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Xbox One Ryse Bundle

Reserve your Day One Edition today.*Be first to experience Xbox One with the Day One Edition. Available in limited quantities, it features acommemorative controller and an exclusive achievement. Make the most of Xbox One by adding a Day OneXbox Live Gold membership and play the digital game, Killer Instinct: Round One, with the exclusive Shadow Jagocharacter. Plus, reserve Day One Editions of Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and DeadRising 3 to unlock unique items and experiences. Limit 1 per household.
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Customer Reviews for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Review 1 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Can't Wait!
Posted on:6/13/13
Location: Pittsburgh. PA
Ryse looks amazing also don't feed into the bad PR Microsoft is getting over dmr. They themselves will not be against used sales it's up to the Publishers which none will do in fear of boy cotting. Sony themselves essentially said the same thing always speaking in 1st party terms they just chose their wording more wisely.
Also borrowing games with friends on xbox 1 will be unparalleled. You can add 10 people friends or family no matter where they live and they can access your entire library and vice versa. That beats borrowing your friends hard disk by a mile. And your family and friends who live outta state? Maybe even another country? What you gonna do mail them the disk to borrow? Now such a task becomes as easy as breathing with xbox one. A true Next generation console people will realize how much more impressive of a console this is in time when the good points rise above the negative media.
Obviously Sony Ps4 players will have to pay to play Online as well now too (yet none speak about it). And AAA exclusive lineup is pretty abysmal. 4 games in total as they demoed one multiplatform game after another. Dont be fooled and follow the masses who dont know how to research things thoroughly before jumping ship on a whim.
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Posted 7/7/13
actually its not known yet if online will have to be paid for you see I believe you are speaking about PlayStation plus which on ps3 and vita gave free games per month, discounts and helps sony in improving online but its only optional to get ps+ you can still play online for free on ps3 which in possibility there might also be free online on ps4
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Posted 6/16/13
Only 5$ a month?... What is it that you think xbox live gold members are paying now? Whats 5x12? I'll tell ya 60$ the same price as xbox live gold keep trying to push the envelope into you're favor.
Plus I read day one x1 buyers get a free year worth of gold membership and a free game. Plus PS4 buyers dont get any of the PSmove stuff so in reality the X1 is cheaper and the better buy easily.
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yes we do pay
Posted 6/14/13
yea we do have to pay now but its only $5 a month. always online? sorry i dont want the NSA staring at me.
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Review 2 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Hoover, Alabama
Microsoft has finally announced their new console the Xbox One, personally as a gamer I play PS3 but I also have a Xbox 360, I don't like the name of the New system but the console itself looks amazing, The Ryse game included, now thats even better in this bundle you get the whole new console and controller and the new kinect sensor, I have a PS Move and a Kinect, I prefer the Kinect but the Move is just as good. I can't wait for this to release I am buying both the PS4 and Xbox One but if I had to pick between one or the other the xbox ONE would be my first choice, I know this reveal didn't go so well but trust me this system looks like it has the future of gaming written all over it, if you disagree please do not dislike or leave bad comments but personally after being a Playstation fan for so long the Xbox One might be just what it takes to transform me over to a Xbox fan over Playstation. I cannot wait for this to release as I have said so many times and I can't wait for the good games it brings such as Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Forza 5 and FIFA 14 for the new system, I persoanlly am buying those games for my new console but overall this bundle looks great even if it is a bit pricey.
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Review 3 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Just Bought it...
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Lowell, MA
yea.. my mother is gonna slice my head off for spending so much money on this x: but i can't wait lol
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Review 4 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Posted on:6/12/13
Location: CA
I would like to take the time to let everyone know that XBOX 360 GAMES WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE XBOX ONE! unfortunately that sucks... I am still getting this console because that is just how awesome it is but i thought you guys should know this before you buy
9 of 19 found this review helpful.
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Actually if you have a 360...
Posted 7/6/13
You can plug HDMI from your 360 to your ONE and voila everything works flawlessly. Just don't trade in your 360 till your done with your games.
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Review 5 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
BECAREFUL, You need kinect and Internet
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Seattle
You can't rent, trade in, or borrow (unless you have a friend on your friends list for at least a month) your games on this system. If your a college student, or in the military without constant access to the internet you wont be playing your games. Also Kinetic requires large open space in order to work effectively and it knows how many people are in the room(charging you extra money per video if you have more then 5 people in a room) This is a TV/game system. Emphasize on TV.
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Posted 10/9/13
None of this is factually correct. You can trade in, borrow, and sell your games. You don't need constant internet to use it. The new Kinect 2.0 also works in much smaller spaces.
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Posted 6/22/13
Now you can do whatever you want with the disc and internet is only needed for initial setup of the console. After the update you can be offline for as long as you wish. They took away gold sharing but instead gave you the power to be offline and share discs.
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Kentucky, USA
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Posted 6/12/13
Actually you can trade in and buy used games with this system. Developers get to make the decision however on which retailers can buy and sell their used games and whether or not a fee is charged to play their used games so far EA has said it will have a gamer first policy when it comes to used games
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Review 6 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Cloud innovation? I hope
Posted on:6/25/13
Location: USA
Well Microsoft changed their policies regarding physical lending and selling games and no internet check ins. . So everything has reverted back to the traditional way. I feel we still lost out in some ways. I hope they introduce the online family share pack some day. Anyways this console has me pretty excited kinda wish the kinect wasn't a must buy but I feel by 2014 that too may change and become optional. Outside that I'm looking forward to the evolution of cloud gaming on Xbox one. Their putting the money where their mouth is Microsoft just dropped 650 million in Iowa to help in that endeavour if it doesn't pan out it won't be from a lack of effort.
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It spies on you
Posted 6/26/13
It watches you even when off, checks how many people are in the room, and what you watch and must have Kinect and internet always on. It's Microsoft's version of Hal 9000.
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Review 7 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Posted on:6/10/13
Location: Ohio
Can't wait I already got this system pre-ordered with Ryse..........................................................
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Review 8 for Xbox One Ryse Bundle
Posted on:6/16/13
Location: new york, new york
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Buffalo, NY
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Better technology than the PS4
Posted 6/19/13
Everyone is talking about the system but how many of you checked out the Illum room????? Yeah it is over the top. The local Gamestop guys didn't even know about it. Check it out amazing this is the future of gaming when a system can generate in game weather right in your living room! If your interested check it out on youtube its called Illum Room.
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