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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history. Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award® winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons - one of the most powerful men in the world - shaping this chilling vision of the future of war.
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Customer Reviews for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Review 1 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Cant wait !
Posted on:5/2/14
Location: England
the game looks a lot different to what i was expecting, but bring on the change. I'm sure it'll be great
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the trailer
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Posted 5/30/14
I thank that COD Ghost is good proved all wrong
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Review 2 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:6/16/14
Location: IN
Just what I wanted. The only FPS I play, because I like realism. Just went and became Halo/ Crysis and Titan Fall all in one. I don't play rotten Ghosts. I sure won't play this travesty.
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Review 3 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Exciting, and Unusual at the same time...
Posted on:6/13/14
Location: Olympia, WA
I think it will be an awesome game and stay fun for about a month or two, then it will get boring...
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Review 4 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
there just copying games now
Posted on:5/20/14
Location: kansas
im not getting it call of duty is just copying games like titanfall.... this game is going to be horrible
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Review 5 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Hopefully fixes matchmaking and joining
Posted on:7/2/14
I enjoyed Ghosts although I thought it was a below average cod like every cod since MW2. However I am hopeful with this game they could make it great they should fix the join game procedure. I get quite tired od joining domination games of 175-100 and continually losing my win/loss. I also get annoyed with rejoining the games that I left (if I left I left for a reason). Also I get tired of matchmaking finding me people with 2-3 k/ds. I steadily hold a 1.75 k/d I shouldn't be finding a 2.5. I would like if they made it 0-.99, 1-2, and then 2+ I feel that would create much more fair teams for team oriented game modes were teamwork is key. If they can fix this I would be overly enthused I would also enjoy a league play return and for co-op zombies and MW3 type survival game. I know I won't receive most of these (more than likely none of them) but I feel it would make the game better. In all I'm praying for the best but expecting the worst. If this game fails then cod as a whole will begin to fail already the Ghosts community has shrunk greatly anywhere from 50,000-100,000 at a time compared to the release around 200,000 +.
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Review 6 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
An actually very promising new start
Posted on:5/3/14
Location: Boston, MA
With Call of Duty I feel as though it goes up and down in today's CODs. MW2 was amazing, while Black Ops was good for it's zombies and campaign, but a slight miss with multiplayer. With MW3 I was very mad, it seemed repetitive and only played survival, not being a fresh idea since it's zombies, but with humans. Black Ops 2 was a nice surprise, it's campaign was great along with it's zombies. Ghosts was my least favorite, extinction was bad, it's campaign dragged towards the middle, and multiplayer offered nothing exciting. With the setting of this it seems like Black Ops 2, but it looks like it will make a better use of the future. So the campaign looks good, and that's all we've seen so far, so it's hard to speculate now, but it seems like a cool start to a game that could get it's only sequel like Black Ops or MW. I do have higher hopes, and yes, I will pre-order.
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Tired of this COD thing every year
Posted 6/4/14
Definitely not buying, I'm tired of this futuristic not real thing. COD needs to put something REAL something we have in todays warfare not that HALO thing and invisible jets that's not real we started fighting in ww2 now we are fighting aliens hahaha like wtf, stop making s***, WORLD AT WAR was a GREAT game and the Modern Warfare too, the Black Ops during the Cold War was Great, real Weapons and good story is about HISTORY. not this ROBOCOP c*** their making now. I hope Ubisoft releases a new Rainbow Six and the Battlefield Hardline looks awesome COD needs to step up to the plate and swing with REAL things and stop copying Halo and all those games their copying right now.
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wow not cool
Posted 5/9/14
no email within 2 business days after my pre-order of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare never got the Personalization Pack camo its been a week now.
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Review 7 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
COD's time is almost over...
Posted on:5/12/14
Location: Boston, MA
Honestly after having Titanfall in my system for the past month, ive become incredibly addicted to the fast pace, frenetic gameplay that it offers. COD has been slipping over the past couple of installments, especially with MW3 and Ghosts being, to me, failures. They didnt capture the fun gameplay i enjoyed with MW2 and the Black Ops games, and so my faith in COD is dwindling. Then i see the previews for Advanced Warfare and i REALLY start to cringe. "Atlas" Corporation in COD? Atlas mechs in Titanfall? Futuristic free running and jet pack boosting in COD? Its already happening in Titanfall. COD is desperate to stay relevant in a gaming world thats rapidly changing and demanding more from the products that come out especially when youre offering these games on beautiful next gen systems. All im saying is this: dont fall immediately for the COD hype, go pick up Titanfall and then compare the gameplay of Titanfall to what you see in the Advanced Warfare trailers and you'll see what im saying.
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Posted 6/22/14
I think that they should keep the same perk system as cod ghost's, also I think the should either keep the same type of was you get weapons i hated having to rank up to get weapons int the other call of dutys.
