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Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age when our civilization spanned our solar system, but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down. The survivors built a city beneath the Traveler, and have begun to explore our old worlds, only to find them filled with deadly foes. You are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Defend the City. Defeat our enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost. Be brave.
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Customer Reviews for Destiny
Review 1 for Destiny
Bungie and Activision Together
Posted on:2/17/13
Location: PR
Now that Bungie joined up with Activision, I always wondered how their games would come out, then I noticed that they released info for their project, Destiny. I watched the ViDoc and had to say that it has a similar taste to Halo and looks very promising. I'm looking forward to how Destiny will look like when it reaches its release date. The detail looks amazing, and the storyline will give players a chance to experience it first-hand when they get their hands on it. So pre-order now if you're interested.
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Posted 11/28/13
I'm really looking forward to this game and I'm definitely going to be participating in the beta. When 343 took over Halo my interest in it kinda died with Halo 4 so I'm very hopeful for a new blockbuster from Bungie that will continue to entertain the masses for another 10 years!
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Review 2 for Destiny
Bungie won't disappoint with Destiny
Posted on:2/17/13
Location: Bisbee, AZ
I have been an avid fan of Bungie's work since Halo: CE, and have played every game in the series (Including Halo Wars, even though it wasn't done by Bungie). I also tried some other games developed by them, like the Marathon Trilogy, Myth and Oni and loved them as well (even if Oni was a bit choppy, I thought it was fun). So as a big fan of Bungie's work, I can say that I'm extremely excited for Bungie's newest game, Destiny. At this point in time, there's not a lot of preview material out for it, but I don't need a ton of preview trailers and teasers to know that Destiny is going to be amazing. With just Halo as an example, Bungie brought millions of gamers countless hours of fun and entertainment with each entry into this series. I can't think of another series that was that much fun to play, and that made me so anxious for the next game like the Halo series has. And for many fans, this is true. So all I can say is, I can't wait for another awesome ride with Bungie. The attached video, "Destiny Vidoc: Pathways out of Darkness" makes Destiny look incredible. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to Destiny. Bungie has yet to disappoint.
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Review 3 for Destiny
My most anticipated of 2014
Posted on:1/12/14
Location: Inwood, WV
I normally prefer swords over guns but this looks like its going to be an epic game. I can't wait for this game. It honestly is now my most anticipated video game of 2014.
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Law of the Jungle Trailer
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Review 4 for Destiny
Bungie's finally got a new game!
Posted on:2/17/13
Location: Portland, OR
Bungie has been well known as the creators of Halo, but after Reach the company went dormant--or so it seemed! The concept behind this game seems like an intriguing idea, albeit somewhat reminiscent of the Halo universe. From the trailer that's been released, it looks like the environments and character models are very well designed. I can't wait for this next universe that Bungie's bringing to life!
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Destiny ViDoc--Pathways Out of Darkness
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Review 5 for Destiny
"My body is ready"
Posted on:2/17/13
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Ever since Bungie had announced its new game, im been watching it like a hawk. Now that they unveiled a good chunk of it, i can absouletly say that im ready for this game to happen. Im not sure if i can hold until release!
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Review 6 for Destiny
I Have High Hopes....
Posted on:2/19/13
Location: Missouri
I heard that you can "cross realm" onto another person's world, help them out, then leave or continue exploring their world for a while. Basically this game combines elements of WoW, Halo, and Mass Effect into one game. WoW because of the whole cross realm aspect; being able to "jump" into another player's mini universe to help them out or explore for a little while. Halo, because this game is an FPS and what better one to compare it to then Bungie's own little nest egg? And Mass Effect, because you're playing in a rich sci-fi environment complete with flying ships, amazing characters, and a beautiful story that will make you keep playing for years to come. Will this game meet my expectations? I sure hope so. I'm not gonna pre-order yet, as I want to see more information on it before I do, but in the end, I know I'm gonna be getting this game. Not because Bungie made it...but because this game looks amazing and that Bungie is combining several key elements and atmospheres from several other genres of gaming that I think would fit together like a masterpiece.
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Warren, MI
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"croos realms"
Posted 5/30/13
A game called dark souls exactly what you mention about the crossing realms theme. If that is going to be in this game, I'm already hooked.
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Forgotten Comparison
Posted 4/21/13
I'm not entirely sure how much you've heard of this game but they also compared it to borderlands due to weapons. Don't quote me on this as the fact that they haven't released any weapon info yet but there's been a roomer that there are already have over one thousand confirmed weapons yet to be released to the public. They claim "1,000" mostly because they have multiple weapons with multiple attachments that can be meshed into one gun to create thousands or millions of possibilities. Just a fun theory that I figured I'd run across you.
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Review 7 for Destiny
ME no understand rating system
Posted on:7/12/14
Location: Dallas,TX
ok this game looks really cool and the graphics look amazing. I am actually really looking forward to this game. But the thing that i dont understand is that Halo, a game that is OBVIOUSLY less violent than this game is rated M, which means i cant play it. But this is only rated T. halo is the most unjustly rated game of all time, and its causing the gaming community a lot of money. Just think of all the extra money that the gaming community could have made if it was rated T. The ESRB cost Bungie and 343 money adn costomers they should have had.
Review 8 for Destiny
Mind-blowing. Hard to believe it's current gen.
