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Battlefield Hardline

Get a piece of the action in Battlefield Hardline, a fresh, new take on Battlefield that allows you to live out your cops and criminal fantasy. Combining an emotionally-driven single player story inspired by popular TV crime dramas, and an all-out-war multiplayer on the streets of Los Angeles and Miami, Hardline delivers the most complete FPS on the market.
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Customer Reviews for Battlefield Hardline
Review 1 for Battlefield Hardline
Is Battlefield - Hardline Worth $60+?
Posted on:6/16/14
Location: Orange, CA
Hello XONE consumers and welcome. Now let me jump right in and tell you what this game is like! Unfortunately Battlefield Hardline came to a huge disappointment while playing the Beta. Let me explain, it honestly feels like Battlefield 4 & Battlefield 3 that was mashed together to make this game. There is honestly no difference other than some new weapons, vehicles, and just simply the game being re-textured. This is certainly not worth $60(+). Many consumers including myself see this game as DLC, or as it is a stand alone; it should really be priced around $30, then I might consider the purchase. As of right now I highly urge you to spend your hard earned $60 else where. Thank you.
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Review 2 for Battlefield Hardline
Nice Change of Pace
Posted on:6/3/14
Location: Texas
I think this will be a pretty solid game. At the very least it will be a great slot filler until BF5 comes out. I have played every BF that has come out and enjoy a new challenge. I say bring it on. Jut don't hate something that you know nothing about. You know once your friends are all playing it you will get it also.
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wait a few weeks after release
Posted 6/9/14
No one seems to be phrased by the numerous bugs BF4 had and game breaking bugs, it took them months to just fix single player. I suggest waiting to see the issues when this game gets release ea games have been good at releasing half finished games
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Review 3 for Battlefield Hardline
Usually a COD player
Posted on:6/10/14
Location: Willits, CA
I usually am a hardcore COD player, but the last two weren't so great and advanced warfare doesn't look much better. I have played battlefield 2, 3, 4. The stories are great, but never been able to get into the mulltiplayer. There is a good chance I will pick this one up
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Review 4 for Battlefield Hardline
Better than just DLC
Posted on:1/27/15
If you're actually a fan of Battlefield as a franchise, you know this game is about to blow any other FPS out of the water, especially COD. Who cares if it's not military? Do you really find that much enjoyment in being a soldier that you're going to pass this up? This isn't just a reskinned version of BF4, literally the only thing that's the same is the engine, which has been proven as one of the best in the business. Sure, GTA has cops and robbers, but with their Online Heists continuously being delayed, this will probably be so much better, especially with GTA online being such a pain to join a match in the first place. Theres going to be bugs etc. but every game has those. Add me on live if you need some squad mates for this and BF4 darthtomater0, see you on the Battlefield (pun very much intended).
Review 5 for Battlefield Hardline
Looks good hope its not a bf4 repeat
Posted on:6/9/14
i have high hopes for this game i think it looks interesting i just hope they fix the engine. Online gameplay comes out today on jackfrags and xfactor gaming channels.
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Review 6 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/14/14
Location: Saint Pete, FL
Looks nothing more then a battlefield 4 mod from PC being released on every platform. I would download it if it was an add on for 10 dollars but not 60.
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Review 7 for Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield Vets pass on this game
Posted on:5/30/14
Location: TeXas
Like myself a BF Vet, lvl (111 BF4) so far I don't care about KD, please pass on this game. This is not Battlefield just a knock off. BF5 will be out in 2015, if you are good at BF this will feel like a pre Battlefield game. I mean Cops vs Drug gang how many games have they made with cops vs gangsters. If you are new to BF by all means get this game, to get used to a BF feel. But if you know what (real) Battlefiled is just keep on playing BF4 until BF5 is out. PROS- A good game if your never played BF before Cons- It's not BF5 just cops vs. gangsters : (
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Top 1000 Contributor
your statement is slightly invalid
Posted 6/6/14
your statement is slightly invalid because there are not very many cops vs robbers games that feature this level of multiplayer capability especially on console and regardless this looks hella fun with grapples to get across the maps and such and possibly a really good story plot from visceral
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according to website this is battlefield 5 people
Posted 6/4/14
according to the DICE website this game actually is battlefield 5 they just wanted to take it in another direction so all of you saying that battlefield 5 will be released in 2015 this is the game that you are talking about so wake up people
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Terrible Review
Posted 6/1/14
Not trying to be mean, but everyone ignore that terrible review. "Battlefield 5 will be out in 2015" Obviously and that doesn't mean anything. If you like playing Battlefield and usually get it, buy this game. Although it probably won't have tanks and other things Battlefield usually has, it will still be good. The game play and maps are going to change, but it will still be a good game. This game is probably going to be really cool. It will change the way you and your friends play Battlefield. It is a new experience I hope everyone will get to enjoy. My point is though don't let this person,anybody else, or anything really affect your view on the game. It is still going to be the Battlefield everyone loves. Also you saying your a high rank, you don't care about KD makes no sense whatsoever, and the fact that your a BF veteran doesn't matter either.
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First Battlefield Title I will not be purchasing.
Posted 6/1/14
I have purchased nearly every Battlefield title to date, but this is not Battlefield. Visceral games is the main producer, and they have made some letdown games in the past. Unless they can pull me in, and make me want this game, I will NOT purchase this, nor will I purchase CALL of Pooty.
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Dont judge yet.
Posted 5/31/14
A real (open minded) player will give this a chance and wait till they show more at E3 or until they actually try the beta. all these people saying not to buy it are just narrow minded. and i am a Battlefield vet. So give this a chance.
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Review 8 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/25/14
Location: Spring Hill Florida
Looks like battlefield 4, not at all next gen, pointless gameplay, stupid concept, first bf game that im not getting, will be a failure getting so many other games oh such higher caliber
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Review 9 for Battlefield Hardline
Will not be out until 3/17/2015????
Posted on:11/6/14
Location: CA
I was excited downloading and playing the demo back in July/August (the game was actually was announced at E3) so I thought the game should be out in time for the holidays! I hate when they make people excited, hype up the news, give out demo but the game will not be out a year later! Good thing is that there will be so many great games released just in time for the holidays to keep me busy. I understand great games will take long time to make but they don't need to hype up the news to make people excited and then they are disappointed to find out that the game will be released a year later!
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Review 10 for Battlefield Hardline
Battlefeilds Battleman
Posted on:6/14/14
I own Battlefield 2-4 and Bad Company 1 & 2. I am getting the XBOX ONE soon and this game along with Dying Light, Dead Island 2, and Dead Rising 3 will be the fisrt games I get. Battlefield has be one of my favorite franchise games of all time, and I plan to remain a loyal fan buying game after game.
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Review 11 for Battlefield Hardline
Really excited for BH
Posted on:2/8/15
Location: Los-Angeles, California
I played the Beta and there were a few glitches but generally a good Multiplayer beta and a lot better than BF4. Also its extremely difficult to get kills in BH.
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Battlefield Hardline
Review 12 for Battlefield Hardline
On The Fence
Posted on:12/14/14
Location: Oak Harbor, WA
This game play looks very hectic! The cops and robbers idea is a great and refreshing setup; however, I think I'll still be going back to BF4 for some action.
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