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Rainbow Six: Patriots

Rainbow 6 is back! As leader of the elite Rainbow 6 counter-terrorism unit, you alone are the last line of defense against a new homegrown terrorist threat.
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Customer Reviews for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Review 1 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow Six Is Back Baby!
Posted on:7/12/12
Location: lancaster, CA
I fell in love with the Rainbow Six series ever since it came out. Plus, back in the day(before Call of Duty was # 1 online) Rainbow Six held that position for a reason, rock-sold gameplay, extensive single player campaign and online playability, lots of online/ offline weapons & equipment, and tons of game modes. Tom Clancy games never fail to impress!
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Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
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No Way
Posted 12/24/12
Personally I will never buy or play this game. The back story sounds like it was written by MSNBC for propaganda. Too bad, I used to like this franchise......
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Review 2 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Been waiting!
Posted on:12/2/11
Location: nc
I have been waiting along time for this and Future soldier! I have a feeling it will be delayed just like Future soldier was but I know it will be worth the wait! Hope they keep the terrorist hunts in tact!
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United States
Patience! Xbox 360, PANDAPATR0L25 send message
Posted 2/19/13
I play the rainbow six Vegas two and loved the thought process that went into the solo game play. I am a multiplayer man and loved the tactical deception that carried throughout the online experience. The controls and tiny but vital errors made others flee to CoD 4 which scattered the soldiers that I battled against. I put those errors into thought and realized this game changed history. This game is over five years old and still holds its ground in my opinion to the run and gun cods which I am forced to drown in until yet another will not just change the gaming community but create a new category. Patriots will be a legend based on my opinion and will be well worth the wait..... I hope!
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Review 3 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow six. very high hopes.
Posted on:11/6/11
Location: vancouver wa
i have been with rainbow six since. the first xbox. and over the years it has improved in many ways. rainbow six veges 1 and 2. are great games. i am not a fan of there online but the story is really good. but my thing is the mode were you must kill of all the bad guys in order to win. that mode was something i can't forget it was so fun. to play with friends and family. i think this one will be the best, why i have seen some of the graphics and there are not going to be bad that is for sure the look amazing. also knowing the always work hard to improve there game for us and i am sure the will in this one.
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hawks nest
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Rainbow 6 ROGUE SPEAR! remember??
Posted 11/28/11
I started following R6 since before xbox existed! on pc! Rogue Spear was truelly amazing for its time..when they went to xbox it lost its graphics and just about any other good thing until xbox360!! noew we are back to rogue spear quality but even better!! anyone even know about ROGUE SPEAR
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Review 4 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
soon to best game ever
Posted on:12/16/11
Location: IL
loved rainbow six serirs i how its as good as rest and kicks cod and batlefield but iam sorry i like those but rainbowsix was one if not greast game to me
My Product Recommendations
Rainbow Six: Patriots
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Fall River MA
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Posted 4/22/12
nice been waitin for years
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Review 5 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Can't Wait!
Posted on:2/16/12
Location: Boston
I cannot wait for this game to come out. like all of the previous Rainbow 6 games this will be good. Can't wait, i am still playing the old Rainbow 6 Vegas games cause they are amazing.
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Rainbow Six: Patriots
Prey 2
4 of 5 found this review helpful.
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los angles. CA
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pure awesomeness
Posted 2/28/12
I love rainbow six, what made it really special were the terriost hunt online matches. I still play number 1 and 2 love them both!!!!!!!! so going to pre-order!!
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Review 6 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:1/23/12
Location: Chicago, IL
Wow, Rainbow Six... Here we go again.. What can I say about the last two? Rainbow Six: Vegas 1/2, They were AMAZING. I'm totally excited for Rainbow Six: Patriots. If you haven't heard of Rainbow Six: Vegas, You should pick it up, and try it out. It should be pretty cheap now, so enjoy. :)
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Review 7 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:3/14/12
Location: MD
cant wait for this game BUT we all could die on 12/21/12 so i am not going to preoder this just yet .
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Not true
Posted 6/4/12
First off the Mayans did not include leap years it was added after there time so in truth we should have been destroyed A LONG TIME AGO. So don't worry about ok. We will not die on 12/21/12
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Review 8 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Returning to the elite shooter game.
Posted on:5/31/12
Location: Seattle, WA
In 1998 a game came out with a lot of buzz, mainly due to the involvement of Tom Clancy. What made Rainbow Six unique was the precision planning prior to your assault. It replicated the feel of the anti-terrorism tactics of the FBI's HRT, GSG-9 and other elite combat units. When Rogue Spear came out, they improved on the first game, which had followed the plot of Clancy's book fairly closely. With a new plot written with the aide of Clancy, the story kept myself and my friends gripped with interest, while the multiplayer mode kept us playing for years. Rainbow Six 3 changed the game. No longer were players planning their assaults, and the game shifted to a more free form assault and rescue style. The game's multiplayer mode continued to keep gamers playing, though it felt a little clumsy to me. R6 Vegas and Vegas 2 were great stories, and I enjoyed them, but they had lost the connection to the characters that Clancy had carefully developed. Again, the multiplayer was not as polished as the original Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear games, which had been PC-Only. When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out, Rainbow Six quickly lost my attention for online play.
