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Battlefield Hardline

Live out your cop and criminal fantasy in Battlefield Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combinesintense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and settingreminiscent of a modern television crime drama.
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Customer Reviews for Battlefield Hardline
Review 1 for Battlefield Hardline
A review of Battlefield Hardline (Beta)
Posted on:6/14/14
Despite the numerous issues with battlefield 4 I really enjoyed the game. When I logged on to my PS4 and saw that I could try the new battlefield game in beta access, I was excited. The game took more than two hours to download so I was hoping it would be good. I was surprised to see that the game was about cops and robbers, instead of soldiers, war, and battles that the rest of the franchise had been about. I played the Beta version for a couple of minutes and then decided that it was just too bad, and that I should play Battlefield 4 instead. Instead of driving in an M1 Abrams battle tank, I can now drive in civilian sedan and steal money. Overall the action was just not there for me and I deleted the game. You do not have to listen to my opinion, you should try the game yourself, but I think that the game is definitely not as cool as previous games in the franchise.
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Review 2 for Battlefield Hardline
BattleField HardLine Release Date 10/21/2014
Posted on:6/5/14
Location: inside my ps4
BattleField HardLine Release Date 10/21/2014 check out the E3 Live very soon starting on monday june 9th.
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BattleField HardLine Release Date 10/21/2014
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still better than COD
Posted 6/13/14
I gave up on COD and with the futuristic shooter they have coming..blah......This Battlefield looks good. You can play as the police or the criminals. It'll be nice to get away from the traditional "war" game. I don't understand the complaints for BF4. I've played and never really had a problem.This game will be good. E3 has some great videos on YouTube. I'm just wondering if I'll get a choice of being a cop or criminal during online play. CRIME PAYS BETTER lol
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Review 3 for Battlefield Hardline
I tried Beta....
Posted on:6/28/14
It was awesome. I haven't liked a BF game a lot since Bad Company 2. Battlefield 3 was meh, and 4 was just a re skinned 3 with some scripted destructibility, with a lot of focus on cash shop items and overpowered vehicles (tanks). I love Hardline though. I really like the cops and robbers scenario, and the smaller emphasis on vehicle combat, more on the run and gun. There is more mobility through the maps with zip lines and grappling hooks. The maps are a more comfortable size, no more spending 30 minutes running to a location only to die and respawn having to do it all over again (I was REALLY bad at 3 and 4 (mostly 4)). The game just felt good though. even the small stuff such as the in game dialogue and the announcers lines. I am eagerly awaiting Hardline, and is the first BF game that I have actually pre-ordered. And now for some info, I spent more time in the Hardline beta then I have in BF4. I have more kills, am a Higher level, and enjoyed this ONE map over the entire complete(?) BF4 experience.
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Review 4 for Battlefield Hardline
Give Visceral a chance.
Posted on:7/24/14
Location: Springfield, Ma
I played the beta, got my PS4 just in time to enjoy the beta while it lasted and it was good. It does play very similar to BF4 with a few additions and different game modes; back in the series we now have grappling hooks and ziplines, we also have the ability to lean out of the car to get better aim. Both blood money and heists felt like rush mode. In blood money both teams can steal from the vault or invade their unguarded armored truck and actually steal the money that they worked so hard to steal while in heists you must steal the loot and deliver it to a drop off point whether on a roof top high up on a skyscraper where you can try going in a helicopter or work your way up through the building until you get to the rooftop. It's fun and if you're not picky then you will see the game for what it is instead of thinking of it as a true sequel which is not, it's a new entry by a studio new to the BF franchise and Dice trusted them enough to let them work on their own version of Battlefield. This is a !UST buy for me, the beta sold me.
Review 5 for Battlefield Hardline
Honest review of Beta!!
