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Dying Light

Dying Light is a 1st-person, action survival horror game set in avast and dangerous open world. During the day, players traverse anexpansive urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak,scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defendagainst the growing infected population.
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Customer Reviews for Dying Light
Review 1 for Dying Light
One Of The Best Zombie Games I've Ever Seen
Posted on:10/9/13
Location: Portland,Oregon
The short gameplay makes me excited and wanting to get this game.There is so much action and the zombies in here really scare me.But i love the action!!The best looking graphics!The best zombie games would be The Last Of Us and this one!Thinking of buying this.
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Posted 11/10/13
this game is going to be great and is this going to be for xbox one
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Review 2 for Dying Light
beyond perfect
Posted on:11/14/13
Location: Oklahoma City Ok
this game looks down right amazing! i cant wait for it. i don't want to wait that long for it. it looks too amazing
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Manhattan illinois
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Epic #everything that you could possibly want
Posted 2/28/14
This game is truly epic I believe this can be one of the top ten games EVER made it has Parkour, zombies, crafting/survival and U can be a zombie !! ONE WORD AMAZING #best game I've seen love it. great work Techland bravo :)
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Review 3 for Dying Light
this will be one of the top games of 2014
Posted on:9/18/13
Location: philadelphia, pa
After watching the 12 minute gameplay of Dying Light for the first time, I can honestly say that I have never been so terrified and yet so enthusiastic about a game. This is the ultimate zombie game. It's beautifully made, realistic as could be and incredibly terrifying. Mark my words, Dying Light will be one of the best games of 2014, perhaps even of this decade.
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Review 4 for Dying Light
Not to bad, actualy looks pretty good
Posted on:9/25/13
Location: Arizona,Phoenix
Some people may know but I actually do pro Parkour for APK. And the free running and Parkour movements of this game are actually quite realistic except for the infinite sprinting. So hey this game actually looks as if it was made very well done. I have always wanted a zombie game with Parkour and now here it is. The graphics are alright, I did not see any lags, and I did not see any improper movement. What's better than doing a wall run and decapitating a zombie. This is going to be a top game. It is also made by Dead Island so we will have RPG elements. One word is what I have to describe this game, BOSS.
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Review 5 for Dying Light
Posted on:1/6/14
Location: LaHabra, Ca
This Game Looks Perfect. It Has Scavenging. It Has Zombies. It Has Free Running. It Has The Darkness=Danger Aspect. So It's Alan Wake + Dead Island + Borderlands + Assassin's Creed Turned 1st Person. PERFECT !!! AWESOME !!! BEAUTIFUL !!!
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Review 6 for Dying Light
one of the best games i think we will see of 2014
Posted on:8/22/13
Location: ny
DYING LIGHT!!!!!! is one of the best games i think we will see of 2014 any zombie fan or true game fanatic will love this 1st person action survival horror game how will you survive camp at a safe house untill you run down to your last can of beans or venture out in to the wilderness of the undead swarming the world as you no it !
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Dying Light
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Review 7 for Dying Light
Jesus, this could actualy get somewhere...
Posted on:1/30/14
Location: Grand Junction, CO
This game looks very, very fun and intense. The non-stop action entrances my attention first hand and fully. With some good effort, this game really could be a really great game, but if you know Techland, you'd know they made Dead Island too, and to be blatantly honest, it royally sucked. But, this game very well could erase all of the judgment and stupidity Dead island has caused.
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dying light for xbox 360
Posted 2/9/14
I have a question wen iz this game actually coming out for xbox 360 if thy didnt push it back but if thy did y
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Review 8 for Dying Light
Finally, an actual Zombie game!
Posted on:12/12/13
Location: Crandford, New Jersey
As i watched the 12 minute gameplay, i didn't know what to feel. My thoughts were smacked by anticipation, suspense, and horror. I wish the release date would be tomorrow because i cant get the realism of this game out of my head. It's like dead rising by day and i am legend by night! A truly remarkable gameplay that totally captures the essence of first person apocalypse and what the gamers and zombie lovers have yearned for. PreOrder- Check
Review 9 for Dying Light
Looks fantastic
Posted on:2/15/14
Location: Bethel, ME
Looks like Techland really hit the nail on the head with this one. So far all we've seen is solid gameplay, no bugs, and it looks, may I say it, fantabulous. We've got parkour/free-run (awesome), a cool day/night cycle, nights that actually feel dangerous (Minecraft anyone?) , solid combat, a stealth system, and, well, a zombie game by Techland that looks good. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!
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Review 10 for Dying Light
Seems questionable
Posted on:3/4/14
Location: indianapolis, indiana
It looks like a good game but its just like dead island, someone tells you what to do you do on that quest or mission then have to report back to that person, gets boring , they need to come out with a zombie game that you can just kinda do what you want not have to do quests.
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Review 11 for Dying Light
Can't Wait!
Posted on:9/17/14
Location: Michigan, MI
Looks so awesome. I can't wait for this to come out! Looks like It'll be one of my most favorite Zombie Games, or one of my favorite horror games in general. When it comes out I,ll more than likely recommend it to horror fans and non-horror fans alike.
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Review 12 for Dying Light
Posted on:1/14/14
im a major fan of zombie games, from dead rising to resident evil to dead island to etc. I see this and im so freakin excited! Can't wait till it comes out cause I am so getting it!
Man whats better?? Parkour vs zombies XD Best thing ever
its dead island meets dead rising!
Review 13 for Dying Light
Looks amazing
Posted on:3/5/14
Location: Pa
I would love to pre-order this game. I have no idea when it releases though. I keep hearing March, but I've also been hearing August... Can anyone help me with the release date? Gamestop doesn't show a release date either.
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release date
Posted 3/14/14
the trailer said feb 11 so im guessing sometime around march or april or possibly june well ill find out for sure
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Review 14 for Dying Light
Posted on:10/22/14
Location: Portland,OR
The most amazing zombie game I have ever seen cannot wait for this. Definately going to pre-order this.
Review 15 for Dying Light
Posted on:10/14/14
Location: North Richland Hills,TX
this is going to be one of the greatest games of 2015 just cant Freaking wait for it its awesome!!!!
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Review 16 for Dying Light
Posted on:11/23/13
Location: Florida,Fl
Mirror's Edge Meets Dead Island!!! This game is going to be the game of the year!! Can't wait for it to come out though I hope I can wait that long.
Review 17 for Dying Light
Best game!
Posted on:11/24/13
Location: Sydney
Best looking game, all items, gameplay, generes, graphics etc put in ONE category! OMG! I hope it has some sort of online, and I hope it is good :D
Review 18 for Dying Light
What happened...
Posted on:7/22/14
Location: Random Lake, WI
Wasn't this supposed to come out in spring? Does anyone know what happened? It looks awesome, though!
Review 19 for Dying Light
awesome realism and parkour
Posted on:12/1/13
Location: Florida,FL
can't wait it looks awesome and has better abilities than dead island riptide and the ways of escaping combat are awesome.
Review 20 for Dying Light
looks cool
Posted on:2/5/14
Location: Roanoke, VA
Whoa this game actually looks cool man I can't wait to get this game soon because I love zombie games :D