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Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15 transforms you into your rival's worst nightmare with a new breed of defense built to challenge the best offenses in the NFL. An all-new intuitive tackling system and improved coverage logic make defense exciting and fun to play. Learn and hone your skills in the Gauntlet, an all-new mode in Skills Trainer that will take your new abilities through the ultimate test in intense conditions and challenges. Whether building your legacy in Connected Franchise or a dynasty in Ultimate Team, it's not just football, it's Madden Season!
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Customer Reviews for Madden NFL 15
Review 1 for Madden NFL 15
EA needs competition
Posted on:6/23/14
Location: Miami
This game MUST be a solid FOOTBALL game. EA lacks in so many aspects when it comes to their sports series (Fifa, NBA Live, Madden) because of their lack of competition! NBA Live is only considered garbage because we have NBA 2k to compare it to. If Madden had some solid competition how would it compare? If Fifa had a solid developer attack the world of soccer how would it compare? EA needs to step it up! The players in Madden don't even have tattoos... At the end of the day the gameplay needs to be at the very least "good" and the visuals have to be great. NEXT GEN UPGRADE!!! STEP IT UP EA!!
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Review 2 for Madden NFL 15
High Hopes for Madden NEXT GEN
Posted on:5/5/14
Location: Va
I am excited for Madden on Next Gen PS4 since it seems like they will not do a simple port. I hope that it holds true that the presentation will be better with Halftime Shows and better Pregame shows. The Connected Careers needs to be seperated or more details need to be added to it. Cutscene such as fans protest, player complaints, Superbowl rallys, If you are a player you should demand trades, injury drama, PED drama, sponsers.
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Review 3 for Madden NFL 15
Here we go Again
Posted on:8/12/14
Location: fall river,ma
well gotta have high hopes for this madden only football game out there aint gonna get excited do that almost every year for dissapointment still wish ea had the competition with 2k push ea to make a better game tired of paying 60 bucks for updated rosters graphics aint everything make it like were watching a game presentation the feel of being in the game its easports its in the game make it that way then just my opinion but once again gotta suck it up and buy the only football game out there madden 15 love my football
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Review 4 for Madden NFL 15
Have high hopes
Posted on:3/12/14
So may have low expectations for this game but i feel different. First off i love madden no matter what im a huge football fan and i have to have my taste of madden every year i always enjoy it. Now yes madden has had some down years and madden 25 next gen was not as good as i or some would have like but the reason i have high hopes is because this madden the will focus on developing it more for next gen and then dumbing it down for 360 and ps3 unlike last year were the focused on 360 and ps3 mainly and then just converting to next gen so before we criticize how it might be this year lets give it a chance i think ea may us the power of the next gen consoles to really improve this game now that they have a chance to focus on the next gen consoles more.
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Review 5 for Madden NFL 15
It looks promising FINALLY!!!
Posted on:8/4/14
Location: Houston, TX
I strayed away from Madden for a few years because I just kept getting more disappointed. Madden 10 was my favorite because I enjoyed the presentation and a little bit of the gameplay. I spent more hours playing that game than any other maddens. I saw a video on youtube the other day of looks like developers playing Madden 15 and I gotta tell you it looks really awesome. The video is entitled "Madden 15 Gameplay (PS4/ Xbox One)" posted by MKIceAndFire. The defense has really been worked on a lot. The coverage is a lot smarter as well as tweaks to the offense such as the running seems to be more fluent and the power backs show their strength. The QB are more pinpoint accurate. For example Peyton Manning throws more accurate compared to lets say Matt Schaub. Where in previous years of Madden to me all QBs were accurate no matter what skill level the QB is. I still play NFL 2k5 from time to time because that game is still more enjoyable than these previous maddens. I just wish that 2k and EA could merge just one year and try to create the best football game just to see who has the better skill. To me EA has presentation and 2k has the skills for gameplay. It would be awesome to see what they can create with each other. I really do hope that this Madden will sway players back to playing Madden like me because I'm getting tired of wasting money in trusting the company to deliver a quality game.
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Posted 8/16/14
I believe that Madden 15 is going to take a huge jump from 25 on the PS4 and Xbox One. I have the PS4, so I'm not sure how it was on the older systems, but I do know that NBA 2k 15 was WAY more in depth on the PS3 than the PS4. In career mode you could talk with the GM at any time. Not only when he checked in. You could complain about a specific player, and tons of other things that wasn't available on the PS4. I think that these 2 games were put together quickly to be out with the new systems and will take a huge step up after a year of getting familiar with the systems. I believe this is going to be a great year for both Madden and 2k. CAN'T WAIT!
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Review 6 for Madden NFL 15
Defense will rock
Posted on:7/19/14
Location: minnesota
seen alot on this years madden on UTUBE wow looks amazing compared to last years game im totally picking this one up go on utube looks like real tv camera angle much better new player models finally..cant wait to play
Review 7 for Madden NFL 15
Madden 25 On PS4
Posted on:4/28/14
Location: NC
Disappointed that EA continues to play off 25 as the best thing for next gen console, they did it at E3 and the game isn't even close graphically and the content is yhe same it's been for years. I understand that there isn't a lot you can add but you can at least do better graphically, Last Of Us is a great example of that. The movements are still not fluent like they should be and the game has pop in issues on PS4. I have always loved Madden but it is starting to get ridiculous and redundant.
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Review 8 for Madden NFL 15
Madden is back again
Posted on:6/28/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
I am getting this game. I have almost every Madden since 07 and I really don't care if it is almost the same game. I read in the game informer said it is gonna be some what different. That's ok.
Review 9 for Madden NFL 15
Posted on:2/23/14
Location: Phoenixville, PA
I can tell you this right now I am gonna get this game. Madden will be in my Football always. I always liked Madden to some point. I never played all of them. I missed some years playing it cause of different reasons. But the last few years I have been playing it. I really enjoy it. If you are a football fan Madden is the one to get I think. Can't wait. Go Eagles!
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Madden 15
Posted 2/25/14
When can you start to pre order madden
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Review 10 for Madden NFL 15
Best Ever
Posted on:4/20/14
Location: Metairie,LA
This game will be awesome bcause of next gen and its MADDEN. M25 was amazing for me because i could play with legends in connected franchise i had the time of mag life on mut to.
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