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Madden NFL 15

Welcome to Madden Season! Madden NFL 15 delivers everything you need to own your rivals on both sides of the field, including the most immersive defensive gameplay in franchise history. With all-new player-lock camera angles, pass rush tools, open-field tackling mechanics, and smarter AI, you've never been more armed to take control of the defense and challenge the best offenses in the game. Madden NFL 15 introduces a revolutionary crowd-sourced play-calling system with three distinct ways to run offense and defense: coach suggestions, Madden community picks, and concept plays providing a strategic edge to take on all rivals. Dynamic pre-game and halftime shows, in-depth player profiles, as well as enhanced on-field graphics deliver next-generation broadcast presentation.
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Customer Reviews for Madden NFL 15
Review 1 for Madden NFL 15
Hope it will keep getting better!
Posted on:4/22/14
i think they need to make the scouting like fifa! send your scouts out to find people with specific instructions and send you reports. they need to bring back the different color visors too! clear, smoke and black are just boring! Make the people on the sidelines more realistic and add cheerleaders and mascots! Make it as real as possible! fifa 14 is an awesome game and very real! do it with madden!!! more stuff to do and more customizable options! maybe make it to were the rain/snow starts or stops in the middle of a game? that would be cool! i have high hopes for this game! Gotta rely on this game cuz there isnt a baseball game this year :(
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Review 2 for Madden NFL 15
Madden 15 needs more !
Posted on:5/1/14
Location: Philadelphia , PA
First let me state madden is a great game but i have gotten board very fast playing it. I think it should consist more player emotion like yelling, arguing to players, pushing and shoving , and etc I think every one wants too see madden go back to the aggressive stage. Make us feel proud when we in a playoff game or a over time game. I know the commentary will repeat but at least have it being a exciting repeat. Let us have more freedom of customizing our players, let us have the one sleeve and option. A big one give more of a life like feeling too the connected franchise. Do what 2k14 does like give a story line and more life like situations like getting traded if not good enough make us that and you'll have a perfect madden.
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Review 3 for Madden NFL 15
Please upgrade it!
Posted on:2/4/14
I really don't want to get started on Madden so I'm just going to suggest a few additions that need to be added IMO.
=Practice Squad for rookies that aren't quite good enough for the roster
=All Madden difficulty fixed the right way so it is still playable..
=Ability to play the Pro Bowl again
=Special Teams depth chart (Gunners and up back on punt squad)
=Improved Team jersey customization for teams (Create own for relocating teams!)
I always look forward to Madden but it has really depressed me lately. Although, I will still probably play it when I am an old man!
Thank YOU!
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Comments (2)
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Top 250 Contributor
Posted 5/3/14
I found Madden 25 to be weird. Playing offense on All-Madden was ok. I wouldn't dominate the AI but I could score. But when it came time to play defense, the AI would burn me... My corners would just let the WR's run past them and it seemed that my LB's were not playing the run... So it's more of the user AI sucked. Needless to say, I said goodbye to 25 after about two months... Hope 15 is better, but I say that every year.
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All Madden
Posted 3/17/14
What do you mean by make all madden difficulty playable? Are you talking about how it's too easy? If you are I completely agree. I'm a Browns fan but in the last 2 maddens if I take them in a franchise and put it on All Madden without adjusting any sliders then i win the SB every year. It's way too easy. I know the Browns have sucked the past few years so if I use them in CFM I expect to have a challenge. Madden 12's all madden was alright but since than it has been too easy.
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Comments (2)
Review 4 for Madden NFL 15
Posted on:2/9/14
Should make scouting college/pro free agents more realistic instead of scouting ability grades that gets old and give cpu free agents persue intrest in teams and hold workout to see how players perform just a few ideas for CFM also change up the being a player and some story lines or make a more realistic player/coach mode and make CFM owner mode i would really love a more in depth player story line from Draft day signing player coaching staff meetings interviews on and off the field just please make the game more than just looking at and building stats it get kinda boring
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Two Words
Posted 5/14/14
NEW PLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Review 5 for Madden NFL 15
Should be good
Posted on:3/20/14
Location: Austin, TX
In my opinion Madden 25 might just be the best one so far, ive never devoted so much of my time to a Madden game before..and it can only keep getting better and im VERY excited for Madden 15!
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Posted 4/22/14
Multi-Player Offline GM game play needs to come back
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Review 6 for Madden NFL 15
i like it its not a bad game change need to come
Posted on:5/9/14
Location: washington dc
Get all new play books im tired or the same playbooks also a all new way too play the game also the game should not be so hard to play or less you put it on all madden
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Review 7 for Madden NFL 15
Madden 15 need to get better
Posted on:5/7/14
Location: Al
To me I liked madden 25 but to me I think you should be able to buy coins to make it a little better like vc on nba 2k14
Review 8 for Madden NFL 15
Pre order this game now.
Posted on:5/1/14
Location: Newark, DE
I am very excited about Madden NFL 2015! It will release on august 26th. I am going to pre-order it and get the $15 ultimate team content.