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PS4 BluRay Remote

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Customer Reviews for PS4 BluRay Remote
Review 1 for PS4 BluRay Remote
Blu Ray Remote
Posted on:4/23/14
Location: Rochester, NY
NOTE: This remote is not an "official" Sony remote. IF Sony gets around to actually releasing this piece of hardware I would like to think it will be similar to the PS3 remote.
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Review 2 for PS4 BluRay Remote
USB Dongle
Posted on:3/20/14
Location: Placerville, CA
If you get this controller and a Sony wireless headset you will have zero open USB ports from which to charge your controllers. Why can't this remote control use the same built in Bluetooth that is used by the game controllers? The PS3 Blue Ray controller does not need a USB dongle.
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Sony needs to provide updates to the firmware
Posted 3/21/14
The reason nobody has a blutooth remote for the PS4 is because Sony needs to provide support for it in the firmware on the PS4. You can use this in the meantime if you can't wait, and if you are running out of USB ports then just buy a $5 USB hub and then you can have several USB ports to choose from. Personally, I want to use my Harmony universal remote so I need to wait for both Sony AND Logitech to come out with updates. Bummer...
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Review 3 for PS4 BluRay Remote
PS4 Vs PS3 bluray remote
Posted on:11/16/13
Location: Boston, MA
I was honestly hoping the remote would be similar to the PS3's which was perfect; Long, slender, and more variety of control (buttons) over the XMB interface, your music, your vids, and your pics. The PS4's is too 'bubly', small, and doesn't look like a true Sony TV remote anymore. I am just assuming here, but it also looks like this one has way less buttons. Does that mean less control over the menu and interface? We shall see...
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Comments (4)
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Lowell, MA
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Posted 2/25/14
Don't forget that this is not the 'Official' Sony remote, but one from a 3rd party. The official one should be more in line with the PS3 remote design.
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Washington D.C.
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PS3 BD Remote Possibly Usable in the Future
Posted 1/23/14
Right now, you do have less options when playing DVDs/BDs/Media with the current firmware. Sony has said that they are working on a lot of improvements and in the future it might be possible that the PS3 BD controller could be synced with your PS4 (since it is Bluetooth-based).
It's possible that they will release a PS4-specific remote when the playback software has improved; however the PS3 remote is actually perfect and if it didn't say "Playstation 3" in that Spider-man font at the top then it could be sold without any modifications/confusion.
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doesnt look "sony" but does the job
Posted 1/6/14
I seriously love the ps3 remote design and as other friend said this one is not made by sony. but it does the job, and as soon as sony makes one officially for ps4 I'll buy it.
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Huntingburg, IN
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Posted 12/9/13
Yes I do agree with you that the ps3 remote does look better, but what you might have not noticed is that the ps3 remote was in fact made by sony, where as this one is made by dreamgear which would explain the smaller design.
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Comments (4)
Review 4 for PS4 BluRay Remote
Sony Remote
Posted on:5/2/14
Note: this is the official remote made by Sony. I ordered it from the store where the merchants agreed that this is it.
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