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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history. Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award® winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons - one of the most powerful men in the world - shaping this chilling vision of the future of war.
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Customer Reviews for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Review 1 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/3/14
Let's hope it won't come out like Call of Duty: Ghosts. That game SUCKED!!! Let's hope it turns out like one of the older ones or Black Ops 2.
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The release trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I found on YouTube
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Something Different
Posted 5/6/14
I'm interested to see COD trying something new. They've seemed to be just continuing the same recipe for years off of initial success. I've played a little COD with friends but never owned a game. The problem may be that instead of doing what they are good at they may end up failing trying to copy others. Same problem 343 industries ran into with Halo 4. They tried to be more like others with Halo 4 and lost some of their individual spark. I hope COD doesn't ruin their franchise for their old fans, but I am interested by the turn from the same game being released each year.
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Review 2 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:7/2/14
Location: Miami,FL
I don't know why people hate this game I think this game is great. People say its bad because its too futuristic but I think Activision made a great choice. But I don't care what the haters say because I can't wait to play it on XBOX ONE
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Reveal Trailer
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Review 3 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
A Return To Classic CoD?
Posted on:7/12/14
Location: NY
All of the Call of Duty's had me coming back for more. Why? Competitive fast paced multiplayer. All the Call of Duty's of past offered that but one: GHOSTS. After much analyzing, I noticed that the missing piece is the over powered SMGs!!! What made each of the previous CoDs of fast paced was the high number of SMG users, which resulted in a more rush feel play style. I'm mainly an assault rifle guy, but I enjoy all the little SMG ants running around as it makes the game very fast paced. GHOSTS is HEAVILY RIFLE based, which results in zero movement from any good player... So, I am hoping this new CoD brings back that fast paced gameplay, which seems possible with the exoskeletons. What I don't want is cool new equipment that will let me do dumb things (like target finder) just for the sake of being futuristic and cool. I could care less about singleplayer (if you buy games based on singleplayer in this day and age, the get out of fps genre). DONT give me something new and worthless, give me a classic and traditional CoD that I grew up playing.
Review 4 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Hope it doesn't follow the same path as ghost...
Posted on:5/3/14
To me Call of Duty Ghosts was the worst game of the COD franchise, based on it only having a short campaign and 2 player offline split-screen. Useless to me as an offline gamer because of my satellite based internet is all that is available in my area. Black ops 2 was a better game because it built onto it, and included a 4 player zombie mode now. When you think about online multiplayer really better? I don't think it is...reason being is because once the servers goes down for one of your favorite games you still like to play with friends online, the mode is now's best to have both options in games now. Both Offline and Online, that way you can continue playing the game long after the servers goes down for good with those kinds of games you love playing with your friends. And with how big the game files are now, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to add that feature to it. Installing games now is this new era, so why not make the best version of games possible and include both aspects of a multiplayer game...just think how Titanfall will be when the servers goes down for it? An all online multiplayer shooter, sounds good at the time...but what about in a couple years when less and less people play it...but you still hang onto it and play with your friends, until one day you no longer can.
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Same Idea as bo2
Posted 6/13/14
Is it me, or does anyone else think that this game has the same idea as black ops 2. Even the game description sounds like black ops 2.
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Call of duty ghosts is an aweosme game
Posted 5/23/14
let's hope that this game is as good as COD Ghost's because everyone needs to face it that game out of all the Call of Duty's had the most rich and immersive campaigns and multiplayer experiences out of all of the games in the franchise. let's hope that this game Advanced Warfare follows in Ghost's footsteps
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Posted 5/16/14
I used to like COD, until Ghosts came around, then I lost all hope in it. The there's the fact that all the enemies look like geometric shapes. I could get better gameplay out of COD Classics, then Ghosts. Though for me it all depends on Metacritic or just it's ratings in general.
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Review 5 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Titanfall copy? No.
Posted on:5/26/14
People need to understand that Titanfall was in development AFTER COD: AW was already being developed. COD came up with this whole idea first, yet at the same time didn't reveal anything and Titanfall came up with their own idea. They are both original and did not copy each other, they just ended up have a few similar things unintentionally. Plus you cant say it's a Titanfall copy without playing the game yourself. The trailer doesn't prove anything.
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Posted 6/25/14
thank you for saying that. way too many unfounded negative comments about this game. its nice to see at least one of a few who say otherwise.
