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Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age when our civilization spanned our solar system, but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down. The survivors built a city beneath the Traveler, and have begun to explore our old worlds, only to find them filled with deadly foes. You are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Defend the City. Defeat our enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost. Be brave.
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Customer Reviews for Destiny
Review 1 for Destiny
Posted on:6/12/14
Location: Cleveland, OH
I pre-ordered this the day of Sony's E3 conference (in-store), where is my BETA code? This game looks awesome, I better not miss out, not to mention spending approximately $60.00 a week at Gamestop.
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North Olmsted, OH
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Top 1000 Contributor
Beta code
Posted 6/16/14
On your receipt it should have a code to type in on a website. Then once you do that you have to wait for the beta code which comes out in July.
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Review 2 for Destiny
game of the year
Posted on:8/9/14
Location: Milford CT
just from playing the beta i can already tell this is gonna be easily the game of the year award its has a halo feel with rpg elements like leveling up system kinda like boarder lands in a way but much better to tell you the truth i wasnt a fan of that game with the cartoon look but thats just me but back to destiny the only complaint i have so far is the co op its only 3 players online i think an even 4 would of been much better but so far that is the only flaw with the game everything else including co op and it has a very smooth frame rate for a beta i didnt see any lag what so ever you also have 3 classes to choice from and can customize your character to look awesome so anyone with a ps4 or xbox one (ps4 is better sorry fan boys lol u cant even run at 1080p 60 frames per second yet) and ps3 and xbox 360 all have access to this truly revolutionary game coming to a store near you 9/9/14 midnight release so pre order now i also heard if you want a collectors version there going extremely fast so hurry up
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Review 3 for Destiny
One of my most looked forward to games of 2014
Posted on:7/11/13
Location: New Jersey
Other than Elder Scrolls Online, I can't say there's any game I'm as excited to play in 14' than Destiny. This game reminds me of Borderlands a lot. They both share gameplay elements such as co-op, customization, and first person shooting, but this game takes it a step forward with its singleplayer and multiplayer running in sync. The worlds are beautiful, full of life, and packed with tons of areas to explore. The visuals are stunning, with it not being too realistic and not too cartoony, but instead hitting a sweet spot in the middle. Every little thing has detail, whether it's the weapon effects, grass blowing in the wind, or even that cyclops eye that keeps moving on the mask of the green hooded character.
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Posted 6/10/14
Already pre ordered it cant wait for this huge open world game and im just as exited as this with far cry 4 and witcher 3
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Review 4 for Destiny
the game destiny is great
Posted on:8/4/14
Location: PA
i have not pre ordered it but i saw gamers play it on youtube and the game is spot on yes they are a few problems but that wont stop me from giving it a 10 out of 10 i want to get the game the first day it comes out thats if i do not make my mom mad. i like the settings its very beautiful and very nice my favorite part is where you get to create your character. i like the weapons and the power ups when you are covered in misty gold and i really want the ghost shell but i can because i will only have 60$-70$ by the time i buy the game. this game is one of the games that i recommend to my friends and talk about it non stop
Review 5 for Destiny
Looks incredible
Posted on:7/7/14
Location: Minot, ND
I wasn't sure about this game. Right when the Alpha was coming out I started watching a bunch of videos on Youtube and I have to say, awesome! Preordered it shortly after and I am anxiously awaiting to explore the Beta in July! I'm playing on PS4!
Add me on your friend list dahUPeh
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Review 6 for Destiny
Played in beta
Posted on:7/25/14
Location: va
I was so pumped for this game. then i played the beta. I researched the heck out of this game. I gotta say i cancelled my preorder. 3 people squad max killed it for me. The pvp was horrible as well. I know its beta but they are not changing squad size. The developer also said you will complete the game within hours of playing. They want you to grind for gear and guns. I have no problems with grinding for gear or guns but there just isnt enough in the game for me to not get bored. Its like borderlands one of my favorite games but a shorter version. Be warned research this game before you buy it.
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Lol you are VERY misinformed.
Posted 8/2/14
Squad size goes up to 6 this has already been confirmed squad size depends entirely on the type of mission you are doing.
