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Batman: Arkham Knight

In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to unite an impressive roster of super villains, including Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to destroy The Dark Knight forever. Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Rocksteady's uniquely designed version of the Batmobile, which is drivable for the first time in the franchise. The addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman Arkham series, offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City. Be The Batman.
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Customer Reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight
Review 1 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/14/14
Location: Columbus,OH
You must buy this game if you a true Batman fan. I have and have completed the entire series so far. I have pre- ordered this game and am super excited. If you wan this game to make sense you have to play the rest of the series.
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Review 2 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Best batman arkham
Posted on:8/14/14
Location: Ohio,
I think this will be the best arkham game yet and probably ever! This is the last game in the trilogy. With the power of next gen arkham knight will probably be a huge success. I totally recommend this game.
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Review 3 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/4/14
Location: Wyckoff, NJ
This looks like it will be a great game and is worth preroding. You just have to watch the trailer and you will be hooked.
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wish it was for the xbox360
Posted 3/8/14
i love batman i have all the games all the movies but i can't get the last game because its only for the pc,xbox one and the ps4 and i dont have any of the systems. wish it was for the xbox360
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Review 4 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Epic Finale for an Epic Series
Posted on:5/6/15
Location: Teagarden Fork, WV
I have played all of the Arkham games, and I loved them all; but Arkham Knight looks like it is the best game of the entire series. Most importantly, we get to drive the Batmobile! This is going to be Epic!
Review 5 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Gonna be epic
Posted on:3/4/14
Location: Austin, TX
im shopping in Gamestop when this trailer starts playing on their tv, the employees had never seen it before, we all went nuts! This will definitely be epic and an overall improvement over the disappointing Arkham excited!
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Posted 12/28/14
Technically, Batman: Arkham Origins wasn't by Rocksteady. Just Warner Bros. Made it
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Pine Grove
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Can not wait
Posted 6/12/14
I just know this game is going to be epic by it being the last series of this game I just know it is going to blow us away can not wait to drive the bat mobile
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Review 6 for Batman: Arkham Knight
So Hype!!!!!
Posted on:3/4/14
Location: Memphis Tn
I have to say that I am very excited about this game. I'm a little disappointed its not for ps3 or xbox360. So many people who do not have next Gen consoles will have to watch online walkthroughs until they can afford next Gen. But nevertheless Cm on its Batman Markham for crying outloud I know this game will not dissapoint. I will definitely get next Gen to play this awesome game from an awesome franchise
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Arlington, TX
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Current Gen
Posted 4/28/15
Sorry but this game is coming to current gen consoles. The PS3 and 360 are past gen consoles. Get with the times, the current gen consoles have been out over a year now.
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Review 7 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/13/15
This is why I bought an Xbox One when this game was announced. Besides it seems better than a PS4. That controller sucks. I don't need to share anything with anybody or some strange draw pad thing. Im going to accidentally use that when I don't want to. I don't need that. I just missed xbox. Had one. Sold it for PS3. Missed it. Bought a new one. Im ready for this game now. My body is ready.
Review 8 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/4/14
This game has been being worked on since Arkham City's last dlc. Rocksteady has the potential to make this the best batman game. Can't Wait!
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Review 9 for Batman: Arkham Knight
I'll check it out.
Posted on:2/26/15
Location: Sammamish, WA
While I'm not crazy about the Arkham games like some people are, I enjoyed the first 2 games in the series quite well. I am more than excited for this one though, because it seems as if there will be significantly more interactivity in the game's open environment, which is something I really enjoy. Also, the batmobile looks awesome! On a sidenote, I am glad that RockSteady said that they will not censor certain plot points, because if they did, it might sacrifice the game's overall story.
