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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Customer Reviews for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Review 1 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
why i bought my one
Posted on:8/23/14
Location: seattle wa
All the halo campaigns with master chief. plus all the maps from all 4 Halos playable in Halo 2 anniversary multiplayer. that's a whopping 68 maps (correct me if im wrong) with remastered audio. A option to press the back button and look at the old graphics and the new in the Halo 2 campaign. With 7 announced old multiplayer maps running a revamped version. Plus dedicated servers that offer cloud computing. Then u get a access code for the halo 5 beta in December. Then Ridley Scott productions brings in halo night fall. Wait and its all on one disc. WOW!!!! Halo 2 is the game that helped create MLG. It made FPS what they are today on consoles. Halo 2 set the bar for competitive matchmaking along with the foundation of xbox live. There was the legendary Halo 3 release. (that's here too) before that was Halo 2 in its prime bolstered a regular of 500,000 players back when xbox live was only 2 years old. I grew up playing this game. Halo is the reason i left playstation. I loved my PS2 until i played 1 match of Halo combat evolved and i was hooked. I never looked back. The reason i own a xbox one is for Halo. I will pay tribute and will enjoy every savory bit of this collection for its unrivaled content at a mere 60 dollars. Cant wait.
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Review 2 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
There is a God, and his name is Frank O'Connor
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: Spring Hill Florida
Microsoft Came, They Saw And They Conquered. Heard about this didnt believe that it was a rumor, I believed it as fact and was just waiting to hear it from the horses mouth. Xbox shutdown down Sony 12 hours before they even said anything about the Playstation. There is nothing that they could bring out this Fall, Spring 15 and Fall 15 that can compete with the Master Chief Collection and then they release of the main event Halo 5 Guardians. Good Job Microsoft you murdered the stage and still kept killing it. Going down to Gamestop tomorrow and pre ordering this
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Undeniable Proof of Sony Shutdown
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memphis, tn
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Posted 6/13/14
Microsoft owns the rights to this... You realize that it's just recycled stuff nothing new... I am not trolling but it's comments like this that makes console wars start up... I prefer to play on my ps4 but I do enjoy some of the Xbox exclusives and hence why I bought an xb1.. Please think about what you say before you post.. This comment is prob why COD is just recycled poo too.. I would prefer to have quality, but this should be a must by for any halo fan... By the way Destiny is more important than this game and if you dont think so than your not a true halo fan....
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Review 3 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Can't wait for Halo Remaster
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: Rochester,NY
I heard great things about Halo 2 so I wait to play that game most of all in the remaster collection
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Review 4 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
After all these years...
Posted on:7/21/14
Location: Va
I've played all of the Halo games (excluding Halo 4, got rid of 360 as soon as Xbox One came out) and I have loved them all. The story is so well thought out and always takes turns that you wouldn't expect. The characters are just as amazingly detailed as the worlds they inhabit. I'm a little sad ODST won't be in this (even though it's not part of Master Chiefs story) as it was my favorite. The world in ODST was so dark, and the new weapons felt amazing. Although that game won't be in the collection, I am certainly going to buy this. The chance to play Halo 2 remastered (not sure if Halo 3 is or not) and to finally experience the story of Halo 4 will be great. Anyone who enjoys first person shooters, science fiction, or anything with an astounding story should buy this. Not only for the games, but for the beta access and short film. For $60, this is a steal.
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Posted 8/22/14
Halo 3 will be just be updated to run 1080p 60fps
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Review 5 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Gonna faint from happiness
Posted on:8/18/14
the first halo game i bought (not counting wars) was halo 4, so i am fairly new to the franchise. But the moment i completed the first level, i had a new favorite video game. now, i have halo 1 anniversary, halo ODST, halo Reach, Halo 4, halo 3, and halo wars. i heard about the master chief collection, and i was extremely excited. mainly because of halo 2, because i never had an original xbox to play it on. then there is also the tv show nightfall, and the halo 5 Beta, which are two epic things i am especially excited for. for only 60$, it includes 4 remastered games, a tv show, and a beta for halo 5. anyone in their right mind would call this an awesome deal. i am definitely going to the midnight release for this game, as it releases on veterans day and i have the day off from school. if anyone wants to what my plans are for november 11th, here they are. play halo. play halo. oh, and play halo!
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Review 6 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
We are not worthy.....