Second Bungie did not say you could complete the game in a few hours a single Bungie staff member said you could likely reach max level in a few hours and this was made before the Alpha even launched. As you can see from the beta it takes a few hours to even reach level 8.
How do you know there are not enough things in the game?
There are over 30 story missions, over 20 strikes, over 140 activities(These a special events that are usually triggered by special requirements and can range from special PVP events, to strikes, to unique story missions).
The beta was literally the tutorial stage. Anyone who explored the Moon when it was opened for 2 hours likely found the Hive city and that single area was larger than the whole Russian explore mode combined.
There are also already 2 major expansions planned.
Destiny will be anything but small. Bungie is simply taking the MMO approach which is reach max level as quickly as possible because that's where all the games content actually begins.
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Review 7 for Destiny
This game could be the future of gaming
Posted on:5/18/14
Location: NC
Think all the best features of Halo, Borderlands, and Far cry 3. if this game is what budgie promises it will be it will be a large open world, FPS, Action focused game with RPG elements, randomized yet modifiable guns, and Customizable armor. with a single-player and 3 player multilayer focus.
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Review 8 for Destiny
Pre Order worthy
Posted on:7/29/14
Location: HollowBaston
i played the beta and it was awesome owned some newbies and it was fun. but the competitive mp mode control got boring only because of the moon map. bungie said that theirs other modes like deathmatch. the strike mission was awesome and had lots of replay ability. the CO-OP was one of the most fun part of destiny. i think its worth preordering.
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Review 9 for Destiny
The Next Classic
Posted on:7/8/14
Location: Decatur, IL
Having come from Xbox360 to the PS4, there was a sadness in knowing I would not get to play the new Halo games - until Bungie released the Alpha for this game. Everything is seamlessly integrated. What you do in the realtime open-world campaigns affects what your character brings into multiplayer. What you do in multiplayer affects upgrades for your character in campaign mode. As far as gameplay goes - imagine you're playing Skyrim as an FPS, live with other live human beings, and with even more beautifully rendered scenery. Then imagine you could then switch to multiple modes of Halo-style combat with a touch of Battlefield. I cannot wait for the full version of this game. It has everything.
Review 10 for Destiny
Not my style
Posted on:7/27/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
I am planning on not getting this game. I understand there is beta for it but still I read about it on here and it didn't sound bad. It just looks like a lost planet game. Even if it is not even close to it. It is just not a game I would enjoy playing.
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Review 11 for Destiny
FINALLY... a taste of nex-gen.
Posted on:7/19/14
Location: Allentown, PA
I just only played the beta for 15 minutes, and I'm loving EVERYTHING about this game (sound, graphics, gameplay, etc.). I'm going to make sure that I give a lot of feedback, because this can possibly be one of the greatest games ever created... YES! There's no "hype" about this game. That's my honest opinion... I'm a fan of Si-Fy Fantasy and I've always liked visual effects. I have been a die-hard gamer ever since I was a child. This game is definitely next-gen.
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Review 12 for Destiny
Posted on:10/5/13
Location: Los Angeles, California
When I first saw Destiny, I thought "Meh, just another game." However, when I saw a few gameplay trailers and some gameplay itself, I was blown away! The visuals, graphics, and design all seem to be immersive and top notch. So far, this seems like a game worth remembering.
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Fairbanks AK
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Posted 7/29/14
Seeing the videos and photos I thought, "Meh" like someone else stated. Then I played the Beta and I was VERY impressed. I could go around FPS like and play on my own. I coop'ed with two other people to take down some baddies. It is Halo on steroids with a Borderlands 2 mixed in. The weapons are just right. I like the 3 second death and revival. It all seems done well. Graphics are incredible. I was addicted after two days of play. The Beta was worth playing and I think Bungie did well
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Review 13 for Destiny
Posted on:7/17/14
Location: Palm harbor, FL
The beta is just broken for me right now. Its been at 36% for 4 hours and wont move at all, for the highest budget game in history i have to say i'm quite disappointed. Also the ridiculousness of the download is too much, you have to download and install the game, then when you open it you have to install another 11 GB that is going as slow as possible, and my friend is experiencing the same problems.