Posted on:2/18/13
Location: Florida
From what I've put together and surmised myself, this game (From the creators of the Halo and Marathon series) appears to be:
Part Borderlands
Part Halo
A DASH of MMO (no subscription fees, however)
Perhaps a PINCH of Privateer (if you haven't played it: you should)
There are probably more comparisons, but you'd be VERY well served to check out the Destiny reveal videos and vi-docs that Bungie has put out there.... It appears to be something LIKE Halo but with an open-world, space-travel to other planets in the Solar System, a constantly evolving universe (like changing world-events, time-specific missions and events, kinda like Demon Souls and MMOs like World of Warcraft), loot and money gathering a-la Borderlands. It's a LOT to get excited about..... but if this all sounds neat I'd really check out the vids Bungie has put out. This wasn't even on my radar until today and now it's perhaps 1 or 1a on my Wish List.
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Review 9 for Destiny
This game looks promising!
Posted on:7/3/14
I can give you ten reasons as to why i would buy this game:
1. It looks awesome
2. It's made by freaking bungie!
3. I love FPS
4. Open World
5. Sci fi is my favorite Genre
6. Who says rated T games can't be awesome?
7. RPG (I think)
8. PVP
9. Co-op playing online
10. I know i already said this, but it's freaking bungie!
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Review 10 for Destiny
Can't have m games? No problem.
Posted on:6/28/14
Location: USA, earth
Destiny looked great from the start and I really was anticipating this game until I started to see more and more off it looking like it was rated m. I gave up on it knowing that I am right below the age 17 to play m games and destiny was likely one of them. Just recently I found out the game was going to be rated T! So everyone who wants a first person shooter but can't have one rated m, keep destiny in mind.
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Review 11 for Destiny
Yet again Bungie might have a blockbuster!
Posted on:2/17/13
Location: Knoxville, TN
I have full faith that Bungie will make yet another blockbuster game with this title. From what i can tell it looks like a MMO style game which i have been waiting for a long time now for the consoles.
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New York
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This is going to be great!
Posted 6/7/13
Has anybody played a MMO called Phantasy Star Universe? When your at the main plaza or whatever you just hang out and do stuff possibly where you change your gear, but there will be massive servers there is no monthly fee and this is a huge game, I think Bungie had enough time to do this because its been bieng produced for 10 years now.
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Review 12 for Destiny
Will be forced to buy....
Posted on:3/24/13
Location: Boston, MA
Being called a new type of FPS, releasing cool awesome footage, being a new game bye Bungie, the game probably being so good it is on PS3, and cool co-op features to the game, I WILL BE FORCED TO BUY THIS!
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Review 13 for Destiny
Freaking ready for this AMAZING game!!!
Posted on:6/5/14
Location: Washington
Personally I think this game is a guaranteed win for Bungie and anyone who buys it. I know that this game will be worth the buy. The story floors me with compelling twists and turns. I hope to see a stunning sequal.
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Review 14 for Destiny
Looks awesome,but no beta code.
Posted on:5/30/14
Location: Augusta,GA
I am looking forward to getting this game. I pre-ordered, but I got no beta code or upgraded sparrow code. I can't wait for this game to come out in september! It will be awesome. But if gamestop is reading this, send me those codes.
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Review 15 for Destiny
Posted on:5/30/14
Location: Augusta,GA
Gamestop, I am sorry. I got my beta code and I was not patient, anyways I think this game will beat the snaut out of halo! Seriously!!!
Review 16 for Destiny
Most freaking amazing game
Posted on:5/23/14
Location: Dallas TX
a cool amazing combination of borderlands and halo, Its going to be one of the biggest game of the year. I cant to play the bata and recored how much fun it going to be wait for it. Im going to have so many hours played on this game.
Review 17 for Destiny
Its Bungie. what else need be said?
Posted on:2/17/13
i'll be pre ordering for sure. whatever this game is going to be, they gave up the massive cash pile that is Halo in order to make it, that in itself tells me they have some pretty good ideas going.
16 of 20 found this review helpful.
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cash pile?
Posted 3/4/14
bungie hasn't worked on halo since halo 2. and this time its across all systems current gen, next gen, and pc. and ps is getting exlusive content.
Customer Avatar
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Posted 11/9/13
I already Pre-Ordered this game! It looks So DARN AMAZING! I can not wait to get it!
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Review 18 for Destiny
loving the game already!!!
Posted on:12/3/13
Location: houston, TX
so i guess it like borderland mix with halo and call of duty but im a 343 and bungie fan and destiny seem to be a fun game that wont be boring then the games i played that was open world like borderland or skyrim and i love halo but this game might acutally take me for it since it bungie and it look like i would start my group in destiny but i know i would go after a sniper rifle in destiny. i want to get halo 5 but halo 4 kinda but me in a sad mood since cortana either sacrificed herself for master chief or maybe she would come back but the video that came out for it look like shes gone so i might buy that to see what happens next but i highly think halo 5 is the last game since master chief getting older and weaker because a super human can't be stronger then age so he might be weak alittle but i dont think he will give up fighting whatever hes trying to do.
1 of 3 found this review helpful.
Review 19 for Destiny
Holy Baloney...
Posted on:3/7/13
I am surprised this game hasn't been more advertised. It sounds like it will be amazing, and I'm really looking forward to it.
11 of 14 found this review helpful.
Review 20 for Destiny
Can't Wait
Posted on:2/17/13
This game is going to be very good! I am really excited to see what Bungie has in store for us this time around. I can only hope that Bungie exceeds my expectations. If your interested in this game, go to GameInformer's website, they've got a few good articles/videos about Destiny.
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Posted 7/3/14
I definitely agree. I think Bungie fans are in for a treat this fall.
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