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The Elder Scrolls Online

Experience one connected world and stay up-to-date with everything your friends are doing in one of the most socially enabled games ever. Whether you play with your friends or adventure alone, the game's innovative mouse-driven combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics, not the user interface. Use any weapon or armor at any time and customize your abilities to play the way you want as you uncover the mysteries of Tamriel and seek heroic quests on your own terms. Explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, the sprawling metropolis of Daggerfall and beyond. The choices you make, from the alliance you join to the battles you fight, will shape your destiny and the world of Tamriel.
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Customer Reviews for The Elder Scrolls Online
Review 1 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Worth it/info
Posted on:12/2/13
Location: A-town, IL
So...For anyone who doesnt know this will be a P2P game and you have to buy it for $40 im pretty sure and then a $15 a month subscription...but I got to beta test this game in the last wave and I will tell you it is definitely worth it if you enjoy either MMO's or Elder Scroll games, and if you like both you will LOVE this game! Im hoping you guys take my word for it and believe me because I want this game to be epic with as many players as possible. This is the only picture I can post due to NDA and the two exit thingys are just my computer glitching...but seriously THIS GAME IS WORTH THE MONEY ITS AMAZING ALREADY!
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Victorville CA
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Posted 2/26/14
After taxes 63.41 or around there, $15 a month, $50 a year for psn or xbox subscription is CRAZY. i played WoW for 7 years add up the 15 a month and 4 $60 expansions. i at least think if this game does go to console then it should be only $5 a month sense we r paying for year memberships already.... Looks like an AMAZING GAME i played the Beta and it was AWESOME. but for people like me who work and go to school $15 a month isn't worth it. Save ur money...
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Review 2 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Posted on:7/6/14
Location: Buenos Aires, ARG
I can´t believe I have to pay $60 plus $15 every month. So, every 4 months, I spent $60 (not including taxes) and that´s a bit TOO MUCH. I will not buy the game, to play for a year, it is $156 plus taxes, that´s almost 3 new full-playable PS4 games. I´m dissapointed with Bethesda, and I know they lost lots of fans around the world. I´m from Argentina, and I was looking forward to this game., as many people from many other countries. Besides, this game looks more like World of Warcraft rather than Skyrim, so that´s another reason why I have no doubt that I will not buy this pay-monthly game. I know that MMORPGS costs millions to make, but I think is not fair to pay twice (the game and monthly). We should pay monthly (but not $15), without the cost of $60 of the game, or $60 the game and nothing monthly. Too expensive, too dissapointed. Thank you for reading, from an ex-fan of The Elder Scrolls, Fran.
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Review 3 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Bye bye ES, Thanks for the memories.
Posted on:8/31/14
Location: Carbondale, PA
Couldnt believe it at first, "if it aint broke, don't fix it" I always say but apparently the fine folks at Bethesda just had to go and reinvent the wheel. They had a juggernaut with a huge fanbase that was beloved the world over and they have alienated 80% of the people who have spent more hours playing their games than most people work in a year and handed us World of Warcraft: Tamriel. They couldn't just do what GTA V did and make playing online with your friends separate from the main game. I am so disappointed, I will never buy this game and to the fine folks at Bethesda: You guys better have Fallout 4 ready when this little experiment of yours runs out of steam and money, because if you dont, you're not going to have enough of a fanbase left to buy your games.
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Review 4 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Can't wait! $15 a month is necessary.
Posted on:3/29/14
Location: California
After some hands on time with the PC beta, I can't wait to play at launch. I've chosen to go with the PS4 version over the PC for a few reasons, the main being the graphical limitations of my PC. The controls are simple enough that I have no worries about the ease of mapping them to a gamepad. The most common complaint I see for this game is the required $15 a month fee. People that don't understand why an MMO needs this don't understand much about the genre. With these kinds of games, the developers are constantly developing after launch. Monthly fees pay for server maintenance and further updates to expand the game's content. It's an enormous game that will get much bigger over time. Expecting PS+ or Live to support the developers isn't realistic, of course it has to be a separate fee. At least PS+ isn't required. It's either a monthly fee or a Free-to Play model. Having a cash shop always in your face, something that comes with the Free-to-Play model, would ruin this incredibly immersive game. No thanks.
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South Dakota
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Posted 4/2/14
Dude, thank you for pointing this out. I was so excited about ESO, but then I read about the fee, and was a bit less excited. However after reading your post, I immediately felt better. Thank you for pointing out the common sense stuff that I for one did not really pause to think about. I would rather pay $60 for the game, and then $15 bucks a month to have a game that is massive, and will keep me busy for more than a weekend. Most of the games now are so short, that if a monthly fee is what it takes to have a game you can really put a ton of hours into, then I will happily pay it.
