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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Launch into the Borderlands universe and shoot n' loot your way through a brand new adventure that rockets you onto Pandora's moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
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Customer Reviews for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Review 1 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
IF people discover this EasterEgg..I Thought Of It
Posted on:8/16/14
Location: Wisconsin
Me and my friend were chatting on Skype yesterday and we started talking about the video games we wanted to get this year. He brings up Borderlands ThePre-Sequel. After he said it was in space, I immediately thought of Portal 2. I remember at the end of the credits *I put the spoiler in a YouTube link.* And then I told him, "What if there is a little Easter egg that you can find once you get in to a certain part of the game, where you run In to Wheatley and The Space Core and you got to help them get back to earth, but maybe not Space Core because hes obviously Obsessed with Space" I didn't say all of that but you know what im saying. (that made no sense). Anyways... If this is actually in the game and people read this before they get it, lets just say I discovered it first. ;)
After the end credits of Portal 2 we see Wheatley and the Space Core floating around in space. Check the YouTube link to see the Ending Scene.
For the video, All credit goes to its original Uploader.
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Review 2 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Posted on:9/14/14
Location: new york
i pre ordered this game and the gameplay is amazing and i think nisha has the best action skill so im gonna pick nisha the lawbringer. pre order this game its awesome fps rpg game. im glad that i pre ordered this game u get a bonus to.
Review 3 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
look guys. this wont suck as far as we know.
Posted on:4/21/14
Location: Fort Worth, TX
it is true that gearbox and 2k has only released small details of the game. but think for one second, would it really be a borderlands game if it didn't have some sort of vault monster or raid boss holding the best weapons and gear. for the nay Sayers that say that all this is is a glorified dlc. no way! as far as we know. we are on pandoras moon. that's realy it. plus with the new eliment weapon and zero gravity, who knows what will be accomplished on the moon (or other places/planets with dlc)!??! plus in borderlands 2 it shows that there are other vaults in space. LETS GO GET SOME! #CLAPTRAPTHEFRAGTRAP
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Review 4 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
I can't wait.
Posted on:4/10/14
Location: Michigan
I love the Borderlands series and this looks like a good edition to it.You get to play as Claptrap,thats sweet and on the moon with zero gravity.All I can say is i'm excited.
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Posted 4/12/14
Sweet another borderlands game. Oh look 59.99 for a pre-order with nothing extra, no thanks. As much as I love this game and want to play it. I'll wait till GOTY, because in my opinion and that of some others it's a glorified DLC. So unless theres something super awesome that you get for pre-ordering and I mean something as cool as a chest loot special with a season pass I'm out.
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Review 5 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Gonna need more details
Posted on:8/5/14
Location: Dallas, TX
If this is more like BL1, then I'm in. If it is another BL2, I'm out. If I want to play WoW, I will. I don't want to have to farm a boss a million times to try to get a gun. All that does is make a market for gun dupers. beat a boss, get a gun. Not that hard. I won't play for 100 hours to try to get an infinity gun again. Also, if this is like the BL2 DLC's which were all the same: run to one side of map, kill an easy guy, run back to other side, check in, run back to the other side of map, check in again, run back to beginning. It was 20 minutes of running, 5 minutes of game, and that was the entire DLC.
2K needs to step up their game, or I'll just get Destiny and play it.
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Review 6 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Posted on:7/10/14
Location: Gastonia,NC
Oh my Gosh! This game is going to be totally wicked awesome! I'm going to preorder in a few days. Totally can't wait. Borderland 2 was AWESOME!!!!!
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Review 7 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
So Stoked!
Posted on:6/19/14
Everyone has their own opinion, but to me this game is my most anticipated game of the year. I played through the first borderlands as lilth and absolutely loved it. I played through borderlands 2 with Salvador, krieg, zero, and axton. I did all the side missions and it was an absolute blast. I played all the dlcs as well. With all that said and done I am extremely excited to play borderlands the pre sequel and learn about handsome jack and his rise to the top of hyperion. Oh and fighting as clap trap? Can I say sweet!
Review 8 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
The Untold Story
Posted on:6/19/14
Location: Florida, FL
I am super hyped for this games release. I am excited to experience the new story and play as the shiny new vault hunters with their new and amazing skill trees. I also cant wait to explore the zero gravity open world of The Moon.
Review 9 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
my most anticipated game of the whole year
Posted on:5/1/14
Location: Tegucigalpa,Honduras
prepáre to experience one of the most games of the whole year it will blow all of your freaking this game will be worth everything including its pricetag.
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Review 10 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Not on PS4? No thanks.
Posted on:4/21/14
Location: Tulsa, OK
I have a PS3 and a PS4. I'm tired of the PS3 bs load times. Its not the graphics that really bothers me, its the ridiculously slow machine that I'm just tired of. Not interested in "new" games coming out on "old" consoles. Doubt this Borderlands will be any good anyways, it looked all half booty
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Posted 8/15/14
For what it's worth, they're entertaining the idea of bringing it to current gen.
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north carolina
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come on
Posted 5/20/14
they are doing there best. it cost a lot of money to research all of the PS4's capabilities. this has been planed since borderlands 2 was released. this will give them the rescources they need to make a ps4 borderlands. as of now they can't do it.
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Review 11 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Seriously though.....
Posted on:4/11/14
Location: Chambersburg,Pa
Why didn't they put this as a DlC it would have made great sense to do that since it's going to be a shorter game than Borderlands 2...And full priced!!? They could have least made it 40 bucks since its going to be shorter and all...
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you're wrong.
Posted 8/15/14
When the major campaign DLC was released they charged 15$ a pop. That was new environments and story. There were 4 of those. That’s 60$ right there for about 20 hours of gameplay if you only do the main stories in a single playthrough. Put into consideration that doesn’t include any of the extra playable characters and there were no changes made to the engine at all. With that logic, they’re undercharging us for this game since it has everything mentioned in the DLC plus 2 MORE characters. It’s longer than the first game which I beat in about 80 hours, it has a more important story and they made a ton of changes to the engine.
People act like developing games is easy and they demand the most ridiculous prices for games and it makes me sick.
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Fort Worth, TX
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dude. come on.
Posted 4/18/14
look man. as far as we know, (which isn't much) we are helping handsome jack claim Pandora's moon. who knows, with side quests and main story not really being given, their might be a vault on the moon or something. after all in borderlands 2 it shows a huge map of space where vaults are. and I would love to fight a vault monster or a raid boss on the moon. (or other planets if dlc would be involved) I am pretty pumped for mystery.
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Review 12 for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
This ought to be good.
Posted on:4/10/14
Location: Brandon, SD
After playing through the first two Borderlands games, I cannot wait to see how much of an improvement this game will be over the other two. And being able to learn more about Handsome Jack, that is awesome! I'm also interested to see who the new playable characters are, as well as the famous NPCs from the other two. And I can't forget about the guns! Hoard all the guns!
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Posted 4/15/14
Am I the only one who played every mission in borderlands two and has already learned that jack black mailed almost everyone at hyperion controlled satellites with angel and used her and the eridium to gain political power and also took credit for opening the first vault or am I just Crazy here either way I'm not buying this cuz it was already covered in borderlands two... end of story :3
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