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The Crew - Muscle Edition

With exploration, customization, and a wide, connected experience, The Crew redefines what you know about driving games and takes you on a relentless ride all throughout the United States. Seamlessly jump in and out of a massive network of fellow drivers, and build your crew of friends to take on heart-stopping missions throughout metropolitans and natural environments all across America. Customization is the key to success, though, and an extensive tuning system will prepare your ride for any terrain that lies ahead of you. Drive fast, drive everywhere, but...NEVER DRIVE ALONE.
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Customer Reviews for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Review 1 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Not Quite Sure !
Posted on:4/9/14
Location: Johnstown, PA
This looks like NFS Rivals amped up. But I will be keeping my eyes on this games hope it turns out good !
Review 2 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Lookin good so far
Posted on:4/1/14
Great potential. I'm sure there will be more cars in the game. I need my Audi and Challenger! And drop the Lambo and add Porche.
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Review 3 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
So Many Likes and Dislikes About It
Posted on:2/1/14
Location: Canton, GA
This is a first-person driving game where you can go anywhere in the USA. It's pretty awesome, but you have SOOO many old cars. UbiSoft needs to add buyable cars that are way cooler, like the Corvette, Ford GT, or anything else. In Forza Motorsport 5, the humans look WAY to cartoonish for the game, and I sure hope it doesn't happen in this game. Besides, from what I've heard on this website (Not sure if it's true) but like Titanfall there is no Singleplayer Campaign. I hope my friends that I drive with don't cuss, because Kinect brings your voices all together, and that is what I don't like about these two games. It looks like a good game, but in the trailer I think I saw some alchohol being drunk by the driver, so it may have some beer reference in it. In all likelihood, this game won't be rated E10+ or M, but probably T. I still a going to get it (most likely) because of the totally cool graphics. ;)
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Going to be EPIC!!
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Review 4 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
seems like a good concept but the cars not so good
Posted on:1/29/14
Location: newburgh ny
Seems to be a good concept for the fact of being able to drive around the whole US. The car line up is needs to be improved at this point. I mean how do you not have the 2014 Corvette or the Silverado for the chevy fans but do multiple Ford cars including 3 Mustangs, the F150 and the Focus. And the fact that you would put the skyline r34 in the game but not the new GTR is kinda ridiculous. there should be a better car lineup
Review 5 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:1/21/14
seems like it would get repetitive and i hope the graphics are better than what is displayed in the demo. Might pick this up used definitely not new though
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Review 6 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:1/21/14
Location: Ft Worth, TX
Maybe Im missing something, but if they created a truly drivable representation of the entire US but only took the time to throw in a handful of cars to use it wouldnt make much sense. Hard to judge before getting to try it out though
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Best Racing Game EVER Created
Posted 3/21/14
No other racing game can compare with the cars, customization, and the map!!!
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Review 7 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
come on yall!!!!
Posted on:1/20/14
i started reading the description and got excited but when i looked at the cars and they misspelled camaro it really bummed me. i mean if your going to make a car game at least spell the names right. now i dont know if i really want to play it because i dont know how good its going to be if they can't even spell the names right
Review 8 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Mixed Emotions
Posted on:1/16/14
Location: the world
I love the fact one can travel around the U.S. at any time. I hate the car lineup. There are a couple decent ones, but what were they thinking? I am still looking forward to the release. I would rather play a demo first. I hope it does well, though.
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Review 9 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Can't wait!
Posted on:1/8/14
Location: Schaumburg, IL
I am definitely going to get this if you can drive the whole U.S.! I'm not sure when but I am. Can't wait for The Crew!
Review 10 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:12/5/13
Location: north ridgeville ohio
like thank you so much for this game son!
coast to coast,cops,aftermarket,sexy car&TRUCKS seriously if your not a fan....stop playing racing games and stick too halo....i allready preordered just cause of the cgi trailer and e3 alone this has to be one of the only game that will make me buy a xbox one...
Review 11 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Look Really Good
Posted on:11/26/13
Location: Buffalo, NY
This game may put NFS out of business if its as good as it say. Hopefully they do make the U.S roads accurate. I may wanna stop at my house!
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Dallas Texas
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Posted 3/25/14
This game will be amazing, well were all hoping it will be.
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Review 12 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
This will be EPIC!
