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Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5 from Turn 10Studios is the latest edition of the highest-ratedfacing franchise of the past 10 years. Built from the ground up to take advantageof Xbox One and the infinite power of the cloud, no game better delivers thesensation of being behind the wheel. "Forza Motorsport 5" sets a new bar forracing games and will be available exclusively for Xbox One at launch.
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(9 Reviews) 9
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Customer Reviews for Forza Motorsport 5
Review 1 for Forza Motorsport 5
Quite the bill!
Posted on:7/18/13
Location: Butler, AL
Xbox one, new 70 inch tv, and a ton of new tittles, my bank account will be hurting and i won't get much sleep but i think it will be well worth it!
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Right there with you Man.
Posted 11/1/13
65" Sharp aquos xbox one day one edition and forza 5 oh yea!!!
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Review 2 for Forza Motorsport 5
Would buy an Xbox One just for this game
Posted on:6/12/13
I love Forza, probably at an unhealthy amount. I was freaking out during the One reveal when they showed the Forza 5 trailer. I am so excited that this game is coming out, and I can't wait!!!!
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Posted 8/15/13
Passer123, I couldn't agree more. I'm just glad I can afford a Xbox One.
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forza 5
Posted 6/27/13
i think that microsoft selling forza 5 for the xbox one only will set them back big time. i have an xbox 360 and cant afford an xbox one and i dont think that other forza fans feel like spending 530$ again for a new xbox just so they can play forza 5. im a huge fan of this game but i think its gonna be very bad for microsoft and turn ten studios to sell it on the xbox one only we all spent 500$ on the xbox 360 and as amazing as the xbox one sounds do we really want to spend 500$ again just to play forza 5
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Review 3 for Forza Motorsport 5
Amazing series
Posted on:6/10/13
Forza is the best racing series out there, with great graphics, almost any car imaginable, and endless customization options. This is going to be a definite buy for me!
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Review 4 for Forza Motorsport 5
Forza Faithful
Posted on:6/19/13
Location: FL
Many moves made in the right direction! Excited about drivatar and if it performs as advertised it will be a number 1 maker right there. Tone down the repetitive DLC and we have a winner.
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Review 5 for Forza Motorsport 5
What The…!!!!!!!!?????
Posted on:6/15/13
Location: Raleigh, NC
Oh my God. I can't wait for FM5! Forza is my favorite gaming franchise on the planet! When I saw the trailer I all most screamed like a chick. And I will get xbox one if it kills me just to get the game. Ps, I was surprised that the game was only 60 bucks considering the release with a brand new console.
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Review 6 for Forza Motorsport 5
Could be good
Posted on:11/18/13
Location: Wheaton, Illinois
I have been a fan of Forza since Forza 2 and i have been leaning more towards Need For Speed. I find that my favorite Forza title was Forza 4 due to the plethora of formula one cars and single player progression. But i believe that track racing isn't enough to fully access all of the next-gen capabilities unlike NFS: Rivals or The Crew. In the last year I have been playing both Forza and NFS and noticed that compared to NFS Forza across the market has very cheesy collision effects and also that it feels more like racing fast in Need For Speed. For instance I experience a bigger rush taking a Porche Cayman at 140 in NFS than i do riding a Bugatti EB110 at over 250. I rest my case.
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Review 7 for Forza Motorsport 5
Posted on:6/22/13
Forza is one of the best racing games in the world as far as authenticity and graphics. I didn't think the graphics could really improve from Forza 4 other than the environment however I was proven wrong!!!! THERE'S GRIME ON THE TIRES AND YOU CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!! With the recent turn around with Xbox One's used game policy and once per 24hr online requirement this is sure to be a fun game!
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7.8 out of 10(111)
Review 8 for Forza Motorsport 5
Posted on:8/13/13
Sadly, I've only played two of the games from the Forza series. I loved them both/ The game looks amazing in every way, but I have a feeling it's gonna be kind of a let down from the Forza Horizon game for most. People are going to be expecting complete free roam, when it looks like it's going to be all track based racing.
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Review 9 for Forza Motorsport 5
seems great
Posted on:8/1/13
like i said in the title it seems great but i really do not like that its not coming out for the 360 like i would not spend 500 for the xbox one it doesnt seem good enough and my family doesnt have enough and im not gonna sell my 360 for it the idea that its only coming out for the 360 is just stupid
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Think about it...
Posted 9/4/13
The FM5 is meant and made to be Next Gen, when Turn10 made FM4 it was pretty much using what the 360 has to offer. Now the new Xbox has come out and T10 haves better technology to play with and devolope a game, of course it would not be on the 360...
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