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Watch Dogs

Play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your family, monitor and hack all who surround you by manipulating everything connected to the city's network. Access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy...and more. Use the city of Chicago as your ultimate weapon and exact your own style of revenge.
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Customer Reviews for Watch Dogs
Review 1 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:3/24/14
Location: Huntington, WV
Watch Dogs has always looked amazing in my eyes. This game is going to blow people's minds when it hits stores this May and I can't wait to see how they utilize the PS4's power. After seeing gameplay footage after gameplay footage, I cannot wait for this game. Buying the Limited Edition just to show my support for the franchise, I'm super excited. Though I wish there was a edition in which you were given Aiden's cap, I will be okay with the Vigilante Mask as I will be running around in my cosplay jacket, acting as if I'm actually Aiden Pearce. If anyone is wondering if they should get this game, you need to get this game when it comes out.
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Gameplay for Watch Dogs (PS4)
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Alexandria, LA
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Posted 4/10/14
One month, Two weeks, 5 days, 3 hours.. It is almost here! Can't wait! Gonna be an amazing new twist on the open world. Who doesn't want to hack everything in sight?! :P
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Review 2 for Watch Dogs
GameStop Bonus?
Posted on:3/21/14
Location: Cosby, TN
With the latest video trailer from the PlayStation version I have only one question. What is the GameStop bonus? Both items listed come with the PlayStation version with or without GameStop, and a white hat hacker outfit. Disappointed that GameStop is first advertising as if this were exclusive to GameStop and again that they don't actually have anything to offer.
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Come with GameStop bonus regardless.
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Review 3 for Watch Dogs
GTA can kiss the rest of its series goodbye
Posted on:3/6/14
Location: San Diego, CA
I have been interested in this game ever since the first gameplay/commentary came out. GTA (no matter how fun the game is) doesn't even come close to this awesomeness. We can all start counting down the days until May 27th.
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Review 4 for Watch Dogs
Looks Amazing
Posted on:4/21/14
If Grand Theft Auto and Assassins Creed had a child, this would be it. It is a good mix of things. It looks like a newer better Sleeping Dogs
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Review 5 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:4/19/14
Location: Chicago
The game looks so cool and that you can turn off Chicago city with a smart phone looks like a cool game.
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Review 6 for Watch Dogs
Better be good
Posted on:4/9/14
Location: Clermont, FL
Pre-ordering my first game with my own money. With the wait i have to go through and the hype surrounding this game, I hope I can come back here with a 10/10 review. I better. This game looks good but can't trust the gameplay that is released by ubisoft itself. Look at Aliens: Colonial Marines.
Review 7 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:4/11/14
Absolutely stunning, the graphics are amazing, the storyline looks solid to those who are looking for a good narrative storyline, and the overall design looks great. Can't wait for Watch Dogs!
Review 8 for Watch Dogs
UbiSoft Takes It To The Next Level
Posted on:6/23/13
Location: Buffalo, NY
From what I saw and played at E3, this game definitely looks and sounds amazing. The fact that you can control the entire city or find out anything about anyone with your cell phone is a very cool feature. If you want to succeed in the game, you have to be creative, you have to be stealthy, and you have to be skilled in combat. This is a game that is sure to be an amazing experience for any type of gamer; new or experienced. The only thing I am worried about is how the story will play out. Recently, UbiSoft hasn't been doing too well with their campaign missions. Specifically Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed, as it draws you out of the excitement after a short while and it starts to get tediously repetitive because there's nothing truly new. Hopefully they change this in Watch_Dogs with new abilities, a plot-twist or two, and maybe some new bad guys? We'll see.
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Washington D.C.
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"Played" at E3?
Posted 10/27/13
I just want to clarify to others, that Watch_Dogs was not available to play at E3 (in fact, the first time anyone was handed a controller to try out the game that didn't work for Ubisoft was at Gamescom 2013). As far as the rest of your comment, lol I'm really not sure what you are talking about. I doubt Watch_Dogs will have pirates or redcoats and a whole slew of new abilities have been on display already (although from the health bar to the action triggers; the Watch_Dogs that has been shown off so far resembles what we've seen in the AC series and not in a good way). There will be more twist and turns though (we don't even know Aiden's full origin story, although it's been hinted at). Also I may be reading into this, but by "new bad guys" maybe you meant something other than the stereotypical bad guys that are often easy to spot in a game even if you are just shown a screenshot. I have no doubt that Watch_Dogs will be full of betrayal and people looking out for their own interests.
