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Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age when our civilization spanned our solar system, but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down. The survivors built a city beneath the Traveler, and have begun to explore our old worlds, only to find them filled with deadly foes. You are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Defend the City. Defeat our enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost. Be brave.
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Customer Reviews for Destiny
Review 1 for Destiny
3rd person option please!!
Posted on:4/13/14
Location: CA
The option of playing in 3rd person as well as 1st person would elevate this game to another level. It would be really cool to be able to experience it in either mode like some PC games.
Review 2 for Destiny
Want it Bungie! Activision! what can go wrong!?
Posted on:2/20/14
Location: Los Angeles, CA
this game I want desperately! It look s amazing and was made by Bungie. This is by the creators of Halo 1-4 including Reach and 3: O.D.S.T. Also Call Of Duty's Activision is the publisher so they have been publishing great games forever! Can't wait.
Review 3 for Destiny
My most anticipated of 2014
Posted on:1/12/14
Location: Inwood, WV
I normally prefer swords over guns but this looks like its going to be an epic game. I can't wait for this game. It honestly is now my most anticipated video game of 2014.
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Review 4 for Destiny
The best game from Bungie yet!
Posted on:12/25/13
Location: Parachute, CO
This game is going to be epic. Bungie, from what the trailers have shown, has made another multi-million dollar game!
Review 5 for Destiny
Great Move
Posted on:12/20/13
Location: pa
I am glad this is coming out on current gen consoles (xbox360 & PS3) as the two next gen consoles haven't been out long enough to tell if they will red ring or over heat or any other issues. I believe they are moving into the market where Mass effect was and no long is. So great move M$ and Bungie
Review 6 for Destiny
Posted on:12/17/13
Location: Maryland
um bungie and activition got married so basically cod and halo and a baby and made destiny hmmm COD AND HALO MADE DESTINY this game is gonna be awsome and its going to be game of the year
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Review 7 for Destiny
loving the game already!!!
Posted on:12/3/13
Location: houston, TX
so i guess it like borderland mix with halo and call of duty but im a 343 and bungie fan and destiny seem to be a fun game that wont be boring then the games i played that was open world like borderland or skyrim and i love halo but this game might acutally take me for it since it bungie and it look like i would start my group in destiny but i know i would go after a sniper rifle in destiny. i want to get halo 5 but halo 4 kinda but me in a sad mood since cortana either sacrificed herself for master chief or maybe she would come back but the video that came out for it look like shes gone so i might buy that to see what happens next but i highly think halo 5 is the last game since master chief getting older and weaker because a super human can't be stronger then age so he might be weak alittle but i dont think he will give up fighting whatever hes trying to do.
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Review 8 for Destiny
A New (and Better) Halo?
Posted on:11/7/13
This game is quite eye-catching. The images, characters, and videos make for a pleasant experience. But I need more proof before I'm sold. Just because it's from Bungie doesn't automatically make it a good game (Halo ODST for example). The cross platform experience could be fun. Here's hoping they focus more on campaign instead of multiplayer so it can stand out of Halo's shadow.
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Review 9 for Destiny
Posted on:11/4/13
Location: Murfreesboro,TN
This game looks amazing. I have high hopes for it. I like all the new features it has.(check the videos) I am excited to see what they can do with this game.
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Review 10 for Destiny
GameStop refuses to provide beta code!!
Posted on:10/15/13
Location: Charlotte, NC
This looks to be an awesome game and with it coming from Bungie I'm sure it will be. Unfortunately when I pre-ordered via for in-store pickup they didn't include my beta test code. When I emailed them about it they informed me that if I want a beta code I have to GO TO THE STORE TO GET IT even though they clearly state that it will be emailed within 2 days of my online order. :-(
I asked them to cancel my order so I can order from a company that WANTS my business only to be told that I have to GO TO THE STORE to cancel it!!!!
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Review 11 for Destiny
i got the beta without preorder?
Posted on:10/5/13
Location: PA
it was a normal day then i look at my email and then its a email from gamestop saying i got a key to the beta and then i was like :D
Review 12 for Destiny
Looks Great but.....
Posted on:10/5/13
Location: seattle, WA
the game looks good but since when was the venus a jungle? They should at least make them look like the planets in real life
Review 13 for Destiny
Can't Wait...
Posted on:10/2/13
Location: Yakima, WA
This game will be epic. With Bungie AND Activision working on this game, nothing could go wrong!! But what I don't understand is that the sight says that online customers will get their code 2 days AFTER the game is shipped, so we couldn't even play the beta?
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Review 14 for Destiny
Beta Code?
Posted on:10/2/13
I pre-ordered mine a while ago, so how do i get my beta codes? I heard they email it to you but i haven't got one yet.
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Comments (2)
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Posted 10/3/13
We called up Gamestop and they unreserved and reserved it again to get the code. Maybe try that?
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Posted 10/3/13
Same here. It says that for online customers the code will be e-mailed within 2 business days of shipping which doesn't make sense. Why say your going to give out beta codes, then not give them until after the release of the game? I assume its a misprint. Either way, I ordered 2 business days ago and still haven't received a beta code.
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Review 15 for Destiny
Posted on:10/1/13
Location: Mansfield MA
so bad bungie i mean it was 1 thing when u made me waste $60 on halo 4 but now it is so bad make better games like watch dogs or battlefield
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Posted 10/3/13
You realize 343 industries made Halo 4
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Review 16 for Destiny
Next big game for BUNGIE, YES!
Posted on:10/1/13
Location: Fair Lawn, NJ
I have to say this looks like another big hit for Bungie and I am very excited! Looks a bit like the Halo world which I loved until 343 destroyed it. I am pre-ordering this and cant wait for it.
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Review 17 for Destiny
Posted on:8/25/13
Location: Hemet, CA
I pre-ordered this the day i heard about it and I cant remember how long ago that was but i cant wait for this game to come out!
Review 18 for Destiny
this looks sweet
Posted on:8/7/13
Location: Bessemer, AL
if this is have as good as bunges other games it will so cool I will be preordering it soon and can not wait to play it DESTINY
Review 19 for Destiny
cant wait
Posted on:6/28/13
Location: sacremeto ca
I pre-orderd as soon as it was avalible to pre order and this is the first game I have pre ordered and this game looks soo amazing and I cant wait to get it too play it in june next year
Review 20 for Destiny
the best gameplay i have seen in a long time.
Posted on:6/23/13
Location: Huntsville, AL
this game is awesome i watched the gameplay on youtube and it was amazing i so want to be a warlock!!
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