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The Crew - Muscle Edition

With exploration, customization, and a wide, connected experience, The Crew redefines what you know about driving games and takes you on a relentless ride all throughout the United States. Seamlessly jump in and out of a massive network of fellow drivers, and build your crew of friends to take on heart-stopping missions throughout metropolitans and natural environments all across America. Customization is the key to success, though, and an extensive tuning system will prepare your ride for any terrain that lies ahead of you. Drive fast, drive everywhere, but...NEVER DRIVE ALONE.
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Customer Reviews for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Review 1 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
My dream of all time.
Posted on:4/6/14
Location: Rockwood, TN
Me and my brother have always played gta and nfs. We always dreamed of a game that went all across the country with no boundaries. When I figured out this game was coming out I didn't hesitate to call and tell him about it. I can't wait for this game to hit the shelves. I'll forget what sunlight looks like, other than in the game. This game will outdo any racing game on any platform. It may not be a simulator, but you can go cruise and dragrace on mainstreet in your hometown. It's going to be insane!
Review 2 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Speed will win
Posted on:3/9/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
This game looks really cool. I am really thinking about getting this game cause it could be much better than any NFS that has been made throughout the whole entire series. Check it out.
Review 3 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Look good
Posted on:2/13/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
It looks good but it kinda has the same look as any other racing out there. It doesn't mean that it will be a bad game or anything like that it just means it looks like a racing game that has already been out for years. I think it will be a good game and I am thinking about getting this game when it comes out.
Review 4 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
The Sizes of the Best Free Roam Games
Posted on:2/5/14
Location: Virginia
I'm a huge fan of free roam games so I thought I would bring up the sizes of some of the biggest free roam games for PlayStation. First off, I have never actually played Grand Theft Auto 5 as I try to avoid M rated games but I found that the size of the map compared to real life is about 100 square miles. Next up, The Crew for Ps4. Now when I heard of The Crew, I thought it was actually the same size of the United States. Then I found it is only a small portion of the size but still a nice 2 hour drive at around 200 mph to get across the states. The real United States is about 3.794 million square miles in size. The Crew map is roughly 1,900 square miles in size but with extraordinary graphics and scenery. Next is the Guinness World Record holder, Fuel by Codemasters for Ps3. Fuel, released in 2009 may not have the best looking graphics, like The Crew has, but it still maintains the biggest map on a console clocking at 5,000 square miles of free to explore space! The quality is comparable to the first MotorStorm on Ps3. One of the reasons GTA5 has 100sq miles and The Crew has 1900sq Miles, is that a majority of the buildings in GTA5 allow players to walk In seeing high quality interiors which takes up a lot more file data than an empty box that looks like a house from the outside. The game Fuel has a lot more forest, dessert, and off road terrain with very few cities, all of this being rather lifeless and dead. Fuel has lots of storms, tornados and extreme weather in exchange for pedestrians on the street, making it a Post-Apocalyptic type of game. All together, it depends on whether you want size or quality. So make your own judgments and choose the game you think best!
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Review 5 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Looking forward to this!
Posted on:2/4/14
Location: You don't need to know....
I have to say, I'm very excited for this. Being able to free-roam the entire USA with some friends is incredible. Also a very much needed game since we haven't had a solid racing game since MC:LA. I will most definitely be picking this game up.
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Review 6 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
This will probably be the best car game for PS4!
Posted on:1/15/14
Location: Va
This will leave need for speed rivals in the dust! This reminds me of midnight club a very popular street racing type of game!
Review 7 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Racing game
Posted on:1/13/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
This sounds pretty good. It hasn't come out yet so there is nobody to say how this game will be. It won't be out for a while. I can't wait to see what this game has in store for us. Can't wait. It should be a good game.
Review 8 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:11/25/13
Location: Daytona Beach FL
Can not wait for this game!!! Looks amazing and a great addition to ps4 driveclub but the fact that its been pushed back to august from february!!!? WHY??? can anyone tell me this?
Review 9 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
looks awesome but why the delay?
Posted on:10/30/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
first off let me just say that i am not a fan of racing games. with that said it means a lot that this game actually sparked my interest. i think the trailer from this game looks really fun. you can drive around the USA with your friends, plus it has my favorite vehicle in it (ford svt raptor). the thing that worries me is ubisoft is making this. this was supposed to be a launch title but got delayed several months. i hope the delay is worth it and the game isn't garbage with misleading marketing. only time will tell. ill be keeping an eye on this one.
