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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition

NO ONE CAN STOP DEATHThe Prime Evil rages within the Black Soulstone, its essence screaming for vengeance and release. Before the artifact can be sealed away forever, Malthael - the Angel of Death - manifests in the mortal realms with a deadly new purpose: to steal the Black Soulstone and bend its infernal power to his will. So begins the end of all things...
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Customer Reviews for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
Review 1 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
Diablo3 2.0 Rocks!
Posted on:3/8/14
Location: Texas
Diablo3 recently released a new patch that really made the game fun to play. It includes tweaks, a new loot system (2.0), and I have been having a ton of fun since the patch release. If you are waiting for Diablo 4, you will be missing out.
12 of 12 found this review helpful.
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I'd have to agree DeadlyRage
Posted 3/15/14
patch 2.01 is incredible, and make Diablo 3 the way it should be from the start, and with the expansion, wow, I 'm counting down the days for release, ce edition RoS reserved and paid for
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Review 2 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
Game-Changing Updates + More Than Advertised
Posted on:3/21/14
Location: United States
First thing to note that the Collector's Edition also comes with the Reaper of Souls soundtrack CD. Gamestop doesn't list that under product features but it does indeed come with the purchase (and is also shown on the official picture). As for the game itself, many initial customers were angry with Diablo 3 for a variety of reasons. I was among the fans that believed the franchise to have died, but the recent game updates and the additions made with Reaper of Souls has actually breathed new life into the franchise despite it's grim title. Auction House has been removed, free-play mode has been added, better loot drops more often and is more suited to your character, Mystic is finally added, and some important class balances were done. If you're a fan of hack-and-slash games, there is no better franchise than Diablo.
Review 3 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
Can't Freaking Wait!!
Posted on:12/23/13
Location: Florida
When I first got Diablo 3, and had beaten it. I thought "Wow, what a very epic story." And after countless hours of replaying the entire thing, I still loved it. But then I thought "Well this is fun and all... But replay seems to get tiresome and boring after a while" And I wanted new content, or updates for new modes.
Then I heard this was releasing. I cannot wait for this epic DLC! Level 70 cap, New Act, New Game Modes, New character class, New Paragon level system, New Endless Paragon (capless Paragon Levels), and more.
I'm getting this Collector's Edition for 3 Main Diablo Reasons.
1: Its the epic new Add-on to the most funnest PC game besides minecraft.
2: Its effin Diablo 3, common~ ;D
3: The epic extra stuff like new Aesthetics for helms and helms. The new minion. The artbook since I'm a major fan of the art in D3. The Dvd/Blu-ray is ok. And last but not least: The Malthael-Themed Hard Mousepad!
How can you not be a D3 fan and not get this epic add-on pack + other goodies? All Christmas Money is going Directly to this pre-order, and nothing can deter me, since I am determined to get this.
Also, I Know they have a PS4 "Diablo 3: Ultimate Edition" version coming out, but I hope its not JUST the fullgame+RoS, like if it came with anything extra, like in-game bonus goodies, or even maybe a Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls-Themed PS4 controller....? If so, I'll really get that. <3
11/10 rating for this DLC since they FINALLY REMOVED THE AUCTION HOUSE WOOT!
12 of 39 found this review helpful.
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Missouri, USA
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Posted 2/25/14
@Alazure - I would just like to point out that you are very incorrect in the necessity of the auction house. Yes, lots of random junk did drop during the game. That has always happened in Diablo. However, you are given two non-AH choices of what to do with that loot: Sell it to a vendor, or salvage it. I almost always salvaged my loot, and then used the materials to craft better and more relevant gear. I also didn't have trouble getting relevant drops from bosses. I usually got at least one good item from a boss kill. Maybe I just got lucky, but loot was never a problem for me in D3, and I've had the game since day one. I do, however, agree about the story. It was completely transparent from very early on, because it was practically a repeat of Diablo 2.
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Posted 2/21/14
Is that you?
