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NHL 15

NHL 15 brings together a generation of EA SPORTS innovation into one complete hockey package. New to the broadcast booth are Mike Doc' Emrick and Eddie Olczyk as they call the game in the most jam-packed hockey experience ever.
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Customer Reviews for NHL 15
Review 1 for NHL 15
Cosmetic updates great, how about game updates.
Posted on:8/1/14
Location: Houston, TX
While I love some of the updates that EA is saying this years game will have such as the addition of Mike Doc' Emrick and Eddie Olczyk on commentary and the pileups in front of the net but it will take a whole lot more to make this game close to what real hockey actually is. EA has to do more to make it where NHL goalies are not giving up all the weak wrist shot goals from the top of the circle that old men's league goalies like myself stop 99% of the time. The have to do more to make it where one guy cannot skate through the entire opposing team the entire length of the ice and score at will. Those that are making Madden talk about the updates they are doing for the defensive side of that game, those that are making this game need to address the defensive side of this game just as bad or no matter what they do to the graphics and audio it still will be nowhere close to what it should be.
Review 2 for NHL 15
Posted on:8/16/14
Location: knoxville TN
from the recent years of playing this game, NHL 15 looks 1000 times better then all of them combined. Although i think it will be a tad rusty with the new puck, jersey, and fans since they are new, which could be fixed with patches, it will be a fun game and wont lose my attention within a month. EXCITED!!!
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Review 3 for NHL 15
Posted on:8/13/14
So EA is not going to include the EA Sports Hockey League in the next-gen versions because they obviously hate their community. It's a deal breaker for many.
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Review 4 for NHL 15
Looks Slick
Posted on:5/5/14
Location: Washington DC
by the looks of the trailer, nhl 15 looks exciting for once. and with the edition of my favorite commentating team, this game looks like a good one.
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Review 5 for NHL 15
Can't wait
Posted on:5/5/14
So glad I can finally get some next-gen hockey. The new commentators, puck physics, and graphics look very promising this year. My one fear is that the game will look like NBA live 14 graphics wise. Can't wait to hear mike emrick yelling goal when i score, or having the United Center look realistic, and better crowd to cheer you on. As a huge NHL fan i really want the A.I. to be smarter and play like real players. Horrendous in 14. EA don't get lazy on us by making a game with just new graphics and a roster update. Live-the-life mode was done so lazily, and HUT was terrible. I, along with several other gamers have big expectations for this game. Go 'Hawks.
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Review 6 for NHL 15
Posted on:6/27/14
Location: Orlando, FL
Same game...different year. Instead of changing the commentators and graphics...maybe work on the game play. Come on people the game is 95% identical to last year's version. Games like this and Madden should just be updates downloaded each year for $20. In no way shape or form is this game worth $60 again.
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