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NBA 2K15

Nominated for 70 'Game of the Year' Awards, the NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K15, our most true-to-life NBA experience yet. Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover and an eclectic soundtrack curated by internationally-renowned artist and producer Pharrell Williams, NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. It's up to you to claim your destiny.
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Customer Reviews for NBA 2K15
Review 1 for NBA 2K15
Should be $39.99
Posted on:5/11/14
Location: New York, NY
Sport games every year they come out and every year they are the same with a few different features. What I want in 2k15 is more Legend teams I want every 2 teams that made it into the NBA Finales even last years and this years winners. Second Injured players, I tried a bunch of different ways an a update has not come out yet for 2k14 to play as Injured players like Derrick Rose, I understand he is not in the current line up because he is injured, but when you make your custom roster and try to play as Derrick Rose or any injured player you can only play them until a foul happens or a time out then they go on the bench never to be played for the rest of the game. Third thing A good create a player where either you can add a picture of your face and it puts your face in the game or the way fight night round 3 had which was endless ways of making your guy look like you or a friend or just anybody. Last all Sport games should be Cheaper than a normal game because every year they come out and there is little to no difference!
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Can't play as injured players?...
Posted 5/25/14
Uhm... Have you tried going into the options and setting the Substitution control and timeout control to manual?
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Review 2 for NBA 2K15
Free Roam!!! Next Gen= New Possibilities!!
Posted on:5/28/14
Alright so 2K did an excellent job of incorporating al the new cut scenes and features for the my career mode, but because we're on next gen I believe 2K still has a long way to go. The driving the car and riding in the plane waiting screens should actually allow your character to actually drive your car to the stadium, and arrive for a shot around or warm up something for that more realistic feel. Also, bring back the draft combine and training camp from 2K 11, instead of just that one unrealistic game against all the rookies. If we're really going into the NBA we should have to really work for it. Add weekly practice requirements like in Madden to allow your team chemistry to build further then just going from game to game. Yes I know the free roam is long shot, but the practices,draft combine, and training camp isn't asking a lot from 2K. It just seems the whole process is just too easy now. At least with the combine and training camp your really had to earn your spot or get sent down to D league in NBA 2k 10! Those were the good ole days. Bring back the good ole days!!!
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Posted 7/5/14
no we don't want practice requirements between games. the season already takes forever.
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Review 3 for NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15 #1 Game Of The Year
Posted on:9/20/14
Why This Game The Number 1 Game Is Because It Has Improve And New Animation And There's A lot Of Cool Game Mode You Can Play Like  MyLeague Where You Could Customize Your League Or Play With 32 NBA Teams MyLeauge Is Another MyGm But It More Different.There Are Still MyGm Too.Also MyCareer You Can Face Scan Your Real Face In MyCareer That What I Really Like About NBA 2K15.These Are NBA 2K15 Notes I Want To Tell About Badges They Replaced Signature Skills Into Skill Badges And There About 70 Badges,Most Earn Them.MyGm-MyTeam-MyLeague OverHauled New Features And Ways To Play Each Mode. Improved Crowd Better Atomsphere And More Realistic Reactions. New Injuries There Are 16 Body Parts That Can Be Injured Numerous Animations Support The Injuries. And A+ Release You Shouldn't Miss And Timing Your Release Will Take Practice. And Have A Shout Out To ShakeDown2012 For All These NBA 2K15 Notes.
My Product Recommendations
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Review 4 for NBA 2K15
Posted on:6/23/14
Location: Va
I was very happy with the career mode of NBA 2k14 and my GM mode. I never had server issues but I did not buy the game at launch either so maybe that was why? I hope this time you do not have to play every game in your first year and that they expand on the cutscenes and drama this year. Also I want to request for players specifically to be trade for or signed if I am a star player on my team. I got signed by the 76ers as a draft pick dropping 25 off the bench and 35 a game starting I should have some say so. Also a top 10 pick should be starting anyways unless you behind a LBJ melo KD or any elite player. No way should I had to sit behind a bum like Jason Richardson LOL. I believe this year 2k will make sure the park is working right as that could be fun and career mode will even expand more :)
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Corona, CA
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Free Agency??
Posted 7/2/14
U didn't have any issues with MyCareer mode in 2k14? Old gen or new gen? Cuz I have new and u would seriously be the first person Ive talked to who hasn't had any probs. After yr 4, u no longer have a contract and are stuck where u r. that alone killed the entire game for me. I put all that work in for nothing basically. My endorsements stopped during yr 2. All the cut scenes ended. Once ur in ur 5th yr, it literally becomes a game mode where all u can do is edit what ur jumpshot looks like or play the next game. The new drama was cool, but not worth the probs. IMO, this was the worst one 2k has done since they created this mode (other than 2k10 where ur player starts off with like a 35 rating).