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Posted 6/23/14
Titanfall was the reason respawn left IW back during mw2 which was 09. they've been deving cod aw for 3 years (watch the e3 behind the scenes) soooo that means titanfall was being deved for a whole year at least before codaw. but it doesn't matter, this is more of a crysis nod than titanfall, the only titanfall esk thing ive seen is the drop pods but thats a generic drop pod that you see in lots of games (halo, mass effect ext). stop trying to say cod riped off titanfall, or titanfall ripped off cod. no body mentioned that ghost completely tore homefronts perk system. or that extinctions ability system is also a whole rip of homefronts streak system. also didn't hear anyone mention how halo is a complete game rip of quake. games borrow and steal from each other all the time. its how they grow (think about it, cod and battlefields competition inspired quite a bit of innovation on both sides.) its ultimately good for the game, and only cod fan boys would bring it up, as no one has mentioned any of cods rips. It's better for gamers if this keeps up, higher quality games over all, unfortunately that means more parody...
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Review 6 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Not sold on anymore COD's
Posted on:5/3/14
Ok. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the trailer was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Titanfall. Two games that, to me, failed to deliver and not because of the game itself. I am getting completely turned off by a lot of MP games now because of the community. People aim to make others angry and it works, because I get angry. BF is the only MP game at this moment that is not angering me as much as COD Ghosts and Titanfall.
Again with all of this being said, don't get me wrong, these games are great games, it's just the people...
I hope Sledgehammer delivers on a great Call of Duty game and I hope they can eventually pull me into the MP, not just the campaigns. Bring on some Third Person! I miss that! AND COMMUNITY, IF YOU WOULD PLEASE STOP TRYING TO ANGER PEOPLE BY TROLLING, AND JUST PLAY THE GAME...
Thanks :)
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Review 7 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/3/14
Location: Nowhere
Looks GOOD. Will be good? Who knows. Don't say "Omg, another boring CoD, same thing." Let's just wait to say something about it until it's actually out and we've all played it. Maybe they'll surprise us, you never know! ;)
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same multiplayer but another great campaign
Posted 5/6/14
every time i play call of duty its a great campaign followed a horrible multiplayer which means the same concepts with future guns
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Review 8 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
we need to see multiplayer
Posted on:5/20/14
Location: New York NY
i think im not the only one like 90% play cod for the multiplayer mostly and they just showed the campain which it will get boring in like a week so cod show multiplayer
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Review 9 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Give Sledgehammer a break!
Posted on:5/4/14
Location: MI
This is the first Call of Duty game Sledgehammer has done by themselves him them a break. This game may look similar to others but they have been working on this game for 3+ years. I only think people can hate on this game when they get to play it themselves considering no one has played a Call of Duty game only produced by Sledgehammer.
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Infinity Ward
Posted 6/21/14
Not by themselves they said that it will be the same developers from MW3 so infinity ward will also help
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Review 10 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Advanced Warfare is a joke.
Posted on:6/19/14
Location: Oak Harbor, WA
Look, I know your either gonna HATE this game or love it. I gave this game a chance at first... until E3. See, Ghosts tried being a Battlefield, and I thought it was cool, fortunately Ghosts flopped, it lived up to one, maybe two of it's expectations. Also the story was bad, I'm serious Riley, the dog was a whiny little annoyance, Rorke wasn't even a good Antagonist, and the campaign just felt like a group of 5 minute hit and go missions. But that was in the past. Here comes Advanced Warfare. As I said before, I thought it sounded cool an would give it a go, BUT when I heard about the abilities, such as "hover", I already knew they wanted to be like Halo. Abilities didn't even work in Halo! Then, they want to bring back vehicles. Are you kidding me? They've avoided vehicles since World at War, and now they want to bring it back?! At E3, they showed a mission. Again you have the stupid silent protagonist, but whatever, and like Ghosts they try making you care by making your "buddy" die right and front of you, oh and to seal the deal, they the protagonist lose his arm. Awesome, right? NO! Not awesome. You want to make CoD a joke! SledgeHammer, the pile of money your sitting isn't going to last forever. Look, I wouldn't mind a Ghosts 2, or a Black Ops 3, but Advanced Warfare is a joke. I really hope I'm wrong, but I hate CoD right now.
Review 11 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call Of Duty?
Posted on:6/23/14
Location: Florida
It's no longer Call Of Duty. It's Call Of Disaster. Maybe Activision will realize that the Peer to Peer network is Doodoo because all people out there that think it's ok to have 50 people watching movies and downloading everything on a 1 meg connection and lag a game room around. They need their own servers like Battlefield. I will not buy this game and I urge everyone to do the same, unless Activision comes out an says they have thier own servers for this game . If everyone stands up and say we will not satnd for it any more they will be forced to change it or go broke.