Posted on:6/12/14
Location: Syracuse,NY
After playing hardline I can say this is nothing more then battlefield 4 re skinned, while the idea is great the gameplay is from BF4 and if you played battlefield 4, unless your used to the gameplay, your not going to get much out of this game! The game modes are great ideas and I believe the idea of cops and robbers is great as it doesn't offend other countries but at the end of the day you buy this you will send a message to game companies that its ok to sell un-finished games!
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Review 6 for Battlefield Hardline
Haven't even fixed BF4 yet....
Posted on:5/30/14
Location: AZ
I'm glad they're working on the next title in the series... you know, since BF4's issues have been sufficiently addressed... give me a break, I'm done with DICE/EA
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Springfield, Ma
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it's Visceral & not Dice developing this entry.
Posted 7/24/14
The BF4 issues have not been addressed, sure but that has nothing to do with Visceral studios. I hope you tried the beta while it was up. So far, I love the game, reminds me of BF2 Spec Ops.
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Review 7 for Battlefield Hardline
On the fence
Posted on:6/4/14
Location: Las Angeles , CA
I don't know what to make of this game. It looks, interesting. But it's dramatically different from the battlefield line (1,2,3,4) . I do not think that it will take the place of Battlefield 5, but it will be more of an "on the side", (doesn't mean it's bad) but from what I've seen from videos, you are a guy that is a part of the FBI, like an agent or something, and you go around fighting crime. Sounds lame, I know, but it looks cool. Trust me, look it up, it looks good.
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Review 8 for Battlefield Hardline
My winter shooter
Posted on:7/15/14
Location: Chicago
I played bF3 and 4 they were fun , i played both on consoles which bF3 was okay. Lag issues here and there and bF4 on Ps4 was kool had its launch issues but i played the beta for hardline and i was impress it was fun though it seems like a bF4 copy . It was a beta so hopefully they improve on the beta players feed back. I am really looking forward to the game cuz i am TIRED of call of duty. Hardline is different on multiplayer you can be a cop or a robber, bank robbers stealing money trying to reach to 5mil. And cops are trying to stop them taking back the money, who ever got to 5mil first won. It wasnt that socom 1 and 2 also the first cod modern warfare feeling i got when playing a shooter but it was alittle refreshing and different .
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Review 9 for Battlefield Hardline
Different, but looks good.
Posted on:7/28/14
Location: California
I tried the beta for this game. It's pretty much the same, graphic and control-wise, as BF4. Some differences though: To upgrade weapons or get new ones, you use Money you earn on multiplayer. You could zipline and take random cars if you're a robber (As far as I played you can only use Cop cars as a...well, cop). The whole cops and robbers story is different, obviously, but seems like a solid story and multiplayer are in store. Like many have said, time will tell how this game will be. But it looks different and promising. So yeah, I went ahead and pre ordered.
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Review 10 for Battlefield Hardline
Not a "real" battlefield
Posted on:6/11/14
I feel like this game is going to be more of "something to hold you over" than an actual game. This is dramatically different than the rest of the battlefield series and doesn't even seem like something that many people could really get into. Definitely no replacement for battlefield 5 but something to try while we wait. I'm willing to bet most people will end up going back to bf4
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Review 11 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/3/14
Location: AR
This couldnt be more of a bad idea. BF4 is virtually un-playable, and they are already looking to make a new one? I see the end of the Battlefield series in the near future.
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Posted 7/28/14
How is BF4 unplayable? If you have a terrible internet/wifi connection, I guess it might. But I've never run into any problems people say about it. Is it lag, glitches, or both? I play BF4 a lot and find it very playable. That's just me I guess, though.
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Review 12 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/4/14
Location: Mississippi, MS
dont know why everyone complains about battlefield 4. I know the game has its problems (which arn't major issues) but its still awesome and really fun to play (multiplayer). and its still alot better than call of duty. As far as bf hardline goes its to soon to tell. not sure how the swat idea is going to go. time will tell
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Review 13 for Battlefield Hardline
Fresh idea to an already good game.