Rainbow Six: Patriots promises a fresh and new approach to the series. To me, it sounds as though they took some ideas from RPG games in which your decisions affect the direction of the campaign. This has recently been used successfully in the Mass Effect games, blending RPG and shooters into a new style of gameplay. It is unclear whether Patriots will return to Ding Chavez and his team, or whether they will remain the lesser known team members of the Vegas games. The story sounds fantastic, from what little has been revealed of it, but what concerns me is the promise that they will again revolutionize multiplayer gameplay. Many games promise this, and very few deliver. Ideas that may sound good on paper, may not live up to it in practice. I like what I have seen from the preview videos, but I've noticed a distinct lack of gameplay action in them. Ubisoft has released one video which features a couple minutes of preliminary gameplay video, and it looked fantastic. Very smooth transition from sniping, to rappelling down the face of the Brooklyn Bridge to reach the road deck, smoothly unhooking and switching to an assault mode. Everything appeared polished and well thought out, and there was not any noticeable lag or jittering during transitions. Best of all, during a decision making moment, there was not the lag of everyone waiting to see what you'll do which is common among action RPGs. It could be that the developer playing knew what was coming up and was ready, but it looked to me as though they waited a couple seconds with the option dialog box hovering on screen. It was not obnoxious and in your face, and did not detract from the actions around you. I think the story is interesting, and right away has me hooked, just from the trailers. I can't wait to play it. Will it live up to the hype of revolutionizing multiplayer gameplay? We'll see, but it is definitely one step forward in the story-based shooter gameplay style.
My Product Recommendations
Rainbow Six 3
10 out of 10(1)
7 of 10 found this review helpful.
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Posted 12/4/12
alot of games out now are TPS. and if this is not FPS i know so many people that wouldnt even think about playin any shooting game thats not first person
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Review 9 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow 6 Is Back!
Posted on:11/3/11
Location: McLean, VA
So glad its back I've been waiting for quite a while and it looks interesting... I WANT IT!
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auburn alabama
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rain bow six vegas patriots
Posted 12/20/11
cant wait till this game comes out. i am playing rainbow six vegas 2 right now. if u are to send me a friend request. (XGL Phantom)
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Review 10 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:2/8/12
Location: West virginia
when i heard that this game was coming out i pre-order it right away. Rainbow Six Is A Game For Any Stragety Gamer! But Question! since i pre-ordered this game will i get any of the Pre-Ordered Bonuses that come with it if any come.
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Posted 2/13/12
yes u will get all preorder bonuses even if they come after u preorder. they will more than likely be printed on your reciept or in game case
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Review 11 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
looks good
Posted on:3/20/12
Location: oh
This game looks really cool. I hope you can play as the patriots because that would be really cool. I herd that these games are good I hope they are
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Great games!
Posted 4/30/12
Rainbow 6 games are great. I have both 1 and 2 and I love how they are very different then COD, after a while COD, GOW get boring.
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Review 12 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Lets go
Posted on:7/28/12
Location: NJ / Jersey Boy
Just wanna say can't wait love rainbow six been playing them since the nintendo 64 hope this one will be awesome
My Product Recommendations
2 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Posted 1/11/13
hope they dont ruin it like they did Ghost Recon
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Review 13 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
loved vegas2
Posted on:4/30/12
Location: Tri-cities TN
iv lost hope in vid games and hopefully this new rainbow will bring sum that hope back i use to to play vegas for hours on end hope this want be cod all over for me
3 of 7 found this review helpful.
Review 14 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:4/9/12
Location: Kansas
The Tom Clancy Series is just amazing and i love all Tom Clancy games they are truly unique and you can always tell the Dev's acutally put a lot of time into the game to make it good, unlike other games which i'm not going to mention because people already know what game i'm talking about. I have a feeling the release date will get pushed up or back, in my experience with gamestop when they put the date as January 1st it usually gets moved.
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
Review 15 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Very Excited
Posted on:4/13/12
Location: Smithtown,NY
When I first saw the article in game informer I knew I wanted this game. I never really played the other rainbow 6 games, but i am deffinitely going to give this one a try. This will be a nice break from the other fps such as COD or battlefield. It looks like it has a solid story line and nice graphics. Can't wait for it to come out so i can see what it's really all about!
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
Review 16 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
cant wait 4 this
Posted on:1/11/12
Location: san antonio ,TX
I can't wait for this, the trailer looks awesome, but is too long to wait, to 2013 NOOOOOOO!!! wathever i'll buy this
My Product Recommendations
Tom Clancy: Platinum Hits Pack
8 out of 10(1)
1 of 2 found this review helpful.
Review 17 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
rainbow 6
Posted on:11/5/11
Location: oceanside,ca
about time xbox catches up on the rainbow 6 game again....another outfit has rainbow six 3... wonder why xbox does not have it ????
1 of 3 found this review helpful.
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Tucson, AZ
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Posted 1/3/13
Original xbox does have Rainbow Six 3
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Review 18 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
The series that keeps going and going
Posted on:8/26/12
Location: Roy, WA
Ive been playing this series since the original RB6, the long break after Vegas 2 left me worried their might not be any new games. Can't wait for this one, or actually if that price is correct, for $60 I can wait a little while until I can get a used copy for under $40.
1 of 6 found this review helpful.
Review 19 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Can't wait for online!
Posted on:3/29/13
Location: PA
I have been playing this game since Nintendo 64 and they have never made a bad version. The multiplayer mode was great and I would play for house. It took cod along time to have a multiplayer mode worth playing. When rainbow six vegas came out it blew cod online player out of the water. I'm sure that they know what they are doing and this game should be worth the wait.
Review 20 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Won't Be Released Until Next Generation
Posted on:2/8/13
Location: NH
Rainbow Six: Patriots is going to be a great game but unfortunetly it will be the first major release for the next generation systems. The reason it has been leaked as an Xbox 360 or PS3 release was to just confirm that there would be another rainbow. You should hear about its release just a little bit after February 20th when Sony shows off the PS4. Can't wait for it!
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