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The world's leading enterprise tablet combined with the worlds most ergonomically designed gamepad controller. Working has never been easier and playing never so much fun.
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Customer Reviews for Wikipad
Review 1 for Wikipad
Looks pretty sick!....
Posted on:9/7/12
Location: UTAH
The title say it all.... looks almost as good as The New Ipad, but it depends on what they to with the hardware. The Grand Theft Auto looks fun with the controller thing..........
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Review 2 for Wikipad
Great but wish they upgraded a few...
Posted on:10/17/12
Location: TX
This tablet is great, I just wish they have a 32gb, 64gb model. while you can upgrade your memory using micro sd, I still rather have the model itself higher in memory. Also the ram should of been upgraded to 2gb. Many tablet already have the same specification and it's already rumored that the upcoming galaxy s4 will have 3gb ram, and quad-core.
I like the tablet because of the controller attachment but the specs are already old and the tablet haven't even been released yet.
For the price is not that worth it unless you really want the controller attachment which maybe the only reason that I would buy the product, but most likely a newer model will be released within a couple of months to a year.
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Review 3 for Wikipad
totally blew me away
Posted on:9/22/12
Location: los angeles, ca
got to try the wikipad at my local store and could not believe it--the controllers were amazing. responsive, quick, comfortable. best portable gaming experience i've played. funny came in to sell some games and wound up putting my deposit down. can't wait to get my hands on it again!
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Review 4 for Wikipad
iPad, Vita, and WiiU's illegitimate child
Posted on:9/15/12
Location: somewhere, else
looks nice but what's the point? other devices can do what this does so much better.
looks like the Wii U controller except much as a giant screen with controls can be portable
You want portable gaming? Get a Vita. Even that is a bit big for some hands, but the graphics are sooo much better and a bunch of great games are coming out for it.
I have owned Samsung and Apple and Barnes & Noble tablets in the past. Have to say after the novelty wears off tablets just get boring.
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Review 5 for Wikipad
Saw 3 kids use the prototype.They were mesmerized!
Posted on:9/12/12
Location: Orlando,FL
Recently, I saw 3 kids (all under 10) use the Wikipad prototype. They did not look up for a couple of hours during a party! They were completely taken. I am glad that I do not have to stand in line for one this coming Christmas!
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