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Review 5 for NBA 2K15
Listen to the fans 2K
Posted on:5/11/14
Ok before i write this let me just say I really hope 2K Sports sees this. All you really need this year for once in y'all natural born life is listen to the fans and stop trying to make it look like you are. There were so many fans requesting server changes since 2K8 and yet y'all still didn't. Another is the defensive system. Just because LeBron, KD and Kobe are the best in the game doesn't mean they can't be stopped. There each overpowered in there own ways, For ex. Lebron going inside is almost literally impossible to foul or stop. KD always making 3s back to back to back when your playing someone but when you try it nothing works sometimes. A big complaint i know y'all do is give a advantage to the person with the better team but it should be based on skill not the team. All im saying 2k is listen to the fans this year just read through the comments on ig or youtube. LISTEN TO THE FANS
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Review 6 for NBA 2K15
Posted on:5/4/14
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
Ok lets be real here 2k sports and take two... we all knew 2k14 was a rushed product only to have it on shelves by the holiday season. The menu looks of that of an nba 2k8 the menu it self was backwards you had to boot the nba today menu then go back to bring up a menu of items...WHY?? graphically yes that has improved drastically for THOSE WITH HIGHER PIXEL DENSITY TV's otherwise nba 2k14 on next gen consoles look like they can be achieved on the ps3/360. please focus more on the gameplay this year stop throwing passes pass a wide open player in the backcourt with no defenders in sight. please fix small things like the jerseys glitching we do pay 60 every year you know. please fix the was creative but unnessacary bring back an old but advanced way of starting matches on the black top. DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND FANS AWEEEEE!!!! update player hair during a season update the game DAILY!!!! stop the every 2day business its not what you advertised last summer im just saying. fix the small things like selecting to be the home/away team. real player speed. stop having defenders getting lost on defense by the offensive player just sprinting around the court. and please invest in better servers 2k!!!!!!!...... this is not a RANT but coming from a fan of his favorite sports game period I do believe I speak for most when I say we need more from our 2k games
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Posted 5/10/14
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Review 7 for NBA 2K15
2k listen to me
Posted on:6/27/14
Location: Lansing, Mi
I think you should put in better defense like 2-1-2 zone triangle defense and make A.I. smarter last year on NBA 2k14 the A.I. Was dumb they would double team with out you calling for one and that would leave people open and sometimes they will not try to get a rebounds and chase the ball when it was out on the other team. You should also bring back crew mode take out park and add draft combine and drills back in my career. Also you should add free roam on my career like when you in the city you can drive to the game and let us buy a house make it like GTA without killing and if you bring back park you can drive and get your friends and then go to park.
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Review 8 for NBA 2K15
Posted on:5/13/14
Location: Kings Mountain, NC
The best thing 2k can do is take clark Kellogg off of the game. They should have Kevin Harlen, Reg Miller and Steve Kerr. Also have doris burke, Heather cox, craig sager and lisa salters as the sideline reporters. Stop being cheap and pay these people to be on the game reporting in different games. Longer convos at halftime and at the end of the game with the players. Show use live action of games while playing in season mode. me and other fans have a bunch of suggestions for this franchise and if hyall would listen then nba live would even be trying to make a come back.
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Posted 5/14/14
I like what you said about the announcers, but Steve Kerr is about to get a coaching job so that one pry won't happen unless he decides not to coach other then that ya Reggie is a beast.
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Review 9 for NBA 2K15
Fix The Glitch
Posted on:7/2/14
Location: Corona, CA
The Next Generation version of 2k14 doesn't have free agency in MyCareer...seriously?!?! I haven't played my 2k14 in months because I am stuck on a team I don't like, literally playing for free. Im a 99, so if I ask for a trade, the other team will have to gut their roster to get me, leaving me once again, on a team I don't like.
In addition, I have the same complaints all of your customers have every year about your product...the team u play on does not have defense (and even if they do, their shots will still go in). It is normal for the CPU to shoot 60%. and if they don't, u win by 30. FYI, there is such a thing as a game where both teams r good at D.
Rebounding...neither I nor my team can rebound the ball. I am a 6'6" SG, who gets outrebounded by smaller PGs on the reg. times I literally jump to get the ball, and it just goes right through my hands.