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Staying Optimistic... Trying
Posted 1/2/14
I was one of the millions fans of Diablo 1 & 2 that eagerly awaited the release of this series 3rd installment after so many long years. I can't describe in mere words my excitement when the game was finally in my hands, the trip home, installing and diving into my first play through. I loved nearly everything- the graphics (there had been controversy over the "brighter" lighting compared to former games, but I still liked it), the seamless power/ability experimentation of character "builds", the environments, slaughtering hordes of demons, and more. Being able to play the game with friends and my brother made the experience even better, jumping in and out of each others games. For awhile I marveled at the improvements they had made to the prior two games of Diablo.
Unfortunately, the major downsides and what ultimately made me quit the game, however, were the Auction house/loot mechanics and extremely horrid story/dialogue. Unlike its predecessors, item drops- the loot- which is perhaps one of the top, if not #1, ultimate pursuit and drive of the game suffered such devastating dispersion as you slaughtered hordes of demons and crawled through the "story" (get to that later), you had nothing to look forward to or revel in victory for even as you defeated bosses in hopes of treasure that would pertain to you and elevate your character forward. No. In order to appropriately gear, you had to take whatever mixed items you found and go through the Auction house to barter those items in hopes of purchasing what your character needed. An example of what I mean by a mixed item, would be a Witch Doctor only offhand item, which is a spell casting, intelligence based character yet that item would have Strength on it. Why?? It served no purpose whatsoever and it was prevalent in all items with its randomization abilities, even on "legendary" and "set" items which were also underpowered and having radically mixed stats. What seemed like a basic fundamental found in nearly ALL other video games with similar equipment set ups, did not exist in Diablo 3. You had- were FORCED- to use the Auction House. Whether using gold, attempting to barter items of such mixed statistics, or to spend real life $$$dollars$$$ to acquire decent gear.
As for the story, maybe this is huge on personal taste, but I found it weak. I won't go into a long winded description of it after the one I just did on the loot, but just one example (that it occurs several times in different places and forms), was having the head of Azmodan and Diablo (both major bosses of the game and basically evil incarnate) appearing as floating heads telling my character there plans every five seconds, how I foiled them, followed with their next plans, and PG-rated taunting. It was almost like a kids cartoon. I can't name more, I don't want to spoil the game for anyone who has yet to play, but they were several anti-climatic points of long standing iconic characters going through underwhelming changes too.
So, where's the ray of sunshine in all this? Blizzard has been making extensive changes, both current and upcoming, to improving the loot system to what it should of been in the first place. A patch right before the release of Reaper of Souls removes the Auction House entirely even. Will the story/dialogue of the game be better? Who's to say. Despite the shortcomings I went into depth about, its still a great game if you enjoy playing with friends against hordes of enemies, requiring strategy to overcome tougher opponents, visiting interesting and hellish locales, and the overall gameplay experience. I believe Blizzard has been listening to its fans with the upcoming change announcements, so I'm going to try and be optimistic.
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Review 4 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
I wish auction house never existed
Posted on:2/21/14
Location: Miami FL
One of the main reasons why this game was so unsuccessful in my eyes is because of the auction house… The point of the game is to search dungeons, caves & the outskirts in search of gold and rare items not buy them with in-house currency and real-world currency. I just wish auction house never existed it just ruined the game for me. And now i get to carry over my godly character to the DLC??? Sorry, I'll wait to Diablo 4.
7 of 37 found this review helpful.
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Posted 3/19/14
Your "Godly" gear isn't nearly as "Godly" anymore. Carrying over your gear helps, but you'd be surprised how many new pieces you will find with the new loot system. Plus the fact, leveling from 60-70 will render your current gear useless. You're gonna have a long wait for Diablo 4.
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check up coming
Posted 3/2/14
They will be removing the auction house soon
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Posted 2/27/14
So, you're saying that, because you used a completely optional part of the game, you think it ruined the game? That makes no sense. If you don't like the AH, don't use it. If you don't want to carry over the gear, delete the character. Simple as that.
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Review 5 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition
Posted on:12/26/13
Location: Tulsa, OK
I'm a console player and I know Blizzard isn't going to do anything about the modding, or hackers in the game so it disappoints me to see something cool like this coming out.
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Wyoming, Mi
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Posted 12/28/13
Lol, Blizzard cannot even get their main PC games free of hackers and bots.
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