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Review 5 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Posted on:10/17/14
Location: Minnesota, Mn
Im interested to try it, but will hold off till eventually its free to play. Course then they'll charge us for wareing or using any gear worth anything... Gonna have a full plate anyway for awhile~ Dragon Age Inquisition, Destiny, Witcher etc... Ohh and the whole reason I bought a PS4, Battlefronts that got pushed out till 2016 :(
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Review 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Phenominal Game!!
Posted on:3/25/14
Location: TX
I participated in the beta and i would put this as being one of the most fun games i have ever played. The skill system is capable of being customized to your own Unique playstyle. The combat system keeps you on your toes with enemy abilities that require situation awareness to counter. A Beautiful Landscape set in the Elder Scrolls realm. The pvp is the most fun i have ever had pvp'ing and i hate can use seige weapons, and pour oil down onto enemies trying to break through your gates, actually coordinate with your team, archers on the walls, knights at the main line, and actually use real time war strategy. The 15$ a month is acceptable. When i think about the cost of a games sub i think to myself well "there are people who work for this that wish to recieve a paycheck, people with families, people with kids, peopl who try to use this money you put in to deliver better, more rich future content.
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Russellville, AR
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Posted 6/3/14
Man i was so excited for this game and now i have to wait longer man this sucks but boy dose it look amazing it kills me to wait
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Review 7 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Looks Epic But....
Posted on:11/12/14
Location: Murfreesboro,TN
I loved Skyrim and am excited about this new game, but why is it $15 a month to play. The graphics look a lot better and the gameplay looks awesome. I hope they come around and make it free to play, but right now I'm going to wait until it does.
Review 8 for The Elder Scrolls Online
About Subscription Fees and Elder Scrolls
Posted on:4/15/14
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
MMORPGS cost millions to make. They cost millions to constantly update and add content. If an MMORPG doesn't have a subscription, it has an item mall. There are those types of MMO players, such as myself, who would rather pay a one time monthly fee than be bombarded with an out of game item shop. One way or another, a good game needs residual income to add new stuff and keep people employed making it better. If it isn't your thing, there are plenty of games out there for you. I have been playing this on the PC. It is good for an old guy like me who likes to explore online worlds with my buddies. I will get it for my PS4 because I am excited to play an MMORPG in my living room. MMORPG's are unique in that the people who play them, and play them often, don't have time for other games. So instead of buying a different game every couple of months, they are content to pay a marginal fee monthly to play the game their friends are playing. It isn't a right or wrong thing, it is a preference thing. I am glad that at least Zenimax had the guts to put a sub on this. An item mall that took me out of game to buy a potion or whatever, would have been a disaster for me. Thanks.
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Posted 8/16/14
The main elf that is captured at the end of this newest trailer, is she a high elf? or what race is she? cause if she is that's the faction I'm joining.
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Posted 8/16/14
All these people complaining about paying a little bit a month for a really great mmorpg. They don't take into account what it takes to make a game like this and what it takes to keep the servers running smoothly etc.
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Posted 8/16/14
I agree wholeheartly. what is your gamertag? or i'll tell you mine and we can meet up when the game starts.
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Quite Agree
Posted 4/28/14
I also feel it helps brings in quality players to the game. If you buy a game and you have to pay to monthly to play it. Your not going to sit around all day in a major traffic area spamming the chat, risking your account by buying/building a bot, Advertise a Gold selling website, and etc... what usually comes with MMOs. Don't get me wrong there will be someone who does, but there will be a lot less who does it.
Plus being a Company being Paid for there services, they are pretty much obligated. To find Hackers, Botters, glitchers and anyone else who will ruin the gaming experience for other players.
That's just my thoughts.
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Review 9 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Can't Wait (Forget the Haters,Let Me Explain)
Posted on:11/3/14
I've built so much hype for this game,yes at first I was a little bummed about the setback date but I want a perfect game. An open world Elder Scrolls game is what I've been waiting for for like ever now. So thanks and to me 15$ dollars a month isn't much for the content they give you,updated regulary and a Ps4 MMO this big who can complain?SO hurry up with the product mates. Can't wait to jump in with my guild mates and hack away
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Review 10 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Huge let down
Posted on:11/14/14
Location: New York
I can honestly say I have never been more let down by a game than this game. I own it on the PC, so it is safe to assume the product is going to be basically if not completely the same.
