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Get ready for a racing game like never before. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 by Evolution Studios, the team behind the best-selling MotorStorm franchise, #DRIVECLUB is all about you and your friends. It's about teamwork; it's about everyone fighting for one another and earning rewards together - and most importantly it's about sharing in the sheer thrill of every race. Enjoy the excitement of high-speed solo racing, or join a racing club to discover what #DRIVECLUB is all about. Created specifically with the next-generation gamer in mind, #DRIVECLUB permanently connects you and your friends, always allowing you to share your experiences, send and receive challenges, and keep up to speed with your team's performance.
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Customer Reviews for DRIVECLUB
Review 1 for DRIVECLUB
Posted on:6/19/13
Location: Amsterdam, NY.
This game for the PS4 looks and sounds that it will be better that GRAN TOURISMO 6 & the new NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS. I can't wait to get a copy play it. With all the hype about the ps4 plus this game, I hear it's going to be AWSOME. I can not wait for the system plus this game.
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Review 2 for DRIVECLUB
Looks Amazing!!
Posted on:3/31/14
Location: Charlotte, NC
I just traded my XBOX 360 yesterday for a PS4 and this is the first game that looks like it will be as good as Forza. I hope though its not a game that forces you to play online and I hope it has offline career mode, etc
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Posted 6/19/14
IT will
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Review 3 for DRIVECLUB
Posted on:7/2/14
Location: Denver, COLORADO!!
WOW-get ready for the greatest hit since street racing! I hope tuning is as in depth as the MMO gameplay looks!! Ohh.. yea.. How's that exhaust for ya?! Don't lose you grip or your club will will have to deal with that nasty burning tire smell on top of losing out on top finish points!! PS-This is a TEAM sport, so a first place finish won't be to good if your club's team is wiped out!! "Slow Down! Know, you can't catch me! I've been going Full Blast and your tanks on empty?! Slow down" -Yeeeee!
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Review 4 for DRIVECLUB
It looks really good
Posted on:7/18/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
I thought this game was not gonna be to good. Now it sounds really fun. It will probably be pretty fun with all the cars and races. I think I might get this game.
Review 5 for DRIVECLUB
Clarification Needed
Posted on:6/17/13
While this game is available with a subscription to PSN+ (which is required to access the online features of this game) the PSN+ version does not include all the tracks and vehicles. I imagine they'll eventually be for purchase as some type of DLC but don't expect it for a while because they will want people to buy the game. Personally, I'll be trying it out with the PSN+ version, then deciding from there if its something I would like to purchase.
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Review 6 for DRIVECLUB
Looks Amazing
Posted on:6/27/13
Location: San Jose, CA
This game is a definite pre-order for me. It looks better than Forza 5, in my opinion, and I'm a HUGE Forza fan. Hopefully we won't have to deal with huge load times like in Gran Turismo 5.
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Posted 8/11/13
hello my friends. i wish you are good. i have a question! if i'll buy driveclub game,i should have internet connection to be able to play this game! it seems too me that i should have! or i'll can do it? the description of the game tells about playing with friends and play in all over the world and it really confused me! please help... and tell me that what game is the best between those game? thank you very much
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Review 7 for DRIVECLUB
PlayStation Plus
Posted on:6/12/13
Location: Goshen, IN
If you buy PlayStation Plus you will get this game at launch. So buy a year and pre-order a different game such as Infamous: Second Son or Killzone 4.
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Posted 7/3/13
I'm pretty sure Sony is going to make it a part of the instant game collection, and it will probably be removed after a month or so.
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Posted 6/16/13
The Version that comes with PSN+ is this game with limited features you want to whole experience buy the game.
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Review 8 for DRIVECLUB
Posted on:6/16/14
Location: Chicago,IL
The game looks decent at that it's only online so there is no fun offline stuff to do I can not wait for a new Burnout game to come out or a better need for speed.
Review 9 for DRIVECLUB
Delayed again!
Posted on:5/29/14
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
I'm sure PS4 owners that were gonna get this game at launch but then it got delayed are frustrated that this game has been delayed again! then again this game might get cancelled! PS4 owners are probably gonna get a Wii U (If they don't already have one) for Mario Kart 8 to get a new racing game. then again MK8 is gonna make this game eat it's dust.
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Review 10 for DRIVECLUB
No Wheel Investment Required
Posted on:5/16/14
Location: Raleigh, NC
I'm happy to see that the PS4 will continue the real racing tradition. I love both Gran Turismo and Forza (I have all versions), but what I love more is being able to use my very expensive Fanatec wheel and pedals on the PS4. I won't be able to use that setup for the XBox One. This is the reason that I traded my XBox One in for the PS4. I was looking forward to Titans, but can't afford to sacrifice my driving wheel for it.