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Review 12 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/3/14
Location: Mobile, Al
How come all I see is a rip off of titanfall. Sad sad.climbing walls, jumping long distances, seeing through walls, even the dude in his suit with the mini gun. It's a sad attempt at fighting titanfall.
26 of 59 found this review helpful.
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Stamford, CT
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Rip Off!!! @swarles
Posted 6/3/14
this game has been in development since 2011 but titanfall has been in development since 2008 so i do see a rip off from titanfall. they know that respawn is going to dominate fps. cod franchise should have never gotten rid of the original infinity ward crew.
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Posted 5/13/14
I could see how it could be a rip off of titanfall but it looks more like a rip off of halo
Customer Avatar
Gardner, MA
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I can see it.
Posted 5/5/14
I can see where he is coming from, I mean Titian Fall has advanced combat system with higher double jumps, wall climbing and being able to see through walls, yes I seen two of the three things I mentioned above in the trailer and some things screamed Titan Fall to me as well, however, you do have to think they have been creating it for a while now. They may have several differences stacked on top of the similarities we have no clue. I say just wait we have only seen one trailer for the game, there is more footage to came.
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Rip off?
Posted 5/4/14
How is this in anyway a ripoff of titanfall???? This game has been in development since 2011
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Review 13 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
I love it so far
Posted on:7/2/14
Location: Puerto Rico
I got blown away with the first teaser trailer and even more blown awawy by the gameplay in e3 I think this will be a great game.
Review 14 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:6/11/14
Location: Renton, WA
They otta call this game, and all inevitably indefinite CODs that follow, "Call of Duty: Blah Blah Yeah Whatever. Can we have your money now?". I can't really compare this game to Battlefield anymore because even Battlefield is beginning to feel recycled. The last COD that I bought was MW3, and that was just so that I could finish the story. Multiplayer was fun for a while but it didn't last. Why? Because they may make it look all new, but once all the new stuff loses it's excitement, you realize that you're just playing the same old COD. And ya know what? If after...let's see, 10 CODs, the same old COD still excites you, then by all means, get this game.
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Review 15 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Looks like COD is finally...
Posted on:5/2/14
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Looks like COD is finally taking a page from the Battlefield franchise. COD has been in the dirt since MW2. The game has been recycled over and over, yet, people still "think" its a contenders game. If they would spend the millions they make on development, content, and replay value not flashy commercials and A List stars the franchise would have turned out differently. My hopes are not set high, but I wont knock it till I try it.
5 of 9 found this review helpful.
Review 16 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:6/28/14
Location: Nashville, TN
I'm unimpressed. I don't think after Ghost, Activation will be unable to rectify themselves. If COD continues in this futuristic direction I don't think it will end well.
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Review 17 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Another Year, Another Dissapointment
Posted on:5/10/14
Location: Iowa, IA
I am hoping that this cod is NOTHING like Ghosts. Ghosts was the worst cod ever made. Multiplayer SUCKED campaign was surprisingly ok. I was hoping for a modern day cod with modern weapons cause im getting sick of the futuristic stuff. I hope that this cod will be decent
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Review 18 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Seems Interesting
Posted on:6/17/14
Location: Inwood, WV
Honestly COD has been dropping for years. The Black Ops 2 Multiplayer was ok but the campaigns have sucked in COD since MW3. Sure they got their highlights, but this one looks just a little better, I may pick this up.
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Review 19 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
The New War
Posted on:6/11/14
Location: Wakefield, MA
This game is a step in the right direction, we are exploring more warfare in the future where anything is possible, those Exo-Suits can make it so we can climb, jump higher, run more often, and apparently increases the melee distance exponentially. The story for this game also looks great as there are no more big armies just PMC's, the highest bidder has control of everyone, in this game, hopefully we can break it. :)
Review 20 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on:5/2/14
Location: Springfield, OH
I read about this last night, prior to the leak. Watched the trailer.. It looks simply amazing. Pre-ordered today as well. The guns I see in the trailer look like the Remington, Aug, Peacekeeper? , Ak - 47. The Exo-Skeletons looks amazing as well. People will hate on this game, but in the end it will be amazing due to the fact its a NEXT GEN Cod. I'm a competitive player for cod so I'm hoping to see mw3/bops2 map designs which im excited about as well. This will be the best, not just saying this either.. it will rise above all the others
3 of 7 found this review helpful.
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