The developers tried to take elements from both single player games and common mmorpgs, the result was failing to satisfy both target audiences. High quality graphics, complete skill customization, and the ability to make impactful story decisions was lacking for those who seeking standard elder scrolls features and functions. It does not play anything like the previous games in the franchise, and if that is what you are looking for in a game you shall not find it here. Also to be noted, you are very limited in the amount of skills or abilities you can use at a time, meaning more than half of the abilities you attain will not be used as they cannot be hotkeyed.
When it comes to mmorpgs it is lacking basic features that most players of such would expect. The player verse player is horrible, the only source of it is a zergfest. There is little opportunity for small scale player versus player considering there is no arena, no small battlegrounds, nothing of that sort. There is no open world player versus player, as in if you want to verse some of the players of the enemy factions you can only do it in the zerg. You cannot go to opposing factions territory with the intent of player verse player. You can also not fight anyone on your own faction as there is absolutely no duel system implemented. Players hold "arena" events in which they use emotes and pre-choreographed "battles". These are not actual battles, but quite literally roleplaying. The game also lacks an auction house, so when it comes to trading on a world scale you must find trading guilds, research prices, etc.
Besides that, playing with your friends against monsters ( PvE) is more difficult than in other mmorpgs. First, you must be on the same faction. If your friend is a redguard, you must choose between reguard, orc, or bretons to be able to play with them. This is in contrast to the elder scrolls franchise where all the races intermingle with each other. You can bypass this restriction if you choose to give Zenimax more money than your initial investment to be able to be any race on any faction. You also cannot play the imperial race unless you pay Zenimax more money on top of your initial investment. To cap that off, you cannot assist your friends in quests you have already completed. If your friend is 5 levels lower than you, the monsters for their quests will not appear in your "phase", they disappear as well if you are in an area that has changed due to you questing there until they reach the same point as you. So if you plan to play together, make sure you don't play on your own or you will quickly be separated from each other.
Overall, it was a huge let down and seemed to be a big money grab from the subscription model, to limiting content from the very start unless you pay even more than the box price. In my opinion, the game will more than likely shift to a Free to Play model on the PC in the future. Even if becomes Free to Play in the future, I would not go back to it.
Review 11 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Posted on:2/18/14
Elder scrolls. One of the best games ever, hands down but now this is how the fans are treated. This is yet another game that I WILL NOT BUY. Think about what it will cost a month to play this game. Monthly subscription+ PS or Xbox subscription + internet + the game. The greed has to stop. Please take a stand
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at the guy above
Posted 3/30/14
Destiny doesn't have a subscription. but having played the beta for elder scrolls online, I think it's going to be worth it. it's like 2 skyrims in one, with your friends, and with enemies to fight in cyrodil. plus they said there would be frequent updates (read free dlc) thinking about how much I liked skyrim, I'l be getting this game day 1. if I end up getting bored i'l quit like every other game.
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Greed Ruins Games
Posted 3/29/14
While I agree in principle, it should be noted that a PS+ subscription is not required to play this game on the PS4. Zenimax was still in negotiations with Microsoft for the same privilege on XBone, last I heard. Also, the $15 subscription to this and other MMO games is typically used for server and network upkeep and improvements, game content expansions, live support, live events, and so on. I'd much rather pay this monthly - knowing I can cancel whenever I like - than to pay another $10 to download and play the last chapter of the game I paid $60 for. Yes, I'm looking at you, Ubisoft...
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It's worth it if you're into MMO's
Posted 3/14/14
What it will cost? Probably around $15-$20 a month, which is around what Destiny will be. And being an MMO of this scale I'd say it's worth it.
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Review 12 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Really? $15 a month?
Posted on:3/15/14
Location: Texas
Skyrim and especially Oblivion have changed my life and given me a lot of fun times, but not matter what I refuse to pay $15 dollars a month to play it no matter how fun or new this game looks this has ruined it for me. I would already be paying $60 plus tax on it why make me pay more? I understand they want it to be like World of Warcraft but they are going to be losing a bunch of customers for this, it just simply isn't worth it.
36 of 52 found this review helpful.
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Top 500 Contributor
It's called an mmorpg
Posted 8/16/14
If you don't want to shell out 15$ a month there are several crummy free to play mmo's on the market. MMO gamers are used to paying a measly 15 dollars a month for quality content and updates. Most people spend more than that at the vending machine at work per month.
