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MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

Partner with Pikachu and friends in Pokémon Monopoly!
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Customer Reviews for MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition
Review 1 for MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition
This game is a remake
Posted on:8/7/14
Location: Connecticut
This game looks pretty much identical to the first Pokemon Monopoly set, which came out in 1999. As far as I can tell, there are only a few small differences. 1) This new version is based on the games, while the old set was based on the show. (Red pictured instead of Ash, and so on...) However, besides that, all of the spaces seem to be exactly the same. 2) The Pokemon figurines do look like they are of better quality material than the ones from the old game, but the Pokemon Centers/Marts are identical to the ones from the old version. Basically, I think this game is overpriced for what it is, but at this point, it's not like most people considering buying this game probably have the original board game that I'm talking about already, and buying that game now wouldn't be cheaper than buying this. (It would probably be more expensive) I just wanted to make sure people know what they are buying...
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Review 2 for MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition
Gotta Own Em' All
Posted on:8/9/14
Location: Shepherdstown WV
I can't wait for this to arrive. I have not had a new Monopoly game since the special edition Star Wars version. I love Monopoly, I love Pokemon, this is just the best of both worlds. especially since it specifies Kanto.
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Review 3 for MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition
Pokemon themed with corners cut
Posted on:8/6/14
Location: Jabberwock
I was super excited about this until I realized that yet again the makers got lazy with the theme. Come on guys change the corner spaces! Its jarring to look at old monopoly spaces against the pokemon theme. If this wasn't the price it was I'd have some forgiveness, but as it looks now it's not worth my money.
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The corners
Posted 8/14/14
The makers aren't "lazy" with the corners... it's actually a copyright/trademark of Monopoly's boards. They're supposed to stay like that otherwise it's not a genuine "Monopoly" brand board game. =)
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