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Review 10 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:10/19/13
Its going to be a thrill ride where I will have many hours of road tripping!! Does anybody know if you can put custom graphics on your cars. P.S. you spelt camaro wrong and it made me mad because its my dream car!
Review 11 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
OMG... What have they done?
Posted on:8/23/13
Location: BROOKLYN Center, MN
Let's start by saying you could be racing with Lady Liberty in the background one minute then Mt. Rushmore the next.
Always having people online is cool and real time events and voice chat work right it should be an engaging community.
Key words to describe how I feel:
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Posted 12/14/13
AWSOME i just hope you can be a cop and theres like a global cop system too
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Review 12 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
WOW I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!
Posted on:8/22/13
Location: new york NY
This game is more than a driving game i see it as the car guys dream game being able to drive some of the world most amazing cars makes this a must have for a car guy like me but as of right now i only see 9 cars and i would like to see a car list close to granturismo 5's 1100 cars and the customizationin this game sounds EPIC plz ubisoft add the 2006 pontiac gto and also add in the 1970 chevelle ss and of course for the classic car guys the 1970 nova ss plz and i cant wait to play this with my g27 :D
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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
8.5 out of 10(5)
Review 13 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:8/21/13
Location: Billings, MT
This looks fun. I wish they had every freaking city, because I wish I could drive to my house. Ubisoft is rocking so far. It would be nice if GameStop would hire someone to spell, and not a college dropout who can't spell, cause who has even heard of a Camero?
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Review 14 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
better preview than any racing game every out b4
Posted on:8/16/13
Location: houston, tx
this game is this best looking one to come out so far...from the looks need for speed has nothing on it....and im a heavy fan on need for speed but they are just missing something but this game here look amazing
Review 15 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
The graphics look insane!
Posted on:8/7/13
Location: New Jersey
Overall trailer to this game is just amazing!!!!! I love how they're comparing it to the street life
Review 16 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:7/29/13
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
The Crew seems like an awesome game-way better than any other racing game right now. I love how you have the freeride feature on it because my parents wont let me play GTA so that makes me really excited for it. The graphics that I've seen on the trailer and gameplay videos seem AMAZING!!!
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Looks better than need for speed
Posted 12/8/13
I know this game will be good since ubisoft makes great games and graphics. I know the game will be big since the new disc and memory of the game will go beyond then the ps3 and xbox. Since I seen on stores on NBA game, that game install was 50 gb, so that tells me there will be bigger, better games like the crew. I will keep I hopes on this game
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Review 17 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Looks Awesome
Posted on:7/17/13
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Looks like a great game. It'd be even better if gamestop knew how to spell Camaro. Never herd of a Chevy Camero...
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Review 18 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Finally a good co-op racer
Posted on:7/11/13
Location: Paterson, New Jersey
I've always wanted a full co-op racer, even when I used to play Need 4 Speed Underground 2. Me and my brother used to race each other and then in the middle of the race, explore the surroundings and let our imaginations run wild. Some games have attempted co-op, but they weren't ever up to par to what I had in mind. I tried Test Drive Unlimited 2 and for a good while it fulfilled that hunger, but now it just collects dust. The Crew is everything I could hope for, with it's customization(most racers lack it), open world(most racers lack a good size map & exploration), and connectivity(no racer is even close to the scale seen in this). I have a small clan on the Playstation with about the size of no more than 10 ppl. I'm always looking for members to play with, especially with gtav coming out, and The Crew will be a perfect place for My Crew to thrive and have endless fun.
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Posted 7/18/13
....... Editing of the content in this page. The game looks amazing and it is very interesting but please try to spell correctly!! Not just once, but THREE TIMES was Camaro spelled wrong. They said CAMERO. It's not CAMERO it's CAMARO!!!!! But anyway.. As I was sayin, the game looks absolutely stunning and it is always awesome to have co-op features, especially when you have 2 brothers who you play with all the time.
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Review 19 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
super mega awesome cars.
Posted on:7/8/13
Location: fl
super awesome cant wait to play,and start my own crew with my friends. i know this game is going to be super awesome.
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Review 20 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Beter then L.A. Rush and Need For Speed
Posted on:7/7/13
Location: montclair
its almost like the game L.A. Rush but in this game (The Crew) you can travel into the whole u.s.a and You get some new features that Need For Speed Most Wanted did not have
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