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ESO:A World of Greed
Posted 3/19/14
I absolutley loved Oblivion and Skyrim. Yet the world of greed being introduced by ESO may just end that love affair. By all reports, both by reviews, as well as people that I personally know, the beta showed quite a bit of promise. Few bugs and a very "Skyrimish" feel to the game are some of the best aspects of ESO. Yet the blatant greed is upsetting. In order to play ESO you will have to pay for an internet subscription, a console subscription (ie PSN Plus) as well as over $65 dollars for the game. Now if this alone was the price I could say ok, after all we have to pay something. Yet it goes much further than that with a $15 a month fee, compared to FFXIV's $13. We all know how dramatically a subscription based game's player base drops soon after everyone tires of dlc'd content leaving empty worlds and broken economies. Yet to top it all off, as if we were not already going to pay enough, ESO will charge numerous micro transaction fees. Simply put, your $15 a month DOES NOT even grant you full access to the game. Your first year of ESO will cost u well over $400 just for the game and subscription fees (internet, PSN Plus and ESO). $400 plus dollars just to play a game, oh, and let us not forget those pesky micro transactions. In reality, is there anyway, EVER, that ESO can be over $450 a year worth of fun???
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Review 13 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Posted on:5/8/14
Location: Tulsa, OK
Delayed 6 months great. I bought my PS4 for this...and its only 3 semesters away now, thats awesome.
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Review 14 for The Elder Scrolls Online
I Totally Agree
Posted on:2/22/14
Location: Andersonville, Tennessee
I was so looking forward to this game.....but now I will not be purchasing it just simply because I am not willing to pay $60 dollars for the game then another monthly charge just simply to be able TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous...anyone that doesn't see anything wrong with this is a fool!
52 of 78 found this review helpful.
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Posted 3/30/14
most MMOs do this. fact is, it costs MILLIONS to make an mmo, then on top of that it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just to run the servers.. Blizzard spent 200MILLION dollars in just upkeep for wow since 2004, so 10 years and customer support+servers+upgrades for servers $200million is more than most games cost to make, and before building the actual game.
Customer Avatar
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Posted 3/2/14
People that play world of warcraft have been doing this for years, in fact if they paid for all the xpacs that have come out which 9 million people have they spent 189.95 plus a 14.99 a month fee to play. This is the only game that has been able to even get the reviews to actually kill wow off. So I guess you don't want to buy it. Your loss i'll be enjoying it while you're trying to figure out something fun to play
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Review 15 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Goodbye ES
Posted on:9/27/14
Location: FLorida
How could you remove the life and brain of something that was spectacular and throw it onto the , 'keep paying for it online' minecraft pile??? Unbelievable.
Review 16 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Won't be buying this one.
Posted on:9/23/14
Location: Pensylvania
I have played EVERY Elder Scrolls game...EVERY ONE. This one I will NOT be playing. Bethesda has made a mistake. The fees related to online play are too high and they didn't take into consideration the fans that don't like online games.
Review 17 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Posted on:9/21/14
Location: Okinawa, Japan
This game failed on PC hardcore. It died because of how much hype it had. There is no endgame content. What does every MMORPG must have? ENDGAME CONTENT. you say no then you were the ones who still play this game that fell off the face of the PC world.
Review 18 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Waste of money
Posted on:9/11/14
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Why would they release this for the consoles when the PC version failed miserably. Lost tons of subscribers due to lack of content and its pretty boring. Having good graphics with no good online content is pretty disappointing. If this failed PC then it will fail on the consoles. Dont buy this game for the love of god. Dont waste your money on this pointless game that died really fast due to the amount of hype it provided.
Review 19 for The Elder Scrolls Online
I doubt it's coming out this December either
Posted on:7/29/14
Location: Anaheim
I just heard from someone at Gamestop and they said that the 12/31/14 date is just a placeholder date. It probably won't be out till sometime next year. If they continue to have problems with server integration etc., then just leave the PS4 offline. I think the setup for Skyrim was just fine. Keep it offline then.
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Review 20 for The Elder Scrolls Online
Bethesda has gotten TOO GREEDY
Posted on:3/31/14
Location: Jacksonville, FL
I was super excited when I first heard about ESO but now that they've announced that after paying $60 for the game, players will also have to fork over another $15 a month I REFUSE to buy this. This is ridiculous in an era when even World of Warcraft is free to play up to level 20 and every single decent MMO has also gone free to play. I hope enough gamers choose to boycott this release that Bethesda will be forced to drop the pay to play decision. It worked when gamers spoke out against Microsoft policies and they reversed everything they had planned for the XBOne.
4 of 7 found this review helpful.
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