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Watch Dogs

In today's hyper-connected world, Chicago has the country's most advanced computer system - one which controls almost every piece of city technology and holds key information on all of the city's residents. You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker, whose criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your family, you'll be able to monitor and hack all who surround you while manipulating the city's systems to stop traffic lights, turn off the electrical grid and more. Use the city of Chicago as your ultimate weapon and exact your own style of revenge.
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Customer Reviews for Watch Dogs
Review 1 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:10/29/13
Location: New York
Hey, I May Be Called An Addict To The New Game Coming Out Called "Watch Dogs". Even Though The Game Was Delayed From November 19th, Im Ok With It because i hope in the Huge amount of time they're taking to delay it i hope they are adding more hacks/new stuff to make the game better. I Have Subscribed to the watch dogs youtube, follow them on instagram and twitter, and i just Love seeing new stuff about watch dogs. This is also one of the first games coming out in Chicago! ive been waiting for this game to come out since like november 2012. i hope everyone that is saying "OMG GTA 5 IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN WATCH DOGS" You Never Know. I Have GTA 5 Myself And It Is Yes, A Very Good Game But I Think Watch Dogs will be better. i cant wait for Watch Dogs to come out and i hope you guys of gamestop do to! if i can give it a rate so far i give it a 10/10.
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Watch Dogs Trailer
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chicago, il
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Posted 4/2/14
Is this game having a midnight release on the 27th or are you aloud to pick it up at anytime that day?
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new york
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excited but..
Posted 3/11/14
i am excited about this game, graphics looks amazing. the gameplay, the stuff you can hack everything. but its look that great on XB1 and PS4 how will it looks on PS3 and XBOX 360?
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Review 2 for Watch Dogs
This Game looks intensely fun.
Posted on:5/7/13
Location: Wilmington, DE
When I saw the preview that was shown last year, Ubisoft took me by surprise. Just seeing that game play was incredible, everything looked so beautiful visually and the game play mechanics looks so smooth and fluent. Also it's free roam which means there will a lot to do and explore, and just random things to do in general. There will be multiplayer and this seems interesting, so no info but probably be great when they show it off. All i can say this will be a great game and can't wait to play it on November 19.
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Northbrook, Illinois
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Posted 11/3/13
I was really looking forward to it this year. but now its being pushed back an entire half a year... I truly hope they are putting more into the game. If not then im sorry but I will be removing my pre-order.
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looks pretty good
Posted 5/28/13
ubisoft almost always makes good games. it looks like jason bourne type of game. i'm looking forward to the release.
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Review 3 for Watch Dogs
Undeniably exicted!
Posted on:9/16/13
Location: Spring Hill, Fl
The first time I saw it was on tv at E3 2012, as the showed a sneak preview of it. I watch E3 every year and when I saw this game I was like, "When can I get my hands on this?". It's an open-world game that takes place in the city of Chicago, IL where you play as a hacker named Aiden Pierce. As Aiden you will gain control through-out the city as you take down the people that hurt you. And with the new game engine they created you can now seamlessly enter other's game online multiplayer and hack them. You can also help them out on the tablet app that I can't wait to see. It is also is part of the multiplayer as you can assist them escape the cops or help them catch you. I just cant wait!!!
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Review 4 for Watch Dogs
cant wait
Posted on:4/13/14
Location: md
I cant wait to get this game. I heard a lot of things about it and want it bad. IM saving up for it.
Review 5 for Watch Dogs
It's Going To Give GTA V A Run For Their Money
Posted on:12/24/13
Location: Syracuse, NY
No doubt my favorite game right now is GTA V. But once this game comes out, GTA V might be in trouble. Once I saw the fourteen minute gameplay trailer, I was hooked. I'm so hyped for this game, that I already pre-ordered for both my Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This game looks so cool, and since it's made by Ubisoft, it's going to be like a modern day Assassin's Creed. The story takes place in modern day Chicago, and you play as hacker Aiden Pierce. You can hack into people's phones, bank accounts, and even control the traffic lights when in high speed chases with the cops. I hope these next six months fly by, so I can get straight into some hacking.
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Review 6 for Watch Dogs
Innovative and exciting
Posted on:6/11/13
It's hard to count the number of games that feature the same things, over and over. Just take a look at the recent FPS that have been released. Watch Dogs is one of those rare games that strays away from the usual, and tries something innovative. That is exciting.
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Posted 4/7/14
I really want this game so freaking bad!!
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Review 7 for Watch Dogs
reminder for gamestop
Posted on:3/2/14
Location: Sugar Land, TX
i cant wait to get this game, but im worried that gamestop will forget my pre order purchase for the original Nov 19 release, so gamestop this is for Jackson Venza or Vicki Venza that pre ordered the game for the nov 19 release, so gamestop REMEMBER MY PURCHASE! please reply if you remember. oh and this is about the gamestop in Sugar Land, TX. please reply if you remember, thank you
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Review 8 for Watch Dogs
Simply Amazing!
Posted on:4/2/13
Location: New York City, NY
This game looks amazing! I like the idea of being a watch dog, a protector of the people, at the same time not being affiliated with local cops. It's an interesting take, and it surely has got my attention! I can't wait for this game to come out. I just hope it lives up to my expectations!