Review 11 for DRIVECLUB
Free to full price?
Posted on:1/24/14
Location: Fayetteville, NC
I don't know how anyone can actually purchase this game. This was supposed to be 100% free with the release of PS4 for all players and now it's got a nice hefty full price tag attached to it. Anyone who wants to purchase this should definitely reconsider. Game was supposed to be free then delayed THIS much and now they want to charge full price for it? I won't be fooled.
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Review 12 for DRIVECLUB
A bit skeptical about drive club....
Posted on:10/9/13
Location: MA, USA
Theres a lot of things about this game that worries me. Number one would be the cars. They have yet to announce how many cars will be in the game. Another thing is this game was suppose to be free for PS+ members but apparently its just a "glorified" demo in which you have to buy the rest of the cars and tracks. Another thing is in the E3 presentation of this game said they have had the concept for this game for 10 years... its a pretty simplistic idea that even I could think of it in 5 minutes let alone 10 years. Pretty much is its a team based racer where you drive the best cars in the best location. Sounds cool right? But the way the game is presented is sooo annoying. Its like every 5 seconds something pops up saying oh, you beat somebodys time. Its extremely annoying and ruins the immersion which is pretty disappointing considering the car models are so well done and distinctive about the details. One last thing is this game is supposedly trying to compete with Grid 2. I don't see that happening. Grid 2 is amazing at drifting corners in pretty much every car. It has tons of unique game modes and its one of the best racing games out to date if not the best. Drive Club needs to step up there game, or its off to Grand Turismo, Forza, or the next Grid. And the most disappointing thing is that GT6 isn't coming to next gen for about 2 years so Drive Club needs to improve their game or its game over for exclusive racing games on Ps4.
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Mushroom Kingdom
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Top 250 Contributor
Posted 5/29/14
Mario Kart 8 Is gonna be stiff competition
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Review 13 for DRIVECLUB
FEEL the true DRIVING experience !!
Posted on:6/11/13
Location: Manchester
cant wait to put my hands on a realistic racing game , this game looks so awesome .. good that its a ps4 exclusive
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Review 14 for DRIVECLUB
Another reason to get a PS4
Posted on:12/6/13
Location: Boston, MA
Im no fanboy im a gamer I own both 360 and PS3 anyways I had a hardtime making a choice to which I should get PS4 or Xbox1 as much as I love the Forza games im going to wait a couple years to get X1 too but im going with PS4 as my first buy all because this game Ive seen previews on DriveClub on youtube its amazing gameplay and incredible graphics im also waiting for TC the Division and I hope EA makes another Fight Night game cant wait for the games next year and for the upcoming unknown games but still going to keep my 360 and PS3 I dont wanna sell them ever
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Review 15 for DRIVECLUB
Do you like your current Wheel?
Posted on:4/16/14
Location: Raleigh, NC
Bought the XBox One and Forza 5 only to discover my $500 Fantec Wheel won't work with XBox One. Soooo.... it went back next day. Bought the PS4, which WILL work with my current wheel. Hoping this game will live up to expectations. Been a longtime Gran Turismo fan, so this game has a lot to live up to.
Review 16 for DRIVECLUB
thank the lord!!!
Posted on:7/15/13
Location: Davie County, NC
I love racing games. I always have. they are fun and make you feel awesome when you win races. When i saw the previews for this game and saw how good the cars look I was set. If I end up pre ordering the play station 4 this will be the package i get. for sure!!!
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Mushroom Kingdom
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Top 250 Contributor
Posted 5/29/14
I recommend getting a Wii U for Mario Kart 8 since this game isn't coming out for nearly 5 months.
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Top 100 Contributor
Need for Driving.
Posted 7/24/13
The graphics in this game remind me of the Wii U & High end PC versions of Need for Speed Most Wanted. I think need for speed may look better in fact. But this game does look nice. I want play it.
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Review 17 for DRIVECLUB
awesome game
Posted on:6/22/13
this game looks awesome i hope they have free roam and not just racing something like tdu2 overall im getting this and ps4
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Review 18 for DRIVECLUB
No buzz
Posted on:11/4/13
Location: Cleveland
Hard to provide buzz around a game that was a PS4 launch who announced last minute "Oh, by the way. We will launch in march of 2014 now...".huh? What went wrong there?
Review 19 for DRIVECLUB
looks great!
Posted on:8/13/13
I recently traded in my ps3 towards this game and a ps4. Unfortunately the ps4 isn't backwards compatible so I cant get gran turismo 6 which is my favorite race game. Drive club looks like a real great replacement for gran turismo. I just hope Drive club will play realisticly like gran turismo games.