Posted on:6/10/14
Location: North Olmsted, OH
I've been jamming this game out via beta form and I must say it is fun. I, like many others were skeptical with this game not being the usual military style of warfare but the cops and robbers thing works. If feels like Battlefield but at the same time feels like something else. Either way I like it, the car chases can get pretty intense and and it's just an overall fun and fast paced game I can't wait till release. I've been a Battlefield fan since Modern Combat 2 days and this will keep my interest. Let's hope the game is somewhat bug free by launch unlike ah hem! BF4.
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Back to COD
Posted 7/14/14
after playing the beta for about 10 sec i will be pre-ordering call of duty until BF developers get their act together
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Review 14 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/4/14
Location: Little Rock, AR
Battlefield 4 was great but a lot of issues. Hopefully they will have all of the issues fixed for this one. But i am so ready for this game, finally something different. I feel that this game will bring back the fun in Battlefield.
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Review 15 for Battlefield Hardline
I am very pleased to see the next gen
Posted on:6/14/14
Location: orlando fl
I have been worried about getting battlefield 4 but hey for 25 on black Friday,,,best 25 i have ever burned but it had its problems lmao. Battlefield hardline will most likely be a new edition and it sound great. I would like to see a bad company 3 just pop out of no where before battlefield 5 rolls out. Cops and Robbers classical tactic i also enjoyed many of dice games
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Review 16 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/19/14
Location: GRIDLEY, CA
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Review 17 for Battlefield Hardline
Can't wait, but iffy
Posted on:6/6/14
Location: Brooklyn Park, MN
BF4 is amazing and yes there's still a few issues but I haven't had much. And now there's this one which is now SWAT. I've been waiting for a new SWAT game but they never released a new one and now battlefield which is one of the greatest campaign is making one, I'm excited but kinda iffy about it since it's visceral. I've played and liked the dead space series but for it to compare to battlefield is on a different level.
Review 18 for Battlefield Hardline
Still early to decide
Posted on:6/12/14
i watched different videos for this game, and honestly i think its a great idea.. the criminal/cop thing is actually really impressive, although Battlefield are taking a different track on this one but i think they gonna make it.. lets be honest here, not many people care about FPS campaign.. it would be awesome if it had a great campaign but FPS all together are online games, it says it will be the same with BF4 in terms of players, MAX 64.. i played the beta a bit on my friends PS4 and i think its really good, it has some great stuff and some flaws aswell.. lets start with the good stuff : the vehicles are great, from driving cop cars to motorbikes in the middle of the city is awesome and what i liked the most is the collisions of the cars, really realistic and loved it, i liked how u could go to one of your squad members and take ammo from despite ur teammate isnt getting points, i know that it kinda lacks the teamwork but to be honest most people in support dont even drop ammo package.. so i think battlefield made it easier for us, i liked the perks u get from ur squad work or solo work.. its really great, i also liked how u could buy weapons from money.. its a great idea but also if u remember COD Black Ops had the same idea and the new modes are really good, the BAD stuff : no major change in graphics it looks like BF 4.1 but its still a beta so we have to wait till the full version drops and see, i hated how u could revive yourself.. if the enemy hits u in ANY place other than ur head u can revive ur self and keep going, i think thats dumb and needs to be changed.. i hated the interrogation part, when u get information about the enemy and suddenly u see ur whole team in the information spot they gave you.. i really didnt like it i hope they remove it or they make it as the enemy you are interrogating gives less info, i hope they wont rush it so it wont have issues like BF4.. wait till its released and decide, its too early now
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Review 19 for Battlefield Hardline
Posted on:6/5/14
Location: Tulsa, OK
I'm often times very skeptical of these nano second shooters, but this honestly looks like a fresh idea. People keep complaining about BF4 and how it needs to get fixed...umm no that game needs to be burnt and they needed to start over. I look forward to this installment.
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Somewhere warm
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Don't Fret
Posted 6/9/14
I'd really like to see a Bad Company 3, I don't see this being the next installment of Battlefield, I'm sure a 5 will come eventually.... who knows maybe next year? <.<
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