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in response to "Simple Amazing"
Posted 4/16/13
I know no game comic or movie has ever let one experience such concept.
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Review 9 for Watch Dogs
Love the look of this...
Posted on:1/23/14
Location: Buffalo New York
I've been waiting for a free roam game like this for a while... A great mixture of action weapons & vehicles... with high tech equipment & a very modern or should I say futuristic grasp on technology... this game looks like a breath of fresh air on the creativity side of things... & the free roam feature is always what excites any true gamer... we love to be able to just explore the area likes its reality & have the freedom of choices through out the game... hopefully this game stands up to the previews it has shown... it looks ground breaking in all aspects a mixture of GTA/Assassins Creed & sleeping dogs ... give or take a few more games...
Review 10 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:4/9/13
I've been able to spot a good game in the past and this is no exception this game is going to make Call of duty look like katamari because yah a lot of games have open world but now you can control eveything as you wish this is something no game developers have tried anything like this this game is going to be the biggest thing!!!
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Review 11 for Watch Dogs
Gta v is finished
Posted on:1/26/14
Location: East Amherst, NY
After this game comes out gta v will be out of a lot of peoples lives. Once watch dogs comes ot this will be the game everybody wants
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Review 12 for Watch Dogs
the next best thing!
Posted on:2/18/13
Location: california
Awsome ive been waiting since they anounced this.was not sure if it was for next gen consoles, till now so glad its coming to xbox 360 this game is going to be amazing.
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Review 13 for Watch Dogs
I am Worried
Posted on:6/19/13
Location: Portland,Oregon
Watch Dogs looks great. The visuals are great, the world looks open and begging to be explored, and the game has great mechanics by the looks of it. However, I am very worried about the story and characters, as well as the actual gameplay. Don't get me wrong, but I feel as though the game will turn into the next Assassin's Creed, with sequels releasing every year and the quality of each game getting worse and worse. I could be wrong though. Watch Dogs will be the first game that I get with my Xbox One, so I am still excited.
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Review 14 for Watch Dogs
Anxious to wait
Posted on:12/17/13
Location: Convent, La
I so excited that Ubisoft decide to think of a game like this. It has many features such as hacking the city. All I have to say is good job Ubisoft and keep up the good work
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Review 15 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:3/31/13
Location: taunton ma
This game looks like it's going to be amazing going to pre-order as soon as I can... love open world games
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Review 16 for Watch Dogs
look pretty good
Posted on:12/5/13
Location: houston, TX
it look like a pretty good game in the videos but i gonna wait until the 1st month and ask people or see the game in X-play and see if it worth my time or not
Review 17 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:2/23/13
Location: NJ
Okay I thought Assassins Creed was worth waiting for... This is going to be AWESOME!!! For all you tv watchers its just like that show on CBS Person of Interest... The game is going to be absurdly good.... Good story and from what I can tell easy controllability... Definitely on my pre-order list for this year!!! Can't wait!!!!
5 of 9 found this review helpful.
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Posted 3/12/13
This game looks amazing i thought it was only gonna be for next gen consoles i was about to buy a ps4 just for this game!!
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Review 18 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:5/10/13
Location: belleville,MI
In a world where you control everything with one touch it is your choice whether to help or hurt. in Ubisofts new game WATCH DOGS you play as Aiden Pearce a very talented hacker that caused the northeast blackout of 2003. the game takes place in chicago where a super computer or CToS(Central Operating System) is located and aiden being a hacker syncs his phone with the CToS and can now control the city with one touch. Now its up to the player whether or not aiden will be recognized as a hero or a power hungry vigilante . In my opinion this is truly one of ubisofts best game an open world where almost anything is possible its like GTA only you control a city with your cell phone the release date for watch dogs has been set for 11/19/13 if you havent seen watch dogs yet take a look at the trailer -THA V1RUS
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Austin, TX
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New & Fresh
Posted 3/13/14
I am 13 years old, and I have been playing video games since I was in kinder-garden. When I got my first Xbox360 in 2nd grade, my first game with it was Grand Theft Auto IV, I enjoyed the series ever since, but I always told myself that the series needed a rival, that met with GTA's standards and perhaps left them in the dust, Watch_Dogs is that game. If this highly anticipated game doesn't smoke the GTA series, it will be tied along with them, which will leave the players to decide. There are two types of gamers, the Traditional, and the New, if they are given a choice the traditional will choose the original with is GTA, the new will choose Watch_Dogs. Don't give the players a choice Ubisoft! BLOW THEM AWAY! *also Ubisoft, you need more advertising for Watch_Dogs, 4 places you need to put this game: Youtube, SportsCenter, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central.
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Review 19 for Watch Dogs
This Is A New Experience- #1 Best Game
Posted on:9/1/13
Put GTA V , Batman : Arkham Origins and Saints Row IV aside- these are fun games but Watch Dogs is a new game changer for us. The story format , the city, and the characters are great. Finally a new concept that is actually hard to believe but is simply mind-blowing. This game will be 100% great, no doubt. Can't wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review 20 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:4/30/13
Location: Missouri
I read one of the previous posts, and I have to admit that I'm also curious about whether or not Watch Dogs will require a smartphone to play. Does anyone have any information about those rumors???
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Posted 7/5/13
no it will not require a smartphone but you will be able to use your smartphone in multiplayer to hack onto other people or friends games
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