Posted on:10/31/13
Location: NC
Im definitely going to drive through my hometown and by my house. This game will make history on driving games
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Xbox One Day One Edition
7.8 out of 10(105)
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Review 13 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
I CANT WAIT!!! Already reserved it!!!
Posted on:9/13/13
Location: Washington, DC
I've seen mad gameplay on this and it shows promise!!! An open world (literally) around the usa and the updates u can give to ur car to not only make it ur own but to fit that specific genre of race. People that are give it reviews like the car list isn't good enough or that they're using the standard average name of brands (Nissan Honda etc) dont realize this game is a work in progress and doesnt come out for months. plus its set to the next generation of console with updated graphics and the fact its something the NFS Franchise couldn't offer anything like this. Can't wait to see what other features and cars they have on this game!!!
Review 14 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Dropped the Ball on Cars Lineup
Posted on:9/5/13
Location: Chicago
This game peaked my interest, I used to be a huge fan of NFS. Looked like a good game with great potential, then I saw the vehicle roster! Seriously, who put this together. Besides a couple (obvious random selections from out of the blue) respectable cars it seems as if this game is sponsored by the big 3 auto...... You can tell the" imports" are forced without much thought...... so much hype and build up I'd expect a much better car selection: due to that this will be a hard pass for me......
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Posted 4/15/14
It also comes down to licensing. Some manufacturers charge more, or have exclusive deals that prevent any other developer from using them.
You would think manufacturers would jump at the chance to essentially promote their cars and get paid for it, but some are very particular with who uses their products. But Porsche is missing from most of the 360/One releases of Forza (save for the DLC for F4)... Ferrari is missing from the latest NFS Most Wanted.
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Posted 12/7/13
If the cars are limited I'm sure there will be DLCs for more cars. It would be in their best interest to at least add more cars to the game later if not before release. I mean we do have to wait till August to get the game so there is time to make more cars. I am buying this game but I expect a lot from it. Please don't let people down!
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Review 15 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Come on guys!!
Posted on:8/21/13
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
I was super pumped when I saw this game was releasing for the Xbox One...until I saw they misspelled "Camaro". Like really? Come on guys, that little mistake right there, makes me contemplate how good of a game this will really be.
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Posted 1/21/14
I went to the official site for Crew from Ubisoft and Camaro was spelled correctly. Apparentl it's Gamestop that doesn't know how to spell it.
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Review 16 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:8/5/13
Location: Tucson, AZ
The game NEED'S more Mopar witch means Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, etc, I'm sick of games of playing great racing games but never have my favorite cars and i'm quite the gear head. but i'm really exited for the game
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Posted 11/10/13
Buy forza 5 then and you have nothing to complain about except that your cars wont compete with most of the cars lol
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Review 17 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
The Whole Country!!!
Posted on:7/22/13
Location: Andalusia, Illinois
I cant believe you can travel across the whole US at will. This is Need for Speed The Run amped-up. I hope i will be able to buy it with all of the other games coming out on the Xbox One.
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Richmond Virginia
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The Crew
Posted 3/15/14
How many Cars will there be in this game?
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The map is shaped like the U.S.A
Posted 11/11/13
but I doubt that the map size is even 1/5 the size of Fuel ( 5000 sq miles ) a 2009 open world racer.GTA 5 is only 100 sq. miles so I'll be real happy if "The Crew" is 10X that or a 1/5th the size of Fuel ( 1000 sq. miles ) What-ever the size it looks like one awesome racing game...I want it NOW !
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Review 18 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:7/10/13
Location: Texas
I'm hoping this is everything they say and more! If they recreate Americas road system to scale that would be epic! Please throw in the c5 vette!!!
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Review 19 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Looks Amazing
Posted on:7/7/13
Location: CT
I loved when this game first got revealed as soon as they showed the tires i was like i AM getting this game it looks very cool and i will buy it when it comes out for xbox one. Also i love that you can drive anywhere like in TDU2 and it has such a big world its SOOOOO amazing i really want to get this game
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Forza Motorsport 5
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Olympia, WA
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Sounds great!
Posted 7/21/13
This sounds like what Forza Horizon was supposed to be for the XBox 360. I was kind of disappointed with that game even though I really got into it for a while. I'll probably end up getting this even though I have Forza 5 already ordered but might wait for the reviews.
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Review 20 for The Crew - Muscle Edition
Posted on:7/3/13
Location: New York, NY
So excited for this game. It looks awesome and I can't wait to spend time with my friends on this game through multiplayer.