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Watch Dogs

Play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your family, monitor and hack all who surround you by manipulating everything connected to the city's network. Access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy...and more. Use the city of Chicago as your ultimate weapon and exact your own style of revenge.
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Customer Reviews for Watch Dogs
Review 1 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:4/11/14
Absolutely stunning, the graphics are amazing, the storyline looks solid to those who are looking for a good narrative storyline, and the overall design looks great. Can't wait for Watch Dogs!
Review 2 for Watch Dogs
Better be good
Posted on:4/9/14
Location: Clermont, FL
Pre-ordering my first game with my own money. With the wait i have to go through and the hype surrounding this game, I hope I can come back here with a 10/10 review. I better. This game looks good but can't trust the gameplay that is released by ubisoft itself. Look at Aliens: Colonial Marines.
Review 3 for Watch Dogs
I pre ordered CE*(collectors edition)
Posted on:4/1/14
Location: Pannsylvania, PA
Ha caint wait for this game i waited 2 years and finally it comes too bad they downgraded the graphics but i am still buying it
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Review 4 for Watch Dogs
real next-gen
Posted on:3/26/14
Location: litchfield mn
All the other games were nothing compared to this! Rain effects, driving, hacking,60fps,1080, cloth simulation, lighting, reflections, ai, and so mutch more not to mension that their is bonus content only on playstation 4! This is the only reasion I baught the ps4!!!!
Review 5 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:3/24/14
Location: Huntington, WV
Watch Dogs has always looked amazing in my eyes. This game is going to blow people's minds when it hits stores this May and I can't wait to see how they utilize the PS4's power. After seeing gameplay footage after gameplay footage, I cannot wait for this game. Buying the Limited Edition just to show my support for the franchise, I'm super excited. Though I wish there was a edition in which you were given Aiden's cap, I will be okay with the Vigilante Mask as I will be running around in my cosplay jacket, acting as if I'm actually Aiden Pearce. If anyone is wondering if they should get this game, you need to get this game when it comes out.
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Gameplay for Watch Dogs (PS4)
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Alexandria, LA
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Posted 4/10/14
One month, Two weeks, 5 days, 3 hours.. It is almost here! Can't wait! Gonna be an amazing new twist on the open world. Who doesn't want to hack everything in sight?! :P
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Review 6 for Watch Dogs
GameStop Bonus?
Posted on:3/21/14
Location: Cosby, TN
With the latest video trailer from the PlayStation version I have only one question. What is the GameStop bonus? Both items listed come with the PlayStation version with or without GameStop, and a white hat hacker outfit. Disappointed that GameStop is first advertising as if this were exclusive to GameStop and again that they don't actually have anything to offer.
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Come with GameStop bonus regardless.
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Review 7 for Watch Dogs
Looks good
Posted on:3/9/14
Location: Palm harbor, FL
but they keep changing the date that it will come out.. so i dont know if this is a good or bad thing. i still cant wait for the game
Review 8 for Watch Dogs
GTA can kiss the rest of its series goodbye
Posted on:3/6/14
Location: San Diego, CA
I have been interested in this game ever since the first gameplay/commentary came out. GTA (no matter how fun the game is) doesn't even come close to this awesomeness. We can all start counting down the days until May 27th.
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Review 9 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:2/23/14
Location: Texas
Read an article that stated the game has been approved for release sometime between April and June. I am beyond excited now, but how bout a concrete release date??? lol. WIll be a great adition to the small game library i currently posess on my PS4.
Review 10 for Watch Dogs
Hackin' time!
Posted on:2/21/14
Location: El Paso, TX
This outta teach me sometin' about hacking. Also,can you imagine if Ubisoft lets the hidden blade from Assassin's Creed become like a secondary weapon?
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Review 11 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:2/15/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
This game sounds good with the title. But before you buy this game I must say watch the gameplay on YouTube cause in my mind I don't think it will be a great game like the title sounds and the cover of the game. Just watch the gameplay to make sure you will be sure about this game. I am not gonna buy this game right now at this point. Maybe I will later but I most likely won't.
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Review 12 for Watch Dogs
I'm not sure I want this anymore
Posted on:2/2/14
Location: Nashville, TN
After two delays and a cancelled Wii U version, I'm beginning to doubt Ubisoft's competence. I'll move my five dollars to Metal Gear Solid 5 and wait for the reviews to come in on Watch Dogs.
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Review 13 for Watch Dogs
I am so excited for this game.
Posted on:1/31/14
Location: Lafayette, Indiana
This game promises to be one of the top three best games released on next generation consoles. Trailers can exaggerate, but the Watchdogs trailer sets our excitement in stone and we can very much expect to experience just as we see in the trailer.
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Review 14 for Watch Dogs
Game of the year 2014
Posted on:1/4/14
Location: PA
This game looks amazing! I have been psyched for this since I saw the preview for it at E3! I think it should be game of the year. one of the main reasons I ordered a PS4 is the additional 60 minutes for this game! If this was a PS4 exclusive, nobody would get the Xbox One. Graphics look amazing, gameplay looks amazing, and most of all it looks fun! Its one of the only games I am pre-ordering! it looks amazing!
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Review 15 for Watch Dogs
Gonna be Great
Posted on:1/4/14
I've had my eye on this game since E3 and would already have it if it weren't for the 7 month push back. This game is pretty much Grand Theft Auto but you can hack the city and do surveillance. If this game is half as good as the gameplay I have seen from the game, its worth 60 bucks.
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Review 16 for Watch Dogs
Something new(ish)
Posted on:1/2/14
Location: Texas
I can't talk about this game without saying "Assassin's Creed" only with a twist from "Destroy All Humans". Looking forward to it hoping its sandbox qualities are a top priority.
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Review 17 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:11/28/13
Location: Washington D.C
Good game but should come out in either december,january, and february. Not all the way in June. This game is becoming more and more like GTA every day. But its still a good game, just think you would get more sales on the game if it came out sooner (I like the game though, its awesome).
Review 18 for Watch Dogs
Posted on:11/17/13
Location: Florida
I was looking forward to this game so badly to play on the PS4 and now it's been pushed back... I was even playing on pre-ordering it... Thank goodness I didn't come into doing that.
Review 19 for Watch Dogs
Cant wait!
Posted on:10/28/13
Location: New Jersey
Once i saw this game for the first time in the PS4 conference i had to have it. Got it pre ordered but man was i mad that they want to release it spring of next year! good thing i only put down $5 in my pre order. Still along side Destiny this is a must have when it finally does release.
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Review 20 for Watch Dogs
Major Let Down
Posted on:10/20/13
Location: Columbia, Mo
So let down by the push back of this game...this was a title I was so excited to play on 1st day with my PS4. Now I'm very let down...2 Major game conferences hyping this game up and oh guess what all of you that pre-ordered it....sorry about your luck....pick it up in Summer of 2014.
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New York, NY
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Top 10 Contributor
Posted 10/21/13
Awe don't cry about it I am sure they are just making the game better what would you rather have a game that is glitchy and possibly bad or a great fun game I am sure their are other games to get your mind off that one like kill zone or call of duty ghost so cheer up (:
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