Review 10 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/4/14
Location: TeXas
This will bring back Batman to the level Arkham City had. Rocksteady knows batman and if you played the first 2 this is a must because you know what kind of a batman game this is going to be. The first 2 was game of the year so this will be no different, if this is 1080P this game will look next gen anything less with do a disservice to batman. The bat mobile is coming back so that is a plus, also rocksteady does one of the best collectors edition that you will see. If people thought Titanfall is big BATMAN is bigger when it comes to midnight releases, gameplay and great "riddle me this" challenges. This will be in the running for game of the year becasue I know batman and rocksteady and if you played Arkham city you know what I mean. : )
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Review 11 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:3/5/15
Location: west haven ct
unlike the other arkham series games this game makes an unexpected announcement over the past week. This game is rated M and that means a more deadlier Batman game
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Review 12 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Most Anticipated game of 2015
Posted on:2/3/15
Location: Louisville,KY
This game will be amazing. Can't wait! I loved the previous to ARKHAM games this one will be the best
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Review 13 for Batman: Arkham Knight
The rating
Posted on:2/25/15
I am sorry to tell everyone but it turns out that this game will be rated M for mature for Violence suggestive themes blood and language it stinks because now many people won’t be able to enjoy this game
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Review 14 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Cant wait
Posted on:3/5/14
Location: a place
The batman games are my most favorite games ever and i cant wait 2 buy this one! scarecrow is my favorite batman villain and he is the main one in this cant wait to play arkham knight and be the batman and ride the batmobile!!!!!!
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Review 15 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman Finale: Must Have!
Posted on:3/6/14
Location: Henderson, NV
Alright if I did not already have enough reasons for getting the Titanfall Xbox One or in general an Xbox One here it is. Looking forward to this game though I will be sad to see such an amazing series end, but if we are lucky they might move on to other Batmans like Batman Beyond.
All right ending my little rant of celebration and hope this looks to be an amazing game and you need to read the article in the April Game Informer. According to it be ready to switch between the Batmobile and gliding, they also reveal the reason Arkham Origins was done by another company was because they have been working on this for THREE years so be ready to be amazed. The reason it is only on next gen is so as not to restrict it like cross gens games are currently doing. All in all this is a must have game for the next gen systems and I am pre-ordering it.
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Review 16 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Simply put I can't wait!
Posted on:11/11/14
Location: georgia
I'll keep this short and sweet by saying that I absolutely cannot wait for this game to release as it will most definitely be one of the best games this year if not and honestly it will probably actually scratch that most definitely be one of the greatest games of all time and the wait could not go any slower, especially since they've pushed it back like twice now which sucks. Anyway i would recommend this game to any Batman gamer out there as well as anyone looking for a new awe inspiring game because let me tell you something this game will be absolutely stunningly jaw dropping.
Review 17 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Why is everything so expensive!
Posted on:3/8/14
Location: Brea, CA
I should have saved for an Xbox One instead of Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins Blackgate. I also just bought a second Xbox 360 cause my old one broke. Man, I wish this had a 360 release.
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Review 18 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:5/12/14
I cant wait for this game in october. Arkham Asylum was creepy, awesome. I'll give it a 10/10. Arkham City was really fun and very good story, same with asylum i'll give a 10/10. I know Arkham Origins made by wb and it was weak but a good story. i'll give it a 8/10. All of the games had really fun free roam maps and now you can drive the batmobile and go in most of the buildings, that is is amazing. Now people are getting mad that its not on the ps3 and xbox 360, the reason is because that batmobile has so much details and that the map is 5x larger of Arkham city and all the details in the game. It just cant be done. if you want to be my friend on xbox one my gamertag is ldkdarkknight....the l is a lowercase L... people get it messed up with a i
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Review 19 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Rocksteady is Back
Posted on:3/20/14
Location: Nashville, TN
Since Rocksteady Studios is making this game, and not the terrible excuse of an Arkham game from Montreal, this game is going to be the best game from Rocksteady easily. They are refreshing and remastering everything from Arkham City and adding new things like the huge, yet extremely detailed Gotham and the addition of the Batmobile. It might be on the next generation of consoles only, but I do not care. I am getting an Xbox One for this game and this game alone. I am supporting Rocksteady all the way. They are giving all of their passion for the finale of this incredible series of video games. The best video games in the world in my opinion.
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Review 20 for Batman: Arkham Knight
Posted on:6/4/14
the release date got changed to 2015 but you still have the original release date? Gamestop Fail! they still have it as 10/14/2014
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