know why this version is costing this much for the WiiU.
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Top 1000 Contributor
Posted 12/2/12
because its probaly the collector's edition because on the 360 and ps3 the CE is $99.99
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Posted 11/29/12
Many Wii U games were at this price. This price is just so they can have the game in the system. They are not putting the a regular price because they do not know it and do not want to put the incorrect price (49.99 or 59.99) so that it doesn't cause problems upon release. 99.99 is an obviously incorrect price, they will explain this, it is just so it can be added to the system.
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Top 100 Contributor
its not that expenive
Posted 11/27/12
it don't cost that much. Its just this is what displays on here. Gamestop is probably losing a lot of custermers by the wrong price. Its making you look greedy gamestop and its confusing people fixing the price to be right shode be piroidy number 0ne for u. PS If its fixed by next monday every one in the world gets a cooky! :) :D ;)
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Obviously a typo
Posted 11/21/12
This is obviously a typo all of the other major retailers list this game as $59.99
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Review 2 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
This could be amazing, and it could be terrible
Posted on:11/28/12
Location: Atlanta, GA
The fact that this game is being made by Sega could be a very bad thing. Their handling of other licensed games like Iron Man was not well received. I hope that they do their best to make this a faithful adaption of Aliens and a fun experience for fans of the movies. I can see the game pad being used as the tracking device from the movie. It is a blue backlit screen with red dots that show the location of the xenomorphs. I just hope that it doesn't turn into a mindless shooter game. There needs to be variety, strategy, ability to command your team members, etc. I hope they do a good job. Based on Sega's track record lately, I will be reading reviews and watching videos BEFORE I consider buying or pre-ordering this.
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GearBox Not Sega
Posted 1/29/13
Its being developed by Gearbox not by Sega, Sega is publishing the game
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Review 3 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Posted on:10/13/12
Location: everywhere
this looks like it will be pretty fun,the graphics are impressive and I'm curious as to how they'll use the game pad in gameplay and what they'll do with the story.
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Review 4 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Looking forward to this!!!
Posted on:9/28/12
Location: Troy, NY
I already have the Collector's Edition pre-ordered for the PS3, but if the collector's edition gets announced for the Wii U, I'll be switching my pre-order over to this version instead. It will most likely have a great control scheme with the Wii U gamepad.
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Review 5 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Release of 02.12.2013!!!
Posted on:1/29/13
Location: Portland, OR
While watching Stephen Colbert last night I saw a commercial for this game and the commercial showed that it will be released on all 4 platforms on 02.12.2013!!!!!! GameStop please update and everyone else, I cannot WAIT to buy this game!
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9 out of 10(236)
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Review 6 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Maybe it wil lbe fixed up
Posted on:2/15/13
Location: Ohio
So this game is not getting the best reviews on it's release. many citing bad AI,uneven multi player ,and over reliance on shooting not survival horror like many hoped. It would be a dumb move to release a game in a state that no body likes so maybe AI will be tuned up and some balance issues will be addressed. It will also be interesting to see how the game pad is used as it can open up so many possibilities. only time will tell if this will be a lazy port or something well thoguht out. The 12/31/2013 is just a place holder expect it to hit shelves summer or fall
Review 7 for Aliens: Colonial Marines
12/31/2013 dosent make sense
Posted on:12/14/12
Ive talked with the guys at my gamestop about the release date and i cant see it comming out a year later than the other consoles. Has any one see a more concrete date yet for the wii u version.
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Cedar Rapids, IA
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Release Date
Posted 2/11/13
The release date is "before the end of March", so anytime before that. I doubt it would be the week of March 17 since alot of WiiU games are coming out that week already. This game can't come out fast enough.
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dallas tx
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Posted 1/9/13
They do that when the release date is unconfirmed. It should release within a week of the others. Also price should be the same too $59.99
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