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: Iselin, NJ
My jaw hit the floor when I saw the trailer. It's one thing to re-master a series with improved graphics and better quality, but to go the length that 343 has is unheard of. They are giving us master chief's story from beginning all the way up to the upcoming Halo 5. All I have to say is thank you 343 for giving us all the chance to revisit his story and let this be a testament to what you guys are going to accomplish for this series.
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Posted 8/19/14
Does this mean halo 2 online is back or just campaign with better graphics??
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Review 7 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Posted on:6/27/14
Location: Saint Paul, MN
My #1 game is all going to be in 1 disk AND the new halo 5....gotta exchange the ps4 to xbox one now....
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Halo 5 not included
Posted 8/17/14
Halo 5 is not included in this but multiplayer beta access.
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Review 8 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Aww yeah!!!!
Posted on:6/10/14
Location: Texas
This is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.... and a whole lot of other things. Well, you get the idea. Now i have to go stock up on some bread yo.
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Review 9 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: brunswick, GA
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Review 10 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
The seeds of our future are sown in his past....
Posted on:8/23/14
Location: AL
This will be amazing.... for 60$ you get to experience halo 1, halo 2, halo 3, and halo 4. Halo 2 will receive a graphical overhaul because its the 10 year anniversary of when it came out, much like how they did with halo 1 (or halo combat evolved) not to mention every game will receive a slight graphical update and will run at 1080p 60fps. You also get to experience halo nightfall which is a short tv show giving some information on agent Locke which is a new character in the upcoming halo 5 guardians. Speaking of halo 5, you get to participate in the halo 5 guardians beta starting around december 18th or 19th. Also the master chief collection will have up to 4,000 gamerscore!! Also every game will now have dedicated servers so no more LAG. Oh yeah i forgot every game will run on their original engine so you can play bloodgulch just like it was on the first halo. This is a huge chance to replay your childhood if your a halo fan and if your not a halo fan then you can jump right in with the master chief collection and get up to date with all of the halo fans. This in my opinion is a must buy for any halo fan and anyone who wants to know what halo is like.
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Review 11 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
As most would say in our generation...I can't even
Posted on:7/7/14
Ok. So I'm one of the younger Halo fans out there, and started getting into the series when my friend let me play Reach. My life changed after that. I played CE: Anniversary, and Halo 3-4. I loved all of them, and I can see why past fans do. But I really wanted to play some halo game after my friend let me play Reach. I didn't have an XBOX 360 at the time, so I was looking for a game I could play at least close to Halo. I got a PS3 for my birthday 1 year later, and have regretted it since. I got an XBOX the next Christmas, and played Halo 4 a lot. The game I've always eyed was Halo 2, because there was a PC version that I could play, but I never got it. Now, instead of wishing I could have played it, I get Halo 2: Anniversary, along with the rest of Master Chief's adventures. As a younger Halo fan, this game is going to give me an opportunity to rekindle all of the things I have missed, and all the things I can look forward to. This game is the reason I will be getting an XBOX One. Sony can have their destiny exclusives...I'll be with the chief.
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Review 12 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Absolutely stoked!!!
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: North Olmsted, OH
This is an amazing deal for Halo fans. I can't wait to play Halo 2 as it will bring back memories from when I first got XBOX LIVE.
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Posted 7/19/14
Finally i can't wait for halo 2 and halo 3 its gonna be awesome
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Review 13 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Holy Cr*p!!!!
Posted on:6/11/14
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
I knew there was something on the horizon when they said the journey would start this year. Ok. It didn't take a genius to realize this was the 10th anniversary of Halo 2. Halo and Xbox have gone hand in hand since the beginning and it's great to see the fan service 343 is handing us this year to hold us over to Halo 5 Guardians. I expected an update to Halo 2, but to get all the numbered Halo games in one package with everything fully unlocked AND all the multiplayer maps, that was more than expected. A lot more! And the price is perfect too. I admit I was expecting this to cost a lot more. So I was again pleasantly surprised to see that they weren't going to slap a premium price on this. REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this. My wife isn't going to see me for a while. I'll send her a selfie. :-)
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Houston, TX
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Posted 6/17/14
{throws wad of cash that's probably way more than $60}
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Review 14 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Can't Wait For This Epic Journey
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: Holly Springs, GA
As someone who grew up playing Halo at a young age, I cannot wait for this to come out. I fully recommend this to anyone who is a fan, or someone that just wants to try the franchise out. Getting all 4 Halo games in one package, fully remastered with the power of the Xbox One, 1080P 60FPS for only $60. That's not even mentioning all the original MP maps from all the Halos, over 100 of them. This Includes The Completely Remastered Halo 2 Multiplayer. With the Live action Halo:Nightfall series and Halo 5 MP Beta Access, Come November 11th you'll know where to find me!!!