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Review 8 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Let's Not Jump To Conclusions
Posted on:5/3/14
Location: Florida
This game does, in my opinion, look different than other Call of Duty games. However, let's not jump straight to it being so awesome, or being so stupid for being another CoD, or for it ripping off other games, (friend said that.) Sledgehammer helped with MW3, thus saying Modern Warfare, now Advanced Warfare? They could be continuing the series, however they could be taking it another, amazingly new direction. Let's wait to see more of what this has to offer before we give titles. Looks different, but so did Ghosts and Black Ops 2, however new company, so even odds of innovation, (I hate that word), or that same thing that sells. So sit back and let the predictions, rumors, and opinions spread.
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Posted 5/16/14
I used to like COD, though after ghosts I lost all hope in COD. Also is it just me or are all the enemies geometric shapes?
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Review 9 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/2/14
Location: Little Rock AR
i am the first to do this, and i think this is going to be amazing! i admit i have a soft spot for CoD, but this looks great. PLZ rate up if you agree
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Anaheim, california
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Posted 5/2/14
I agree.
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Review 10 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Anything is better than Ghosts...
Posted on:5/2/14
I HATED Ghosts. I hope this is better or CoD is over for me......................................................................................................................................
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Review 11 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Looks like there is a new Treyarc competitor!
Posted on:5/2/14
Location: Charlotte, NC
When all the rumors started spreading, I knew that it might be based off the Modern Warfare series, but it seems as if Sledgehammer knows what they are doing! I mean I know that they worked with IW for MW3, but it looks like Sledgehammer surprised us with something that we did not expect. But we will have to see... #CoD2014
6 of 9 found this review helpful.
Review 12 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:6/24/14
Ok, I know everybody thinks this game is going to be another 'recycled' Call of Duty, but how many Call of Duty's have you seen that have Exo-Suits, energy guns, and spider tanks. This is a new era of Call of Duty and a new developer: Sledgehammer. They helped make several COD games before and they did very well. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will blow Call of Duty Ghosts out of the water
Review 13 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
A New Start
Posted on:6/23/14
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
It looks good from what the trailer has had in stock for us and other information gathered from items seen in gameplay. I just hope this revives the franchise as the new 3-year cycle takes place instead of the rushing and running around like a chicken with your head cut off 2-year deadline for a new game. This could be the start of a better quality game in both single player and multiplayer areas.
Review 14 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
i like how the mulitiplayer is
Posted on:6/29/14
Location: new mexico,NM
there isgoing to be new gus and i hop wecan drive cars and tanks and jets and the maps are bigger and beter
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Review 15 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/3/14
Location: Pueblo, CO
all i see is call of duty:halo..LAAAAMMMMEEE...these games have certainly lost there touch. This wil NOT be a game i partake in.
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Review 16 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
I Just don't know what to think anymore..
Posted on:5/19/14
Location: Cleveland
I was SOOO excited for Ghosts, really I was and I still want to give that game a chance, but with the regular problems that game has and the drowning it in DLC, I just can't handle it. I want this game to be good, so bad, it's got a new developer, a new engine plus they've had 3 years to work with it. But, I don't know. It's still Call of Duty. And right now, that's the franchise on the losing streak. Some say it copies a lot of other games. And it kind of does. It looks a lot like Titanfall. But you find similarities no matter what when a bunch of games set in the same time frame are released. There's all these future games, and it's just like:
CrysisFall: Advanced Killzone.
I don't know, we'll see. Please Don't mess up SledgeHammer..
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Review 17 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
In a Nutshell
Posted on:5/22/14
Location: Anonymous
Well, While I think there is no hope for the series... Everyone says theres hope. Dont bring your expectations high, Its being made by the same people. It kinda looks like Crysis except w/ Exo-Skeleton instead of a Nano-Suit. But being the fact that its STILL Call Of Duty, I will try it. The game does have the bright side, They are adding different new levels of Armory which adds a whole new level to the game. Heavy, Medium and Light, Ill probably be playing Light. Marksman rifles looked promising but really weren't. So I hope for rather a new Update to it or at least new additions. Im thinking the game wont come out later, They still are going to work on Ghost Micro- Dlcs and the other 2. Thats really it. Thank You :D
Review 18 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call Of Duty Advance Warfare
Posted on:5/6/14
Location: Camden, South Carolina
What happened to Treyarch's turn??? Will redbox it to see how it is before I buy it though because call of duty Ghosts sucked so bad and was only good for campers and snipers was such a waste of money hopefully this one is better
3 of 7 found this review helpful.
Review 19 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Promising but we`ll see
Posted on:5/21/14
Location: angier nc 27501
Ghosts was okay I guess but I`'ve played ghosts and the story mode was just a big mess I mean if you're a call of duty first timer then you might think the game is awesome but in my opinion and I`m not bad mouthing this game but I think that it's just not the best game in the series it looked promising in the reveal trialler but then I started to get into it a little and then it just got worse from the first level another person might say oh yeah that game was awesome but in my opinion it was awful but this new game looks promising but I could be wrong we never know we`'ll see though please be promising.
Review 20 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
its awesome
Posted on:6/11/14
Location: tennessee
i bet it can and will be the cod out there and i cant wait to buy it cause it look like avery detail game and im buying it
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