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Review 9 for Watch Dogs
I pre ordered CE*(collectors edition)
Posted on:4/1/14
Location: Pannsylvania, PA
Ha caint wait for this game i waited 2 years and finally it comes too bad they downgraded the graphics but i am still buying it
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Review 10 for Watch Dogs
real next-gen
Posted on:3/26/14
Location: litchfield mn
All the other games were nothing compared to this! Rain effects, driving, hacking,60fps,1080, cloth simulation, lighting, reflections, ai, and so mutch more not to mension that their is bonus content only on playstation 4! This is the only reasion I baught the ps4!!!!
Review 11 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Brooklyn, NY
I honestly cannot wait for the release! Getting this game along with PlayStation 4! Looks jaw-dropping. Also gonna get Destiny AND OF COURSE KINGDOM HEARTS 3!
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Posted 6/12/13
So I know the focus isn't really on the cars really, BUT if you read closely, you'll notice that the driving mechanics are developed by the same company the made Driver San Fransisco! And if you haven't played that, you should. Regardless, this game is looking wicked awesome. Getting this in the PS4 bundle.
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Review 12 for Watch Dogs
Amazing Game for Next-Gen!
Posted on:6/18/13
I wanted to pre-order this game since E3 2012 when they first announced watch dogs. All I have to say is that Watch dogs will be game of the year and is a great game for any person thats a fan of open world games and third person shooters.
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New orleans,LA
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Posted 10/23/13
it got delayed to JUNE of 2014. X(
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Reality Still Intact
Posted 9/7/13
One of features of the game is that everything you do has in-world consequences. That 30 car pile-up won't go unnoticed. The news will report on it and the world will react based on that (i.e. call the cops if they see you). More importantly, what kind of vigilante you'll be (the kind of protects random citizens or kind that treats them like collateral damage), is up to you
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Reality flaw
Posted 8/26/13
Stop a criminal by a 30 car pile-up? Good job! You killed 30 people to catch one criminal! Man, i would love to be a hero like him.
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Review 13 for Watch Dogs
Looks good
Posted on:3/9/14
Location: Palm harbor, FL
but they keep changing the date that it will come out.. so i dont know if this is a good or bad thing. i still cant wait for the game
Review 14 for Watch Dogs
What Happen
Posted on:10/17/13
Location: New York, NY
This game looked really good but I guess it was not. This was a big launch tittle for next Gen consoles I am assuming the developers played GTA 5 and said wait a min this game is missing a lot of things so they went back to the writing boards to fix this. I was really looking forward to this with the ps4 launch but now Kill Zone here I come. Hopefully they will change this guy costume like I said before he is a hacker/a wanted criminal yet he dresses like he lives in the 1990s with a brown leather jacket no store even sells that any more and the mask looks terrible why wear it when being chased by police or try to hide you face from the citizens of Chicago they should of made him wear a scarf to look more casual and realistic cause his face mask looks like a robber more than a guy trying to fit in with normal people hopefully they will change that in their delay
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Review 15 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:10/16/13
I am disappointed that this game got so hyped up and i pre ordered it this FIRST hour the ps4 and games where available for pre order and now it wont be available till spring 2014 smh
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Review 16 for Watch Dogs
An Open World Hacking Game
Posted on:7/31/13
Watch Dogs is going to be a must have for the PS4. You can hack into almost anything you can think of such as bank accounts, traffic lights, security cameras, you name it. Watch Dogs is almost like a GTA style game with hacking. When you come into contact with enemies it is your decision on how you want to approach the situation. You can go in guns blazing but that is not the style Watch Dogs is meant to be played. OR you can go in stealthy by hacking into security cameras and distract enemies to take them down silently which IS how Watch Dogs is meant to be played. Watch Dogs takes place in the city of Chicago and will most likely be a day one game for the next gen systems.
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Review 17 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:2/23/14
Location: Texas
Read an article that stated the game has been approved for release sometime between April and June. I am beyond excited now, but how bout a concrete release date??? lol. WIll be a great adition to the small game library i currently posess on my PS4.
Review 18 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:2/15/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
This game sounds good with the title. But before you buy this game I must say watch the gameplay on YouTube cause in my mind I don't think it will be a great game like the title sounds and the cover of the game. Just watch the gameplay to make sure you will be sure about this game. I am not gonna buy this game right now at this point. Maybe I will later but I most likely won't.
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Review 19 for Watch Dogs
Hackin' time!
Posted on:2/21/14
Location: El Paso, TX
This outta teach me sometin' about hacking. Also,can you imagine if Ubisoft lets the hidden blade from Assassin's Creed become like a secondary weapon?
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Review 20 for Watch Dogs
Delayed till Spring 2014!
Posted on:10/16/13
Location: Somersworth, NH United States
I was really looking forward to this game but they delayed it until spring 2014 I am going to probably cancel my pre order and just get the game on release day no point on pre ordering it now.. Sad day for me
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