And lastly, fouls/free throws. I know u guys program it so that there aren't many foul calls to make sure the game keeps flowing. But seriously, I avg 22 shot attempts per game. And last I checked months ago, I was 158th in the league in FT attempts. Kobe, MJ, Lebron, Durant, all these guys are at the top of the league in FT attempts. Why aren't I? I do A LOT of layups and dunks, so it's not like I settle for jumpers. and even if I did, Durant does that all the time in real life and still gets to the line.
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What I Expect to see on 2k15
Posted 7/14/14
I feel like your myplayer should be able to drive to games and buy a house. I also feel like if you are in the top 5 or top 10 pick you should start when you start your myplayer career and when you play your myplayer blacktop online when you buy shoes you should be able to where more than that color of the the shoe. Like when you're at the myplayer store you should have options on what you want to buy for ex. When you want to buy a jordan 12 you should be able to buy the taxis, playoffs, flue games , and when you buy all of those jordan shoes you should be to customize that jordan shoes. I also think that there should be more jersey customs like you know how the spurs have the military jerseys and Toronto have those jerseys you should put that in crew and also put the sleeve jerseys in there. I also feel like when you play quick match when you shoot free throws with kevin Durant or Stephen curry it should affect them. You should be able to stop some superstars for ex. When lebron drivesto the basket its almost impossible to stop. When you play myplayer blacktop online you should be able to wager your vc and have more customization with your myplayer like with tatoos, hairstyles, and gear. Like you should be able to have nike elite socks and customize them. Just like your myplayer should be able to wear backpacks. When you play your mycareer game you should be able to warm up before games and have practice mode like in madden. I also then you should miss some open shots like sometimes when I play with my myplayer I shoot the same way every time and I am wide open and I miss. I think when you paly games I might want to pass the to somebody that is open butthe gane makes me pass to somsomebody with a defender on them and I get a turnover. There basketball I.q. should be higher. 2k gaming please rread this. The game would be so much better if you added this.
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Review 10 for NBA 2K15
Create-A-Player for next gen
Posted on:6/18/14
Please put back Create-A-Player for the next gen consoles. The myplayer is cool but I'd rather have create-a-player back in for next gen consoles only because everyone doesn't have PlayStation Plus so please put that back in cause honestly that was one of the best features being able to create your own guy an add abilities an boost stats too your liking rather than having to do so much on myplayer cause it takes to long an I loved the fact I could use my created player in MyGm mode or Association mode. So 2k please bring it back
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midnight release
Posted 9/23/14
will nba 2k15 have a midnight release ? i gotta know
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Review 11 for NBA 2K15
Was alright..need some change
Posted on:7/14/14
Location: NY
nba2k14 on ps4 was not too bad. the graphics were amazing. 2k NEED TO BETTER MYPLAYER CREATION. It was so ridiculous, there was no hairstyles to choose from and they looked weird on the players. TATTOOS MORE TATTOOS. WE NEED MORE CREATION. 2k let us customize the player that we want. eyes mouth hair eyebrows tattoo etc,and the SOCKS where did the sock height change go. i like ankle socks on my player. the story for the my career was cool.
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MyPlayer Creation
Posted 9/18/14
I agree with you and this time in 2K15 they added the facial scan feature for myplayer. If you have the PlayStation camera you can scan your face into the game. ITS GOING TO BE DOPE!!!
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Review 12 for NBA 2K15
y no flopping mechanic
Posted on:7/9/14
I dont know about you but i get chills everytime i see a bosh, paul, lebron, ginobli, harden, etc. act as if he just got shot when there was no contact or very little contact and draw a foul. My favorites is when a defender swings there elbows and barely miss a player face and that players snaps there head back and acts as if they just got knocked out and draw a tech. I would love to play out these moments on 2k15 but EA just doesn't wanna add it for one reason or another. I would really enjoy if they added a mode where u can practice your flopping against charels oakley. They should aslo add flopping as a rating in the game. They should also add shaqtin a fool, sports center or nbatv game highlights, nba top plays of the week, and first take debates to mycareer and mygm modes. Also if u play as lance stephenson you can blow into an opposing players ear once a game which will effect how effective that player will be for 10 minutes. Also if u play as lebron james in the last 2 min of the game if you press button to shoot lebron james will pass it to a defender instead. Also if you play as kobe or carmelo if u press the button to pass theyll just shoot and miss instead of passing.
3 of 10 found this review helpful.
