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Dying Light

Dying Light is a 1st-person, action survival horror game set in avast and dangerous open world. During the day, players traverse anexpansive urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak,scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defendagainst the growing infected population.
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(8 Reviews) 8
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Customer Reviews for Dying Light
Review 1 for Dying Light
Posted on:7/16/14
Location: KS
This game look pretty wicked but from what I seen and heard online is that the game delay until Feb, 2015
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Review 2 for Dying Light
Looks fantastic
Posted on:8/17/13
Location: Wellsburg, WV
First off, I'd like to say that I was kind of disappointed by Dead Island because the trailer upstaged the game so much. It was not at all a bad game but personally I feel like it didn't hit the mark. I remembered Techland was the developer of Dead Island and when I saw Techland at the beginning of the trailer for Dying Light I felt a bit tentative. The trailer was short and sweet and after watching the gameplay video, I feel absolutely no hesitation towards buying this game. Even in pre-alpha the gameplay looks fantastic! I definitely have high hopes for Dying Light and I can't wait to actually play the game myself.
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Dying Light
Posted 10/21/13
Dying Light look like 2 games out Mirror’s Edge and dead island
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Review 3 for Dying Light
Posted on:2/7/14
Location: Gainesville FL
For this game!! I love zombies, I'd rate it 5 stars and more! It may look like dead island games but in a way it obviously serves better purposes, plus the day/night change, AWESOME!
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Review 4 for Dying Light
Looks amazing
Posted on:11/30/13
Location: Harrah, OK
I really like zombie games, and games that include free running, this game looks amazing. I can't wait until it is released, i like the day and night changes in the zombies, i think online will be fun
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New York City
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Dying Light
Posted 12/13/13
This looks like an amazing zombie game, can't wait until it comes out.It's going to be a must buy, 4/1/14.
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Review 5 for Dying Light
Looks interesting... but...
Posted on:2/19/14
Location: California
There have been many zombie games in the past and only some of them have measured up to the hype. Dead Rising lost favor with 2 but regained it with its newest release, Dead Rising 3. Dead Island had a great marketing plan but failed to expectations. Even Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare did great on release but the excitement died down shortly after. Most of them fail to create the "gamers paradise" that we all search for in a game. Here is the thing, I believe this game can go either way. Now, I have been saying for a long time now that a free running zombie game would be awesome, ever since Mirror's Edge, but to blend all the elements that make a game astounding and worth at least a single gameplay is difficult. Now you can never please everyone, but you can get close. Here are what I think will either make or break this game. First, if the game wants to boast on a free running aspect then it needs to be fairly open world. Now, from the two gameplay vids we have seen, it seems this is going to be the case, but we have only seen one section and my concern is that the rest of the world won't be adequate. (Lets face it, Dead Island was pretty linear) If its anything like Far Cry 3's map then we are in for a good game. Second, the story has to be at least interesting. Most of these games have fun gameplay but lack a story and vice versa, but rarely does a game have an interesting story and fun and immersive gameplay. Let's hope the story accompanies what we have seen in the videos. Third and most important, gameplay mechanics. So far what we've seen looks good. The freeflow system we saw in Mirror's Edge and Brink and the combat from games like Bullet Run and Dead Island seem to be promising, not to mention the traps you can set up, but we will find out what this game is made of on release. I am very hopeful on this one. Please don't prove me wrong, Techland. So, grab your baseball bats, tighten your grip, and get ready to (hopefully) knock it out of the park with Dying Light.
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Review 6 for Dying Light
A Bit of a... summary for DYING LIGHT
Posted on:8/25/14
Location: olean ny
Dying light, a game that i am intensly looking forward to. the parkour elements will give us gamers a new direction in exploration through the multiple massive open world chunks of the city, infested with crowds of zombies. the world is now actually OPEN not like dead island's "if there is a dumpster in the way you have to go 3 blocks to get where you want to go" scnario. awesome weapon and character cuztomization, a ton of sidequests, a dynamic event thing that changes everytime you play, day and night cycle that changes the way you must play between the two time zones. there is like... nothing to not love here people. we just have to hope the delay is worth it,. Long live cutting off the heads of zombies!
Review 7 for Dying Light
Tons of Light but No Dying
Posted on:1/30/14
Location: Woodbury, MN
Seems like all these new game's release dates are getting pushed back. I feel like we have been waiting way too long for these games. But Dying Light Looks amazing.
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Review 8 for Dying Light
Posted on:10/2/14
Location: New York, NY
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Dying Light
Dying Light