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Review 15 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo 1,2,3,4?!?!
Posted on:6/9/14
Location: San Diego, CA
All my favorite halo games on one disk, and it's coming out for only 60 bucks? I have been waiting to play halo 2 again since I got rid of my original xbox, can't wait to finally play with sergeant johnson again!
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Customer Avatar
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Posted 7/28/14
Four Halo games in 1080P at 60 FPS, for $60?! Nah I'm gonna get The Last of US for the PS4 for $60 even though it just came out last year for $60 and all they did was make the game look better. Totally a better deal
Customer Avatar
Dallas texas
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Posted 6/11/14
cant wait to shoot some grunts
Customer Avatar
Chicago, IL
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Posted 6/11/14
I can't believe they're only selling this for 60! Absolutely amazing. This pretty much sealed the deal on deciding which console I was going to buy. I was already leaning towards Xbone, but again.. this sealed the deal. Way to go guys!
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Review 16 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
I bought the Xbox One for this!
Posted on:8/17/14
Location: Oxford, MA
Halo is certainly one of the greatest franchises of all time, and one of my personal favorites. I have been awaiting Halo 2 Anniversary since Halo CE was remastered, and it was well worth the wait, and the money for the Xbox One: not only do we get a remastered Halo 2, but Halo CE truly online for the first time, and updated versions of Halo 3 and 4. I am also excited for the new prologue and epilogue featuring Agent Locke from Halo 5, the Halo 5 multiplayer beta, and the Nightfall series. One wonders if the rest of the Halo games will join this collection and Spartan Assault on the Xbox One (I'm personally really rooting for Reach to be ported).
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Review 17 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
If you don't get this then trade in your Xbox One
Posted on:6/11/14
Location: New Jersey
Halo is the best video game franchise in the world in my eyes. Sure, not everyone likes it, being a super armored spartan with super jumps but you have to look past that. CoD is ok the series hit its peak between MW and BO1 but the franchise and almost every other FPS is starting to fall, that is until Halo 5 comes out and saves the genre again like Halo 2 did. Amazing action, intense gameplay, more tactical than given credit for, and Halo 2 IS BACK ! Yes, finally! Halo 2 captured my heart and soul into video games 10 years ago and it's been lovely ever since. Halo 3 was ok but 4 was amazing but this a perfect opportunity for newcomers and vets to relive one of the most spectacular stories with the best hero I've ever seen. Four games, a series, and beta for one of the biggest franchises for $60 ? I was ready to pay 125 at least! Just pre order it already and stop reading! Go! Go! Go!
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Review 18 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Masterful Package
Posted on:8/26/14
Location: College Station, TX
This is one of the best reasons for the Xbox One.
4 games, 4 campaigns, 4 multi-players, Halo 2 ranking system, Halo Nightfall digital series by Ridley Scott, access to Halo 5 Guardians beta, and remastered visuals with everything running at 60 FPS, 1080p!!!
Honestly, this game is going to keep me busy for years on end. If you were never a Halo player, this is the perfect time to jump in. If you have played Halo, well.... let's all play Halo again!
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Review 19 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Can't Wait!!!! :D
Posted on:8/26/14
Location: Midland Park, NJ
When I saw this was coming out for xbox one I couldn't believe what it contained. To see that they are giving you ALL the halo video games and the new upcoming beta to Halo 5, I couldn't believe it was true. The main thing I went crazy about was seeing the Halo 2 anniversary. That was my favorite campaign by far. Can't wait for 11/11/14!!!!! :D
Review 20 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Want this now!
Posted on:8/22/14
Halo 3 was my first xbox 360 game i played falling in love with the series sense. I have gotten the chance to play halo CE (not anniversary) and enjoyed it alot so it will be nice to see it with the updated graphics. as for halo 2 i never got to play the game. so im really looking forward to that. as i never had the chance to play. As for 3 and 4 i can't wait to see it in a higher definition and FPS.
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