Review 13 for NBA 2K15
Needs To Change
Posted on:7/31/14
Location: Earth, duh
2K my career needs several improvements. I made an account as a SF, But the game auto set me to a swingman. They need to give a choice on what positions you play. And the animations need to either be change or removed. The game also randomly changes who you guard, sometimes when they are about to shoot, which makes your teammate grade suffer. They also need to change what upgrades you can get. the passing upgrade is pretty pointless. overall, 2k needs to listen to the fanbase much more, because their ideas sometimes are just terrible.
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We need more stats!
Posted 8/22/14
I would like to see individual player stats by the quarter.You can see the team as a whole but not individuals.
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Review 14 for NBA 2K15
Posted on:7/1/14
Location: Naples,FL
1.No attribute caps in my-career.
2.Let your my-career player on to your My Team.
3.Fix animations like if your about to dunk and have taken two steps you shouldn't be able to take two steps and then a hop step to avoid contact. 4.Take control of your team and have a five minute warm up you could do or skip should be added. 5.Add the draft combine and some games BEFORE the rookie showcase like in 2K11. 6.Bring a Rockets team with Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming in their prime. 7.
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Review 15 for NBA 2K15
You Only Need One...
Posted on:5/16/14
Location: Glen Burnie, MD
These games come out every year with minimal change. Some graphical improvements here, some new animations their, and, of course, the roster change. 2K has also never supported a myPlayer transfer between games which is stupid. These games are never worth the money you pay for them. Oh, not to mention the "rubber band" A.I. If you do not know what I'm talking about, think back to the last exhibition or season game you played, and not matter how hard you tried you ended up losing. The opponent got on a hot streak, you were not making any shots, they kept blobking your shots, you kept getting bad calls, and they kept stealing from you. Then, you trail by 20 for the rest of the game... These games have the worst A.I. ever. Try it before you fork out another $60 for the same game
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AI players
Posted 5/21/14
i like to say that the game too me is good.what i dont like is that when u playing that the computer players defense sucks.they leave there wide open every time trying to help on defense comeing all the way down to the post trying too help instead of staying on there man.leaveing there man wide open for 3s.i hate that!.PLEASE!!! MAKE ALL PLAYERS SMARTER AND PLAY BETTER DEFENSE.
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Review 16 for NBA 2K15
Wait And See
Posted on:5/24/14
You guys need to stop acting like 2K hasn't spoiled yall enough. If you think 2K is so terrible the buy NBA Live. Overall, Im satisfied with the things ive seen. If this really was a rushed product, imagine how the in depth one will look. Wait and see my friends.
9 of 16 found this review helpful.
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EA Makes a basketball game too...
Posted 6/5/14
I think 2k14 was rushed to the new consoles, but it's still an amazing game! I've played 2k more than Madden, Infamous Second Son, and my other games put together! I couldn't agree more. If you think this was rushed, I'm dying to see what 15 is going to be like! I'm guessing AMAZING! I can live with the little glitches in 14. If you can't than try NBA Live, and than see what you think of 14.
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Review 17 for NBA 2K15
Must be finished!
Posted on:7/15/14
Location: Manahawkin,NJ
I know NBA2k14 was a rushed product to be out before the holidays, but NBA2k15 better be a finished product. 2k15 should have create-a-player, NBA rule selections, and the most important season mode. Nobody wants an association mode i want to be able to play as all of the NBA teams. Thats all I ask for, a finished product.
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NBA 2k15
Posted 8/30/14
For 2k15 i think the myteam packs shoulb be like 2k13 no team packs because everyone has mj or lebron make the packs more rare just bring back gold bostres dilver bronze
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Posted 8/25/14
this game comes out on my birthday lol
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Review 18 for NBA 2K15
more realistic gaming
Posted on:6/18/14
Location: texas
the two things i wanna see 2k put in nba 2k15 is showing your player and other players warming up and they need to bring back the player intros and show the team running out the tunnel
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Review 19 for NBA 2K15
never again
Posted on:5/12/14
Location: queens,ny
Never again will i buy this game its been the same since the beginning with all there server problems they have the worst customer service noway will i give them 60 bucks to have to spend another 100 on VC only to have game crash don't give them business and watch how fast they fix game
7 of 15 found this review helpful.
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Posted 5/22/14
what are you going play nba live 14 or 15....then you will have to wait 5 more years for ea to make another game again...
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Review 20 for NBA 2K15
This should be the best NBA 2K game!
Posted on:6/14/14
Location: SC
I will buy this one this time, I had skip NBA 2K14, I'm glad I did plus T-Mac is on 2k13 but not 2k14 , but this time they made some good improvements , but there's not much gameplay yet to say anymore about this game, but other then that Kevin Durrant is on the cover so this year NBA 2K15 shouldn't let fans down like last year NBA 2K14.
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