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Review 14 for Destiny
My main wait
Posted on:7/15/14
Location: California
Other games that have come out have seemed good, but not do addicting or just me not willing to buy like any Call Of Duty game (gamer rager). Elder Scrolls Online looks remarkable and great... back draw is the monthly payment on top of PS Plus. That goes for FF Reborn also. This game looks amazing from the character creation to the travels and weapons. Im looking forward to this game as my main wait this year.
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Review 15 for Destiny
Loved it
Posted on:7/21/14
Location: Illinois
I've been playing the demo. I'm hooked! It's expansive, beautiful, and a blast to play with your friends.
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Review 16 for Destiny
More than you would expect!
Posted on:11/7/13
Location: Breaux Bridge, LA
The Halo era is slowing and moving out of the way for a new Titan...a new Monster of a game. Even when this game comes out and everyone has begun to delve into it our views of this game will still be just a skew of what this game will become. This is a projected 10 year project for Bungie and they are dedicating their entirety to the development of this next gaming giant.
Destiny is going to almost be it's own genre as it melds together characteristics from many game type we all love and enjoy. The great thing about this is that it wont be just targeting one niche of gamers, but a variety of them.
From the previews we've seen at E3 and the commentary we've heard from Bungie themselves it seems this game will be what most of us want and more. Bungie has heard us...they have read our comment and our feedback and they are working their hardest to create what it is that we want most and will continue to do that for at least a decade post launch for Destiny.
Review 17 for Destiny
Posted on:7/17/14
Location: Boston,MA
BEST EVER GAME MADE is the only words right now I can come with as I sit here playing it the overall score 10/10
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Review 18 for Destiny
Cant Wait
Posted on:6/30/14
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I am very easily bored with games and I really don't get excited for anything. After playing the Alpha and getting a taste I preorder after two days of playing this game. The size of the worlds, the number of gun and gear options just don't end. When roaming the world you'll find this little hole that lead through a maze of tunnels and then you'll be lead to a new area. It is truly exploring the world, you don't have a map that pops up and look "oh here I am". Get this game it is truly different but fun.
Review 19 for Destiny
Bungie knew
Posted on:6/14/13
Location: Birmingham, AL
Seems like even Bungie knew to leave Xbox. I guess i'm following in Bungie's footsteps now. I feel so much better since i'm a big halo fan, even though Halo was getting kind of boring. This will feel my first person shoot urge while giving me more customization that the halo games are missing.
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Top 250 Contributor
Posted 7/26/14
Halo has been going down hill since Bungie left
Customer Avatar
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Leaveing microsoft
Posted 7/24/14
Bungie did leave Microsoft to be a independent company thats why they are making a game for Sony now.
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both 3rd and 1st probably
Posted 8/20/13
actually i think your going to have the option to switch to 1st to 3rd like you do in fallout3
Customer Avatar
New Mobius
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leaving xbox
Posted 8/17/13
bungie hasn't left xbox entirely but ps3/4 is getting the initial product, standard dlc, constant support, and World of Warcraft style updates (new: quests, locations, and overall world changes like the wow expansion cataclysm) and continued content and expansions. xbox is just getting the initial product and standard dlc, thats it.
bungie has enough experience working with microsoft to know not to get too involved beyond selling the game on they're console.
Customer Avatar
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Posted 8/15/13
they're not leaving xbox..SMH
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Posted 6/21/13
its an fps -
Customer Avatar
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Third Person
Posted 6/20/13
Actually it looks as if it is going to be in third person.
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Review 20 for Destiny
Borderlands meets Halo
Posted on:6/12/14
Location: North Olmsted, OH
Played the Destiny Alpha for a couple hours with the wifey and I like it. It is a mash up of Borderlands and Halo so far. Those are 2 games are great so just imagine how this game is. You can go off about your own way or if people are in your room you can help eachother. Graphics are nice but I expect more polish than an Alpha version. Can't wait for this one.
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Posted 7/1/14
game reminds me of dead space
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