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Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle

Include the greatness of PlayStation gaming in your mobile lifestyle with the all-in-one Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation®Vita Bundle. With Dual Analog Sticks for precision control and critically acclaimed co-op you can shoot and loot through the world of Pandora with your friends. The PlayStation®Vita system brings the greatness of PlayStation to your mobile lifestyle.
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Customer Reviews for Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle
Review 1 for Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle
This is such a Great Deal
Posted on:7/14/14
Location: Pittsburg, PA
Like most of you I have not picked up a vita yet because it gets bashed so much by haters but after doing research my self and actually playing on it it is amazing. It so much potential. Now that triple A titles are coming out like border lands 2, ratchet and clank, and minecraft that is just more of a reason to pick it up so I will defiantly be picking one up launch day. XD
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Review 2 for Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle
PlayStaion! Yay! Boring Lands nay! PSVita?
Posted on:7/11/14
Location: Home
I'm a big fan of both PlayStation and Nintendo.
I know they have been a lot of interesting PSVita games but sadly like many gamers I have not got a PSVita. I know the systems sale's have been low and that's a shame. But I'm thinking about Picking up a PSVita TV latter this year if I can have enough extra money. I wanted ya'll to tell me some good games I should get for it. As they seem to be so many but I don't know what the best are. Any way. I enjoy playing games on the Big screen & The PlayStation TV has almost all of the Vita games playable sadly you do lose the touch screen support. But I wanted to ask you guys how is the Vita's Internet browser I thought the original PSP had a great Internet browser and I'm always browsing the web on my Wii U's internet browser it plays video's great ect. SO I was wondering how good is the PSVita's Internet Browser. I don't really want this bundle even if I do end up getting a normal Vita instead of a PS TV. Because I hate Borderlands I know that's not a popular option but see my Borderlands 2 review for details. Any way let me know how you feel about the Vita and what you recommend in the comments peace out bros!
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